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Kimberly Guilfoyle: We’ve raised more than Obama

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“The Democrat party machine finally gotthe candidate they wanted,” said Kimberly Guilfoyle in an interview Wednesday with Newsmax Now. “They’ve been yearning for Joe Biden, but sadly for them, it’s not the candidate that they need to be able to defeat President Trump.”

Guilfoyle has been working hard as National Chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee since she was appointed the role in January. She leads a nationwide volunteer program, which has gone entirely virtual in light of the coronavirus crisis.

“This campaign transformed digitally overnight into a virtual campaign, and it’s been very successful.”

The finance committee has been incredibly successful in its fundraising efforts, according to Guilfoyle, especially in comparison to other campaigns.

“We’ve been able to raise an incredible amount of money – in fact, $270 million more than President Obama had at his point in that reelection when he was running for office again.”

The Trump campaign and the RNC raised over $63 million in March alone, according to the Associated Press.

Guilfoyle continues to host online coalitions for the Trump campaign, including her upcoming “Latinos for Trump” Talk in Florida by conference call with Katrina Campins on April 23.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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