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Chinese Ambassador Criticizes Americans Who Blame China For COVID-19

Thomas Phippen on May 6, 2020

The Chinese ambassador to the U.S. railed against American “conspiracy theorists” who blame China for the coronavirus in a Washington Post editorial Monday.

Americans who blame China “regardless of the facts” are distracting Beijing officials as they focus on curbing the virus, Ambassador Cui Tiankai wrote in his editorial.

Tiankai also panned American politicians and conservatives who blame China for their approach to fighting the virus.

Tiankai responded to reports that the World Health Organization is doing China’s bidding. “The World Health Organization has spoken highly of China’s epidemic response, which led the conspiracy theorists to charge that China has either bought the WHO or exerted political pressure on the agency,” said Tiankai, who acknowledged that the virus originated in China.

Tiankai also warned those who believe that the U.S. should de-couple from China amid reports that the communist nation hoarded personal protective equipment as the virus spread across the globe.

“The United States would not emerge as a winner from this scenario,” Tiankai wrote.

As the virus dominates headlines, more businesses believe that some degree of separation from China is likely, according to The Wall Street Journal. Nearly 44% of 25 large U.S. companies believed in March that decoupling would be impossible, down 66% from October, The WSJ reported in April, citing a survey conducted by American Chamber of Commerce in China and the American Chamber of Commerce.

The U.S. needs China to help put the global economy back online, not to mention eliminate a pandemic that threatens to kill more people over the coming months, Tiankai said.

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, was first detected in Wuhan, China, before killing more than 160,000 people worldwide.

The majority of U.S. intelligence community agencies believe the virus accidentally leaked out of a laboratory in, China, according to a May 2 Daily Caller News Foundation report. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence noted in a press statement in April that the IC is investigating the possibility of a lab leak.

Tiankai’s commentary comes after Chinese politician Lijian Zhao falsely stated in March that Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield was “arrested” over his agency’s handling of the virus. Zhao, the deputy director of China’s Foreign Ministry Information Department, also suggested in a March tweet that the U.S. Army initially introduced the virus into Central China.

The Department of Homeland Security stated May 3 that the Chinese government lied to the World Health Organization about the significance of the pandemic to horde personal protective equipment, among other medical supplies.

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Photo Credit: Steve Helber/AP Photo

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  1. philip b. ekstedt May 6, 2020

    epic hypocrisy ….
    TONY PERKINS FRC writes:
    Earlier today, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released its 2020 annual report, naming the world’s worst religious freedom violators — while noting some who have improved too. Among a number of findings on religious freedom, the report calls out governments around the world that oppress or fail to protect this fundamental human right, recommending that the State Department label certain countries “Countries of Particular Concern” (CPC) or be put on a Special Watch List.

    Among the countries USCIRF found to be the world’s worst on religious freedom are some usual suspects whose conditions have even further deteriorated. In China, the government’s crackdown on people of faith have had heartbreaking consequences. As China continues its oppression of Uyghur Muslims, as estimated 1.8 million Uyghurs are still detained in what Beijing calls “re-education” camps. This has caused half a million children to be forcibly separated from their parents and raised by the state.

    Beijing signaled that its restrictions on Christianity were not slowing down either. Pastor Wang Yi led a large house church un-approved by the government. In December, he was sentenced to nine years in prison supposedly for “subversion of state power.” Even as China seeks to usurp the United States in global influence, its leaders are digging their heels in on their repressive policies. While Beijing’s religious freedom violations are more exposed than ever before, they show no shame for the atrocities they commit.

  2. Robert DeFlurin May 6, 2020

    They hide the virus as it spreads across the world and now this clown wants to lecture us. What an arrogant bunch of murderers he represents.

  3. Ron Snavley May 6, 2020

    I do not believe a word that that communist says we all know it came from China and it was the Democrats in the Communist Chinese government who brought us this vial evil disease I blame both of them I am not fooled by the rhetoric that this ignorant communist is spewing I said go to hell China you always been the source of the world’s misery God bless America God bless our great President Trump together we will get through this without China

  4. Former Marine May 6, 2020

    Mr. assbassader you need to look at the facts first and then come back and post the truth , The world is tired of the lies you post .

  5. jack leishman May 6, 2020

    Do you believe the ambassador may have been told what to say? The cat has been out of bag too long to put it back in..

  6. Eric Copeland May 6, 2020

    Of course the liberal Washington post gave the Chinese a forum to try to spread more propaganda calling anyone who looks at the truth as conspiracy theorists! But why not ask them the hard questions, like Chinese citizens who wanted to leave WUHAN and go home into China mainland was not alowed to do so and was forced to leave for other countries spreading the viruse elsewhere! And why was all of the testing and medical supplies they sold to the USA and other countries either unusable or in the case of their respirators would harm or kill the user! Their are many more hard questions they avoid as they THREATEN the world about breaking away from china ! Sadly the china loving democrats will try to use this as a tactic to get at Trump, as the mainstream will report this as a bad thing we are doing to china by asking these questions!

  7. Jennifer May 7, 2020

    Look, we are not trying to blame the people of China, but rather their government ideology of Marxist which hid the truth of this virus. while at the same time allowed half a million people from Wuhan infected or not travel all over the globe thus seeding this virus unknowingly to others, many who would become sick and some who would perish. So therefore, we must hold those responsible for covering up truth, we cannot allow this type situation to occur. The democrat party policies have shoveled forced our manufacturing jobs to global interest and cheaper labor. So, what’s still produced in the USA? Then, add on the leftist propaganda mass media first telling people to go out to …and they name off all the most dangerous places, yea, after it was clearly not safe. The early preventive warnings given by our president were not taken by palosi, and many on the dems side..in fact they spend more energy distorting one spoken word than the actual concept…it goes right over their head….sadly….the public need truth in order to reset reality….right now Democrats walk around believing Joe Biden would represent the best interest of the American people? Really folks this is frightening, I already witnessed how ugly socialism/communism is, trust me you don’t want it…it equals silent island sufferings.

  8. Mary Luy May 7, 2020

    The Chinese people has the obligation to defend Xi . Otherwise they can disappear as many are up to this date. It does not mean the so called reporters in USA have to do the same. Or maybe they need to do that to keep their commissions coming from China. We are sleeping with the enemy. And because of that China is growing day by day. As Cui said it USA can not be the winner. Well, we have to see who will be the winner at the end. China or the world?

  9. Douglas Rodrigues May 7, 2020

    There have been so many different Flu type diseases originating from China over the years that I wonder if it’s a physically filthy country? Don’t those people have any idea how diseases are spread? One nasty habit done in that country is spitting on sidewalks. I don’t know which is worse, stepping on dog poop or stepping on a big load of spit snot?

  10. Betty May 7, 2020

    Well, the virology lab has been repeated sighted for very poor containment policies and behavior. Scientists who worked at the lab say it escaped from that lab where corona virus in bats is being studied. Then China restricted travel from Hubei Province to the rest of China but continued to allow travel out of China to the rest of the world. Then they lied and said it was not transmissible person to person, further delaying the world’s response. I’d say China is solely responsible for the pandemic.

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