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The China conspiracy

The China conspiracy.

Question is, was COVID-19 accidental or intentionally delivered to the west as a way to empower China?

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1 Comment

  1. Mike Zaremba May 8, 2020

    With regard to your China Conspiracy cartoon, which I regard as a good piece of humor, I think the author may be projecting his or her own values onto the CCP. What makes us think that the CCP cares about having a strong economy? So long as a strong economy was a useful tool to keep them in power they ran with that. Once America got wise to the theft and cut off the supply of free money to subsidize the communist economy this strategy fell apart. What could they do? Without the subsidy from theft their economy would start to shrink. If this happens slowly a lot of people who are used to living well will start to get upset by the gradual decline and with the leadership. Wealthy people who start experiencing a gradual reduction in the quality life will seek reforms to reverse the trend – the election of Donald Trump is such an example of populist uprising against the elite for just such a reason.
    There is also the matter of the long term consequences of the one child policy. A generation of people living and working in pollution, smoking, with contamination regularly found in their water, food, medicines, and a the lower quality hygienic practices in the culture has produced a greying population with many health problems. Because of the one child policy the old outnumber the young by a significant margin. Old sick people are not productive and are expensive to care for even in a low quality health system. That is an expense that has no possible return on investment.
    Then there is the question of why Dr. Shi Zhengli at the Wuhan Institute of Virlogy was working so hard for years to find a way for the Covid-19 virus to jump to humans, experimenting with multiple species of animals to achieve this. The product of that research was a mutated version of the aboriginal horseshoe bat virus that could infect humans. What was the purpose of this effort? Why seek to make such a thing at all? I think it is safe to assume that in the process of studying all the viruses that had been harvested from nature they found a strain that had this particular combination of characteristics. It spread easily and before symptoms appeared. It was particularly deadly to the old and sick. It spared the young and the healthy adults. This virus was studied for years so these effects were observed in the lab animals and the research to get it to jump to humans was pursued.
    Finally there is the stated purpose of the CCP to “return China to the ruling nation of the world”. It has been their strategy for decades to infiltrate all other nations and especially the western powers. They desire world domination, but not by military conquest. They have done this by subverting our cultures and compromising our values with the offer of inexpensive goods and money to spread their propaganda. They have infiltrated our entertainment, our news media, and our politics by appealing to our values in a way that twists our values against us. Belt & Road, 1000 talents, and the suspected espionage back doors embedded in the Huawei 5G products. This is a key point of the strategy – it’s non-confrontational and makes us complicit in weakening ourselves by succumbing to the temptation of easy money and cheap consumer goods. They have studied our mores and appeal to them in a way that we’ve deluded ourselves into trusting them and welcoming them into all our institutions where they have set to work undermining us.
    As I start to wrap this all together I call attention to the history of China and to all collectivist/leftist governments that spread genocidal destruction in the 20th century. The Nazi German extermination of the Jews, the purges of Stalin, the killing fields of Cambodia, the many atrocities of North Korea and Vietnam, and the famines of Mao all reveal this nature of the thirst for power at any cost in the leftist collectives. Anything and everything that can be used for power will be employed without regard for the suffering of masses that are subjects in these systems. In our own present day here in America is on naked display this totalitarian urge in the soft power despotism of our own state governors. These men and women in position of authority who have become drunk with the power of emergency measures and the absurd actions taken by the police they employ. This is how it has manifested here in the freest society that has ever existed. Our own leaders who are afflicted with leftism care nothing for the suffering they inflict on their communities. Now consider the many evils that this human failing has unleashed on the people of China in recent years. A short list of highlights would be: forced abortions to achieve compliance with the one child policy, organ harvesting (a euphemism for state sponsored murder for profit) of the Weiger Muslims and their mass captivity in internment camps, the subjugation of Tibet, and the ruthless suppression of all internal dissent – Tiananmen Square. The people responsible for these crimes against humanity are not motivated by wealth. They are motivated by power.
    This motivation for power has been a known blight on the human condition since time immemorial. It is accurately described in our most ancient mythologies. The story of Cain and Able in Genesis perfectly captures it. That is the nature of the CCP – the murderous rage of Cain who slays his brother out of envy and spite and destroys himself in the process. Cain is the one who would spite God because reality did not conform to his expectations. Now we have defied Cain, refused to give him that which he has not earned. We will not obey him nor accept his demand for a position of authority over us – so his rage overflows.
    So here is how it all comes together. The CCP was content to allow the country to grow rich off the exploited labor of its peasants and the theft from the west as a means to gain the support of its subjects. It groomed a population to be top heavy with the elderly and sick though policy decisions on both social control and indifference to pollution. Through research into infectious diseases they found in nature a virus that singled out the elderly and sick and perfected its ability to infect humans. The change in relations brought on by the populist revolt in the US put a sudden stop to the economic theft and promises to undo the cultural infiltration – this frustrates and confounds their desire for power over us. Fearing a populist uprising at home the CCP needed a way to head that off and a pandemic would be the perfect distraction. Chinese peasants who have lost everything suddenly all at once while also experiencing massive deaths in their communities are not looking for reforms, they are too busy morning their dead and wondering where the next meal will come from.
    Then there is revenge on the west for our insolence in defying their will. This is where a shrewd understanding of our values and beliefs is leveraged as cover against us. It is a common argument that no nation would dare employ a biological weapon because it’s impossible to prevent the contagion from spreading back to the attacker. Also, a direct attack with a biological weapon would be an overt act of war and lead to an immediate confrontation. There is a perception in the west that China is corrupt, incompetent, and riddled with the failures of central planning. These perceptions, fanned with some obvious showmanship of “covering up the crime scene at the wet market” could be used for misdirection so we perceive the act as corruption and incompetence. But some subtle mistakes in execution have cast doubt on this – namely the continuation of flights out of China while they had restricted flights in as the virus spread.
    The wet market bat soup story was a red herring. The lunar New Year party in Wuhan was the deployment. They used the biological weapon on themselves contrary to popular wisdom. This would produce a long list of advantages; the show of corrupt incompetence gave plausible deniability to prevent a kinetic war, it reduced their population even more by culling the old and sick without losing too many of the valuable young – the next generation of slaves, it creates an enormous distraction for the peasants to take their minds off the loss of living standard while attending their dead and searching for new ways to support themselves in a sudden crisis, and it strikes a vicious blow at all the world for refusing to kneel at the foot of the CCP. What wild and heady power that must be to have and to wield, to make the whole world burn just because they can out of malice and spite. They did this to keep power in China and to prove to us all that no place on earth is beyond their reach.
    The US can just go on asking them to share the research – which they never will because it’s the smoking gun of premeditated intent. The lawsuits will be ignored. China will diminish again, but the CCP will go on as a master of slaves to trouble a maimed disfigured world. So long as the CCP can rule over the ashes and bones this is all that matters to them.

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