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Ted Cruz responds to San Antonio’s decision to classify ‘Chinese Virus’ as hate speech

The San Antonio City Council passed a resolution on Thursday that classifies terms like ‘Chinese Virus’ and ‘Kung Fu Virus’ as hate speech. In the Anti-Hate Resolution, council members claim that such language encourages hate crimes, specifically against Asian-Americans. 

“This coronavirus has held no regard for race, religion, creed, or political boundary. As such, our efforts must meet the indiscriminate nature of COVID-19 with empathy and compassion for all our neighbors,” wrote Mayor Ron Nirenberg in a letter to the council, pushing for this resolution to be passed. 

Sen. Ted Cruz took to Twitter to call the resolution “nuts.”

“San Antonio denounces antisemitism, anti-Asian bigotry and all hateful speech, violent action and the spread of misinformation related to COVID-19 that casts blame, promotes racism or discrimination or harms the city of San Antonio … ” reads the resolution. 

The resolution passed 11-0.

However, terms like ‘Chinese Virus’ refer to the geography from where the virus originated, and are not meant to incite racism or violence. Amid China’s anti-America propaganda campaign, geographical descriptors become more important than ever, as those descriptors continue to place the responsibility on the shoulders of the government who allowed for the virus to evolve into a global pandemic.

Censorship like this allows for the Chinese Communist Party to continue to lie, spread disinformation and harm, not only the American people but their own people as well. If you’ll remember, Chinese journalists had mysteriously disappeared after trying to report the truth about the coronavirus to the country and the world. For our leaders to ignore this is concerning and raises one question: Do Democrats want America to become a communist society? Censorship could be the first step in that direction. 

It is time our leaders spend more time holding China’s government accountable vs. stripping away the Constitutional rights of the American people. 

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  1. Jerry Anderson May 8, 2020

    These people are stupid as hell. We ALL know where it came from. STOP with all the politically correct bullshit.

  2. Michael Ricks May 8, 2020

    King Fu, China virus, you nazi mother fuckers! Come and get me… come SUPER HEAVY!

  3. Larry Ashby May 8, 2020

    Go Ted Go!

  4. Leslie Wallace May 8, 2020

    I guess the council missed the memo that the virus IS from China?!

  5. michael boyes May 8, 2020

    Let’s just call it the “phuq yew flu” and be done with it.

  6. ChuckyF May 8, 2020

    So, from now on “Remember the Alamo” is verboten in Texas?????

  7. Roger May 8, 2020

    It is what it is and should be called what it is, the kung fu flu!

  8. Richard May 8, 2020

    They make these claims without an ounce of proof.

  9. Richard Kern May 8, 2020

    With all the difficulties Americans are facing, the city council takes time to identify something is hate speech. How ridiculous. Niether virus nor Chinese is a hate word. What are you going to say when you want to get Chinese cuisine for dinner?

  10. CBS May 8, 2020

    Here we go again. These idiots need to be removed from our FREE country. Please help vote out these ignorant dumocrats and save this country!!

  11. CBS May 8, 2020

    Shame on you for not posting what I wrote!! You’re part of the problem. Trump 2020 !!!

  12. Oldclimber May 8, 2020

    Its interesting that those lefties would draw the conclusion the naming the virus after it origins would instigate anti-Oriental sentiment and action. Well, they are right in that names like that do inspire those types of actions. But in the bast majority, with the left.

  13. Richard C Shaw May 8, 2020

    Cruz is right, the City Council in San Antonio as well as Pelose and her unhinged cohorts are as well, with her stunt to push San Francisco’ s China Town. Yes, there are nuts out in Never Never land who would or might consider thinking that taking the China or Wohun wrongly.

    But I have more faith in the people then this City Council taking the meaning as Fact!, Did people run around and start creating hate crimes against the Spanish just because the called the 1919 Spanish Flu?

    Yet Political Socialist nuts are attacking Christians or religion in general because they may have a problem with accepting LGBT’S. Calling marital partners instead o f it being her Husband or wife? just because it may be uncomfortable. Well its too bad? It is what it is, you can’t change the color of a ace of spades just because you fell better calling it something else. Political correct be damned, It is like called Black males or females African American? they are black human beings
    just like White males or females are white human beings, that is if you want to distinguish one from another other wise they are all humans. My dog is my partner, a good friend is my partner, my wife is my wife as well as my partner. So when you refer to my partner, it could mean any one of the aforementioned descriptions.

    So lets get past the Crap and call a spade a spade!

  14. Cindy Swinney May 8, 2020

    More democratic idiocies. They won’t be happy until all of our rights are stopped. Thank you Ted Cruz for your honesty.

  15. Karley May 8, 2020

    WHong Kong flu wasn’t racist Racist it the new buzz word for anything that will stir the pot.

  16. Anonymous May 8, 2020

    Looks like the San Antonia City Council are just like the rest of the good for nothing libs and they are part of the problem.

  17. MARC CAMP May 8, 2020

    Chinese virus, Chinese virus, Chinese virus, Chinese virus, Chinese virus, etc………..

  18. Betty May 8, 2020

    Americans will not long tolerate speech police. It is unconstitutional.

  19. Gary Hull May 8, 2020

    Big problem here. This action proves they hate terms they designated as hate; therefore, they are committing a hate act themselves.

  20. Mary Bangs May 8, 2020

    Do democrats want to make America a communist society? Well of course they do. Why do you think they’re pushing socialism so hard. Unfortunately they do have an ignorant following. This virus has proven the government’s attempt to have complete control of its citizens.

  21. All Seeing May 8, 2020

    It’s The CHICOMS Red Army’s patented ?? Wuhan Flu Virus ? courtesy China ?? Chine that has infected the world and was directly caused, spread and covered up (sometimes by murder of doctors/scientists) by their dastardly Communist government…

  22. Gena Taylor May 8, 2020

    Aren’t these the same clowns who banned Chick-fil-A from the airport due to “bigotry”? They should stick to managing the city and stay out of social justice BS.

  23. JD May 8, 2020

    The virus doesn’t have a nationality, Maybe it should just be called the China virus, because it came from CHINA!

  24. Shontel May 8, 2020

    These democrats are getting stupider and stupider as the days go by. Where is this country going to end up with CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the fake News who are also stupid. Are we sure these people finished grade school? ?

  25. Albert Johnson May 8, 2020

    Well San Antonio……I guess I guess I won’t be coming to your city to eat “Mexican Food.” That would be really disparaging to the majority population of your fair city. You dumb mother fuckers!!

  26. John Holseth May 9, 2020

    I’m on President Trump’s and Ted Cruz’s side through and through, but calling it the “Chineses virus” vs. the China or Wuhan virus is wrong, because the former indicts a group of people, wherever situated, whereas the latter does not. That being said, investigating people for words they speak wreaks of Totalitarianism and has no place in the U.S.A.

  27. John Maso May 9, 2020

    We need to move away from Politically Correct .
    We should all remember back in School, In the good ole days, Teachers rarely mentioned Politics.
    American History chronicles provided important events & people usually in a Non Partisan format.
    But they also explained Half Truths. Which unfortunately has evolved today into Politically Correct!
    Example; Our fourth Grade Teacher explained Two Negatives make a Positive.
    Example; if someone enters The US illegally and commits a crime,THE BLAME THE VICTIM?
    What ever happened to HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY?

  28. Charles W.Rose May 17, 2020

    Mayor Ron Nirenberg appears to be another of those soft- headed idiots who places anti American countries ahead of America. He should be removed and not allowed to hold any public office!!!

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