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Chuck Todd airs deceptively edited video of AG Barr, lies to the American people

NBC’s Chuck Todd aired a deceptively edited video of Attorney General Bill Barr on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” amid a discussion of the Michael Flynn case. 

Todd asked columnist Peggy Newton to respond to a video clip of Barr. The clip in question came from a video interview between Barr and CBS News’ Catherine Herridge, in which Herridge asked Barr how he thought history would judge the DOJ’s decision to drop the Michael Flynn case. Barr responded:  “Well, history is written by the winners, so it largely depends on who’s writing the history.”

Todd was “struck by the cynicism of the answer — it’s a correct answer, but he’s the attorney general. He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law. He was almost admitting that, yeah, this was a political job.”

This is a lie. In the full clip that NBC did not air, Barr did state that the decision upheld the rule of law. In fact, he said those words exactly.


In response, the “Meet the Press” Twitter account said, “You’re correct. Earlier today, we inadvertently and inaccurately cut short a video clip of an interview with AG Barr before offering commentary and analysis. The remaining clip included important remarks from the attorney general that we missed, and we regret the error.”

Many took to Twitter to further criticize the show.

Unfortunately, NBC’s flimsy excuse puts the network in a vulnerable position. Either the network did make a mistake, which paints those at the network as incompetent, or it was done maliciously, painting the network as propagandists. Whichever way you spin it, NBC and other Leftist networks are reaffirming President Trump’s criticisms, and are proving to be fake news networks.

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  1. Kathe Gilbert May 11, 2020

    Chuck Todd/NBC are just like CBS in not giving out the real story…CBS tried to make the Trump Coronavirus Team look bad with a fake video…so now NBC/Chuck Todd tried the same with making AG Barr look bad. Amazing how these Networks are beginning to really get serious about cutting their own lack of reporting Truth…they are becoming so sloppy in that they don’t think people are paying attention. So where is the FCC???

  2. Ann May 11, 2020

    Why would anyone give any credence to this political hack. His wife works for the DNC so why would he say anything of truth about Republicans.

  3. Harold Kistner May 11, 2020

    I agree Chuck Todd should be fired he is nothing but a labral Democrat who will do anything to discredit this administration no matter what the subject is. He as far as I know has not made a positive comment on anything Trump and his administration has excelled at there has many good things has happened..

  4. Wayne Rausch May 11, 2020

    Typical leftist propaganda! The president is correct: you’re fricking scum. You scumbags need to be censored, and made an example of. Come November, real American voters are going to bury you. We will NOT tolerate another four years of your revolutionary, arrogant, illegal insurrection.

  5. Tony Winters May 11, 2020

    NBC’s Meet the Press ran this LIE on TV where they have approximately 4,067,000 viewers, why I don’t know, but they sent out a retraction in a Tweet. This is about the same as putting the Lie on the Front Page and then putting the retraction on the same page as the garage sale ads. I guess you can’t expect any more for one of , if not the leader in the Fake News Business.

  6. bill May 11, 2020

    Nitwit Todd should be fired along with his producer. News that sways the story or the truth is not news anymore it is propaganda. Meet the Press ladies and gentlemen “WE SUCK AND ARE FAKE.” Just as President Trump declared daily. Thanks for backing up our President…Chuck Chump.

  7. O Olon May 11, 2020

    Hey Todd, this was a little more than just convenient yes? I think so and then that makes you a real lying hypocrite. You are supposed to be unbiased but you can’t bring your self to being honest can you? I will not watch MEET THE PRESS AGAIN.


  8. Jojodmonkey May 11, 2020

    Phuckwad should be arrested and exterminated tonight!!!!!!!

  9. Michael Groves May 11, 2020

    I can’t stand Chuckles Todd. I’d like to walk right up to him, and kick him right in the nut’s. Repeatedly, over, and over.

  10. Anonymous May 11, 2020

    Phuck Chuck! Only idiots listen him anyway.

  11. Anonymous May 11, 2020

    This wasn’t a “mistake.” NBC INTENTIONALLY LIED…. And they got caught. If they had not gotten caught they would never have apologized. How can any American trust what these people say…?

  12. Jim Atherton May 11, 2020

    I like to refer to Todd as “UP CHUCK TODD’ “

  13. CWWWW May 11, 2020

    Why the US is at this point where the media has so much power and no one can stop its abusive power! Time to stop the corrupt media which will destroy this country

  14. Jim ATHERTON May 11, 2020

    Up Chuck Todd is the absolute face of the Term FAKE NEWS.

  15. Diogenes May 11, 2020

    The plural of nut is nuts, not nut’s [nut’s means something belonging to a nut or nuts.] The vast majority of Americans have total ignorance about the use and misuse of the apostrophe. They add them were they are unnecessary and illiterate, and omit them where they are required. In the paper this morning there was this: “The coronavirus is Trumps Chernobyl.” How many Trumps are you referring to? Do you mean Trump’s? The illiteracy is almost universal with the words “its” and “it’s.” 99% of Americans have no idea which one to use. It’s really not rocket science. This is the mnemonic I use with my adult literary students:

    “It’s a good car, but its brakes need fixing.” [It’s is an abbreviation of “it is.” Its is the possessive of an inanimate object.]

  16. GMan33 May 11, 2020

    Chuck Todd is a hack at best not a journalist… he’s obviously biased and suffers from TDS.

  17. Tommy May 11, 2020

    They should re-name the show: Meet the Bigot.

  18. Patricia Peloquin May 11, 2020

    That’s starting to look good.

  19. Rob May 11, 2020

    The people are not media and should not receive protections as such!

  20. Paul Sek May 11, 2020

    And show the video stating it only looks like we’re kicking him in the nuts

  21. Patti Q. May 11, 2020

    It appears that the sleeping giant…Americans who haven’t paid much attention…have used the time in quarantine to catch up on the truth and are now calling out the fake news networks like the staunch patriots they are! I perceive doom and destruction for the little jewels who are trying to tell us how to think and how to feel. Your years of fame and fortune are just about over. We’ll see you on the streets without a job in sight. No one will want someone who peddles lies for personal gain. The world will once again appreciate the Walter Cronkites of the non-fake news just reporting the truth, and letting the people decide how they think and feel about situations.

  22. ray holderer May 11, 2020

    really? Chuck Todd is a hack, a libturd demacrap. Meet The Press is fake news. NBC IS FAKE NEWS! ALL of these lying , fake news networks should be shut down. It’s been done in the past. They are not doing anything good for our country. Between the corrupt media and the leftie libturds running the house, they are screwing it up for all of us. Really? That is an absolute fact. The fake news need to be shut down. The house members will be voted out in Nov. How can anybody on the demacrap side still believe all their bullshit that in it’s self is hard to believe. Shut them down and throw them out

  23. Anonymous May 11, 2020

    I am a fair minded independent voter and a viewer of many news sources, but you have forever lost my trust and I will disparage you every chance I get.

    Shame on you NBC. You really should put a retraction on your next episode of Meet The Press. This was flat out misleading & your convenient excuse of an error in cutting the clip too early doesn’t fly.

  24. Procompmt May 11, 2020

    *uck Tu*d is still on his knees for Barry O. I can’t even stand the tone of his voice. He not only blatantly lies, he sounds like shitz while spewing them.

  25. Trish May 12, 2020

    This is par for the Fake Media, but to be fair I Never watch nbc they have always struck me as being lazy and hypocritical of anything that is the truth just like cbs abc, cnn (the loser station), msnbc are they really part of nbc that would explain a lot about their need to lie so often.

  26. Sheptim May 12, 2020

    They’re both incompetent and malicious propagandists. This was no mistake. NBC had three days to look at the CBS tape. This buffoon new exactly what he was doing and this was a piss poor apology. NBC is known for creating news when they should objective and report truthfully.

  27. Randi Kyle May 12, 2020

    They all should be hung for inciting hate crimes and violence against the sitting president. Communist demwit sympathizers and liberal fags is all they are.

  28. JC May 12, 2020

    Chuck Todd does this kind of stuff almost every week. He isn’t fooling anyone. He should be removed or give him a course in proper reporting and truthfulness! It is hard to hide a Democrat though!

  29. Mike Litoris May 12, 2020

    Todd is an asshole and a huge hunk of shit! Fire his God-damned ass!

  30. Toby May 12, 2020

    WHERE IS FCC, it was established to monitor the big News network to keep this from happening. In the 70’s and 80’s they had the ability to keep them in line. When and why did they lose control. Now the Big boys can call anybody anything with no reprocussions. They print half truths without as much as a slap on the hand. The more they get away with the farther they will push the line; Where is the FCC, maybe they are under the thumb of the Big News now, Where is the FCC, maybe this should be a matter for Mr. Trump to look into.

  31. Charles Galiulo May 12, 2020

    No one should be surprised by NBC’s current fake news transgression any of the lies and distortions coming out of any of the Main Street media wether it be media or print. Even my local newspaper, the Observer Dispatch has been taken over by left leaning reporters and journalists from the Associated Press. Their reporting always with no exception slants against republicans, the President and his administration and anything conservative. They may believe they are hiding their bias but I believe people in general are much smarter than they think. They are in the tank for the Democrats from their headlines on down. They all care more about power than the success of our country. They are the true despicables.

  32. Oat 35 May 12, 2020

    This lunatic Chuck Todd should be fired by NBC and banned from reporting in any area of media reporting. If this were anyone else they would have been removed from the show and station immediately.

  33. k clark May 12, 2020

    FCC is probably in on the Republican bashing, too. I thought we could trust the IRS — nope. Thought we could trust the FBI – nope.

  34. k clark May 12, 2020

    …that was in response to a commentator above saying “where is the FCC”

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