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Lara Trump: Biden will take advantage of this crisis

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“Joe Biden and the Democrats’ solution is higher taxes for the middle class, more job-killing regulations and support of the Green New Deal that will run our economy into the ground,” wrote senior adviser Lara Trump in an op-ed for Fox News.

“He will take advantage of the crisis to exert more government control over our lives, not for the benefit of working families, but for the benefit of special interests and the Washington establishment.”

Lights, Camera, Action

Sarah Sanders: Best decision Trump ever made was firing James Comey

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders discusses news surrounding Joe Biden and Michael Flynn on Fox Business.


National Prevention Week: May 10-16

National Prevention Week (NPW), hosted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, is a “public education platform that promotes prevention year-round.”

The week-long observance is meant to recognize community work being done to help prevent substance use and mental disorders, as well as inspire action and raise awareness.

This week, First Lady Melania Trump has spoken publicly about NPW as it relates to her Be Best campaign – specifically in combatting opioid addiction in young teens. 

Learn more about the platform and share tips to raise awareness for this cause.

Trump Family Throwbacks

Young Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. pose with mom, Ivana Trump

Photo Credit: The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images / Time & Life Pictures

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