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74 Former Biden Staffers Say They Never Experienced Sexual Harassment From Biden

Mary Margaret Olohan on May 15, 2020

More than 70 people who worked for former Democratic Delaware Sen. Joe Biden say they never experienced sexual harassment from him, and many said they doubt accuser Tara Reade’s story, PBS NewsHour reported Friday.

PBS NewsHour attempted to contact over 200 former Biden staffers and interviewed 74 about Biden’s behavior towards women throughout his career as well as about Reade’s allegations of sexual harassment. Of the former staffers interviewed, 62 were women.

Many of staffers told PBS they do not believe Reade, who claims that Biden kissed her, touched her, and penetrated her with his fingers without her consent when she worked for him in Washington, D.C. in 1993. Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee for president, has denied this allegation on multiple occasions.

The outlet reports that not one of the people who PBS NewsHour interviewed said that Biden had sexually harassed, assaulted, or behaved inappropriately towards them. All of those interviewed told the publication that they had never even heard of such an allegation against Biden until Reade came forward with her allegations.

Staffers told PBS NewsHour that they understand that their experiences working for Biden do not disprove Reade’s allegations, and that they believe Reade’s allegations should be heard.

“The one thing about Joe Biden is, he is a man of the highest character and that’s why these accusations are so surreal and just can’t comport with the man I worked with,” Marcia Lee Taylor, a former senior policy advisor on the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, told the PBS NewsHour.

Reade’s attorney, Douglas Wigdor, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he would be “surprised frankly, if other women would find the courage to come forward and report similar incidents involving Joe Biden,” considering the “biased reporting that has been designed to discredit Ms. Reade.”

“As someone who supported Dr. (Christine Blasey) Ford on MSNBC and represents numerous Harvey Weinstein victims, the double standard being applied to Ms. Reade is truly amazing,” Wigdor told the DCNF. “Tara Reade has sat down for an extensive interview with no ground rules or lawyers involved. She answered every question put to her.”

Wigdor said Biden has not provided the same level of candor as Reade.

“When will he sit down for a real interview,” Wigdor said.

Some staffers who spoke to PBS do remember working with Reade, and one said he recalled that Reade was fired for poor job performance.

“I should add that (Biden) conveniently, along with his former senior staffers, claims to have no memory of Ms. Reade, yet there are now stories of her alleged poor work performance leading to her discharge. It just doesn’t add up,” Wigdor said.

The Biden campaign did not respond to a request for comment from the DCNF.

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Photo Credit: REUTERS/Scott Morgan

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  1. marby3 May 16, 2020

    We can take the 12 men off the list considering Biden isn’t into men plus they probably wouldn’t admit to it anyway, covering another guys back so to speak. So, of the 62 women how many were over 35 at that time? All of them should be taken off also since Biden seems to likes young ones. I’d like to know what number is left instead of this inflated one.

  2. Erik Johnson May 16, 2020

    Can’t Help But Think…How Many Were Warned BEFORE Giving Their Interview ( seeing how Corrupt Begets Corruption ) About What Their Going to Say About This POS ??? AND This ” Reade was fired for poor job performance. ” Is a Bunch of BS…In-Other-Words…Come Up With Some Kind Of EXCUSE To Get Rid Of Tara…
    No Matter What This POScum Has to Say…Tara’s Mother Calling Into Larry King’s Show And Asking ” What To Do ” in Late Aug 1993, IS THE SMOKING GUN !!!
    There Are COUNTLESS Videos Of This POScum Sniffing Hair and Touching etc. and The Looks On These Woman’s Faces ” TELLS IT ALL ” There’s NO DOUBT In My Mind This POScum Has Mental Problems !!!
    And The Very Fact That These Senators Are Protected, Doesn’t Give Them a Green Light TO DO ” Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.”

  3. Tom Pender May 16, 2020

    So PBS has to go out and contact people to drum up Biden supporters. When Kavanaugh had just about every woman he ever worked with voluntarily come forward declaring his integrity, the press refused to acknowledge this at all.

  4. Irving l marsh May 16, 2020

    Next we will hear from 2,00 atty. generals who signed an affidavit , claiming they had never prosecuted him …

  5. rattler May 16, 2020

    seems like the same ones who were really quick to believe Blasey Ford have an impossible ability to believe Reade.

  6. Saltnlight May 16, 2020

    Maybe he didn’t find them desirable.

  7. Mark May 16, 2020

    He’s a lying jerk off. Does he even know his middle name at this point. Obama reject he wouldn’t know if he was getting jerked off or if he was jerking off the Muslim ass hole he worked for

  8. JC May 16, 2020

    What a sad state of affairs, does anyone really think hands on Joe would let his octopus behavior be put on parade for others! Trade respected that SOB and he crapped on her

  9. David May 17, 2020

    Ted Bundy didn’t kill every woman he met. So by that analogy Ted wasn’t a serial killer. So that means Ted and Joe are innocent of accusations.

  10. John May 17, 2020

    He has had staff for something like 40 years and they could only round up 62 that were gullible enough to continue the to support the liberal Democrats, and at what cost. The 62 ere they before or after his senility became so obvious.

  11. Galtha58 May 17, 2020

    70 out of how many? Probably hundreds. What does that prove? That Joe is picky about who he molests?

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