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Op-Ed: No apologies, it’s time for answers

In an appearance on Fox News Wednesday, former Bush 43 press secretary, Ari Fleischer, seemed to provide an excuse for the Obama administration’s actions regarding the Russia collusion narrative and their harsh attacks on Gen. Michael Flynn. Fleischer tweeted his appearance early Thursday morning:

“Let’s look at this from the Obama point of view. Here is what they knew at the time: Russia did indeed hack the DNC, disseminated the emails; we know that Russia interfered in the election; the Obama administration, through the FBI, knew that there were low-level Trump campaign people who had some sort of contact with Russians or Russian intermediaries — George Papadopoulos, Carter Page — the Obama administration knew because of the dossier. There were allegations that President Trump himself was involved in nefarious activities with Russia.

“That’s what they all believed; and then, low and behold, Donald Trump wins the election,” he continued. “Now, in my opinion, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, all their top people, made the worst cardinal sin you can make in politics; instead of seeing their opponents, now the incoming president, as a political adversary, they viewed him as a criminal.”

Fleischer’s arguments contain multiple fallacies starting with the notion that the Obama administration “believed” the dubious intelligence they helped create.

Much of Fleischer’s narrative has been disproved or, at the very least, considered highly suspect. Russia “hacked” the DNC and “disseminated the emails?” Clearly Wikileaks disseminated the emails and Julian Assange stated the emails were not obtained from a state actor, for whatever that is worth. The fact that Russia hacked the DNC servers has always lived in a legend created by Democrats. They told the FBI that Russia hacked them, and without FBI experts examining the servers, accepted what the Democrats told them. And what a coincidence, that fit the narrative invented by Democrats that Russia wanted Trump to win the election.

The idea that Russia interfered to help Trump is confounding. After eight years of Obama and Clinton genuflecting to Vladimir Putin and Russia, the notion that Russia would want Trump as president is ridiculous. In fact, many in the intelligence community believed all along that Russia preferred Clinton and fed Steele disinformation about Trump for his dossier.

Fleischer was wrong about George Papadopoulos and Carter Page. Papadopoulos had no known connections to Russia, and Page was interacting with Russians on behalf of the CIA. According to the Justice Department Inspector General’s report, the CIA informed the FBI that Page was working for them on two separate occasions.

Documents left behind by the Obama Administration that make themselves appear to have been benevolent actors should not fool anyone.  With the dominant news media culture already providing support for the Russia collusion hoax and excuses for Democrat behavior, the nation needs more credible people demanding answers and fewer providing alibis for Democrats.

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  1. Bobby Smith May 22, 2020

    Look the second worse lying corrupt presidebtbin recent history George w Bush is his name was as crooked and lied to get his way the same way Obama did.people in telling y’all all the lifetime politicians and those three four presidents. George h w bush Clinton GW bush Obama are all in on it together it started with hafta now it’s unreal that both parties is trying to kill Trump but God want let no harm cine to him and they know this they know all the authority in this world has been used against him but God said if I’m for you who can stand against you and has showing the world thru Donald J Trump how true he is

  2. Rob May 25, 2020

    Ari just proves AGAIN that the Deep State is inside, if not running, BOTH political parties! Nothing is going to happen to any of the big players like Obama or Biden and Barr knows it! So why waste the time. We all ridicule Mexico for claiming to be somewhat democratic, but is in fact, still run by a handful of families. Americans have woke up to see that it’s no different in America!

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