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McEnany’s style rubs some the wrong way. Good.

Kayleigh McEnany, President Donald Trump’s new press secretary, has shown that she can give as good as she takes. Her foremost quality so far has been revealing, in a very public manner, the hypocrisy of the White House press corps.

However, some of those who are allegedly on the conservative side are not impressed. 

For example, at her second appearance in the briefing room, a reporter asked if she’d like to “take back” comments she’d made before coming to work for Trump in early April about Trump not allowing COVID-19 to “enter” the country. She responded by asking if several media outlets, from Vox to The Washington Post to NPR, would like to “take back” their reports about the coronavirus not being as bad as the seasonal flu.

Writing in USA Today on May 7, Mark Weinberg, who had served as director of public affairs for President Ronald Reagan, ticked off a list of previous press secretaries from both parties and noted, “What made them great was that they refrained from gratuitous attacks on reporters, media outlets and the opposite political party. Instead they defended their bosses in thoughtful, if sometimes pointed, discussions of specific policies and the broader question of the proper role of government.” 

He added, “Her performance so far dishonors her position, the memory of the man for whom the White House Press Briefing Room is named” — former Reagan spokesman Jim Brady — “and the very podium from which she speaks, and ultimately does not serve her boss well.”

Last week McEnany again fell out of favor with some on the right partly because she concluded her briefing on Friday with slides showing a series of questions that reporters should ask former Obama administration officials about the case of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. “Maybe … you guys will follow up with journalistic curiosity,” she said.

On a panel discussion on “Fox News Sunday,” anchor Chris Wallace had some choice words for McEnany, whom he criticized for the Flynn display as well as seeming to question the religious faith of some reporters questioning Trump’s push for reopening churches this past weekend. “I spent six years in the White House briefing room covering Ronald Reagan. I have to say, I never — and in the years since too, I never saw a White House press secretary act like that,” Wallace harrumphed. “I have to say that if Kayleigh McEnany had told Sam Donaldson and me what questions we should ask, that would not have gone well.”

Jonah Goldberg, a columnist and a former longtime editor at National Review, who also was on Wallace’s panel, described McEnany’s behavior as “indefensible and grotesque.”

“What Donald Trump wants in a press secretary is a Twitter troll who goes on attack, doesn’t actually care about doing the job they have, and instead wants to impress really an audience of one and make another part of official Washington another one of these, essentially, cable news and Twitter gladiatorial arenas,” Goldberg said. “It’s a sign of defining deviancy down, and it’s only going to make things worse.”

One might ask how much worse things could get in the relationship between the media and the White House, or how much worse could the division in the country get based on the slanted information put out by the mainstream media.

But the question for Wallace, Goldberg, Weinberg and other McEnany critics is: When will those in the media be held accountable for their own behavior — that is, for asking asinine questions that solicit trollable reactions instead of useful information, for hyping molehill-sized issues into click-bait mountains, for relentlessly pushing misguided theories about Trump that, once proven false, are not corrected or never acknowledged as having been wrong, or for failing to ask tough, necessary questions of the Obama team about why they unleashed the full power of the federal government’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies to undermine a rival political campaign?

Just as importantly, what have Republicans gained by playing by the Marquess of Queensbury’s rules with the media that obviously hates them and roots for their downfall? Or, in other words, when will we see some self-introspective “journalistic curiosity” from the liberal media about why reporters behave the way they do and about the journalistic norms that were so readily abandoned at the dawn of the Trump era? 

Don’t hold your breath waiting for answers.  Until we have them, though, McEnany should keep on keeping on.

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  1. Elmer May 27, 2020

    I absolutely love the young Lady as she is not there to pamper those who are going to write lies anyway

  2. I think she is great and if you don’t think that my question is what does it take after 31/2 years all those ungrateful journalist do is follow the orders of the most worthless lying Democrats this country has evmver seen since Lyndon Johnson and his CIA murdering John Kennedy. As a Veteran if I knew these ungrateful morons would stop that low to treat a President like they do is totally unexceptable.

  3. libra May 27, 2020

    It seems to me that liberalism–socialism, marxism, leninsm, progressiveism, communism are all the same animal with only a different name. All of these adjectives have been tried throughout history and all have failed with most creating havoc, war, bankruptcy, murder, suicides, total destruction of a Country, loss of all wealth to the elites running the Left Wing Show.

  4. Julia May 27, 2020

    Good looks and very intelligent ? there ain’t nothing wrong with that ?

  5. Anonymous May 27, 2020

    I like the way the young lady handles the wimps. I am a republican, but have no respect for the whiners named in this note!

  6. russell d remmert May 27, 2020

    she is doing great/ the alleged reporters should not be reporting news , they should be delivering the paper using a bike, they are not enough to drive a car

  7. snert May 27, 2020

    not good at all, wonderful!!!

  8. Samuel May 27, 2020

    I thought she was doing good job. Nobody talks about that the press group has been changed, more liberal and looking for something to attack her boss, president Trump. There was a time that the reporters had a class.
    Mot of the reporters go to press room to be sarcastic? Let’s be more constructive.

  9. Wes May 27, 2020

    Those who criticize McEnany should take a look in the mirror. The fake news press reporters are finally being treated in the same manner they are treating the President. It’s fighting fire with fire. Those who don’t approve of her are not willing to hold the press accountable for their blatant attacks.

  10. Notalib May 27, 2020

    I am a Conservative and absolutely love her style. These so called WH reporters have been a PIA even before President Trump was elected. Many of them form the questions as to make the President look bad. She doesn’t put up with them and throws it right back in their face. Many to most of the WHPC do not seem to want the truth. They want to get the President. The news outlets, which is another bs term, they are anti Trump outlets, they work for are liars and not news outlets. CNN, can’t tell the truth, MSNBC, all of them appear anti Trump. You can’t conceal it.

    McEnany, you are doing a great job a you are showing the modern day press to be non reports but a bunch of grands from liberal colleges who never learned a damn thing about journalism. Called the truth.

  11. Lorraine Kemer May 27, 2020

    McEnany is a breadth of fresh air. Sometimes in life, you have to treat others as they treat you so they eventually catch on to their own behavior. She is doing a fine job, which is obvious by the complaints from the media.

  12. Rodzzz May 27, 2020

    Well put Wes……… my sentiments exactly.

  13. Bruce Cagenello May 27, 2020

    I truly believe that Kaleigh McEnany is the best spokesperson who has that job in these times
    She very effectively responds to the Press which has been anti Trump
    Ms McEnany forces them to think about what their job should be

    She is so wonderful
    Hopefully she stays safe and Well

  14. Bob Stirling May 27, 2020

    I believe it to be true that Wallace and others do need questions provided to them to ask Obamalikes etc., because they are most certainly not asking the proper questions! Personally, I like McEnamy – go get em!

  15. Gary Mac Mullen May 27, 2020

    It is about time that we have a person who stands up to the biased News Outlets. They will try and bash the president and her and she comes right back with facts and quotes. These hallow news persons are being paid to try and trap individuals who they can run into the ground to make the current party as pathetic inept people running our Government. Not on Kayleigh’s watch. She stands by the President and so she should. It’s about time to push them into the ground, and listen to the facts that are true. God bless her stature and fortitude, it’s about time to take the Bull by the horns and shove it up somebody else.

  16. CrustyOldGeezer May 27, 2020

    Perhaps it’s just her curious manner speaking from a position of TRUTH and HONESTY that has them puzzled?

  17. Kenny Griffin May 27, 2020

    Go girl finally someone that use to be a reporter medis loving it everytime she comes back at them they have lied and treated our president so bad keep up the good work eomen thank u

  18. My2Cents May 27, 2020

    She is just what we needed some one who is a counter puncher now that Mcenany has landed some significant blows on the fake news media the bullies don’t like it.

  19. Norman Reed May 27, 2020

    McEnany not only has beauty but brains. I am dazzled by her fine qualities and delivery. Bravo for her to stand up to the biased Left. It is time for someone with her high qualifications to speak out. I find her very refined and gracious and glad that she won’t take any shit from the no count Lefty reporters.

  20. Charles Reddinger May 27, 2020

    Kayleigh is about the truth its time for the press corp to be held accountable for their bias and hatred for Trump… One would wonder that all reporters are Democrats and tow the Party line. there are two sides to every story, but so far these report only one side. Its time they are being called out for their one-sided reporting. An attitude that they are so great that it is a sin to challenge their biased reporting has finally been brought home. Good job and keep going till the cows come home or these reporters wise up.

  21. gerard logreco May 27, 2020

    She is the perfect press secretary. she is always well prepared.

  22. Michael Groves May 27, 2020

    Here it is. Many conservatives, and Republican’s think it undignified to actually put up a fight when it comes to the Democrat’s. They’d rather drop their pants, bend over for a good old fashion Democrat ass reemimg. That is the main reason they don’t like Donald Trump. Because he fights for the country. I am a Conservative with a difference. I would fight. Conservative/Republican’s are whimps, pussies, cowards, gutless. You can’t count on them for anything. They are afraid of their own shadows. It’s part of the reason The United States is in the condition it is in. OH the Democrat’s have done most of the damage. But the gutless Republican’s are responsible too. That is why they don’t like Kayleigh McEnany. Because she puts up a fight. Conservatives would like to see her curl up in the fetal poison behind the Press Podeum, and babble as many of the Republican’s do. The Republican’s, and Conservatives will be their own worse enemies in the fall election.

  23. Theodora May 27, 2020

    Kayleigh is a total pro! Goldberg is ridiculous and superfluous!

  24. Toots May 27, 2020

    What whiny scum. The reporters are disrespectful always trying to play the gotcha game. They arecdisgut8ng. Mvenany is doing a great job. She’s articulate- respectful and gives these clowns something to think about

  25. Toots May 27, 2020

    So true

  26. 2aWarrior May 27, 2020

    We no longer have journalistic integrity, respectfulness, self controlled “Report the Facts, Maam, JUST the facts’: Joe Friday – Dragnet. We now have a swarming flock of wild vultures willing to say or do ANYTHING to tear at and destroy the carcass they have preyed upon.

    There is absolutely NO SOUND REASON for Kayleigh to listen to them rant and falsely insinuate and bloviate about their garbage, trash and sub-human detritus. They can either perform like respectful and polite professional news gatherers and be treated as such; or be feral wild animals and be put into the zoo of rabid predators and locked into cages. These deranged SJWs come from BOTH sides of the aisle.


  27. Theodora May 27, 2020

    I disagree. My husband and I are conservatives and also fighters. Every conservative we know likes the way President Trump outs the despicable swamp. It is the rhinos that dislike the president’s style and are closet dems. True Republicans/conservatives see right through them. Go Kayleigh!!!

  28. alvin hickling May 27, 2020

    Amen to all who support Her !!!

  29. 2aWarrior May 27, 2020

    TO THE USA WIRE ‘BOARD OF MODERATORS’ … don’t you even consider blocking, rejecting. censoring or otherwise changing my post. Just don’t do it!!!

  30. Theodora May 27, 2020

    I disagree. My husband and I are conservatives and also fighters. Every conservative we know likes the way President Trump outs the despicable swamp. It is the rhinos that dislike the president’s style and are closet dems. True Republicans/conservatives see right through them. Go Kayleigh!!!

  31. Richard T Felago May 27, 2020

    Kayleigh McEnany may not meet with approval of Wallace or Goldberg but who cares? They’re making the same mistake the Dems did in 2016, by ignoring what most of us out here think. It’s about time the press was challenged for their irritating, irresponsible diatribes in the form of questions. They need to be slapped down a few pegs. Kayleigh is great. And should continue just as she has been doing. Many, many of us out here love it. Those alleged reporters are nothing but left wing utensils. You go, girl, and keep up the good work. Don’t stop, and don’t change. Wallace needs some reorientation anyway.

  32. James Iacovelli May 27, 2020

    I don’t see how anyone can criticize her when she She is faced with a media compromised of such unprofessional and aggressive vultures like what we have today the times are changing

  33. POC May 27, 2020

    Brava! Keep up the great work!

  34. Kathie May 28, 2020

    Those in the media box have been rude and disrespectful of our President. Also in years past, whether you voted for the President or not, he represented our country. AND, journalist were exactly that….journalist. They weren’t an extension of corruption, they weren’t opinionist….they were investigators for the people. That is the only reason they have access to the WH. The media/journalist no longer represent “ALL” the people. When they can ask informed questions without an agenda, and with decorum…I will gain my respect for them.

  35. Mick Healy May 28, 2020

    Almost every member of the MSM is a leftist demoncrat with their only goal being to damage Trump and make sure he is voted out of office in November. They deserve all the crap they get!

  36. Anonymous May 28, 2020

    I agree with all of the above! McEnany is great and just what Trump needs! She does her homework and gives the obnoxious WH press Corp exactly what they deserve. Plus Chris Wallace is one to talk as he is pretty arrogant as well!

  37. CAT May 28, 2020

    Agreed, Michael Groves. The Democrats have created this monstrosity, yet the Republicans have LET it happen. Congratulations to Kaleigh McEnany for posing the questions American citizens want answered.
    Why has the ‘press’ been allowed to say whatever they want true or typically untrue with out repercussions? Why do or did they not ask the same questions to the Obama Administration? How is it they shy away from asking Rep. Ilan Omar questions about her lack of morals? Or ask Nancy Pelosi why she doesn’t ‘care’ about getting Americans back to work?
    Perhaps Kayleigh McEnany will get these questions out there and make journalists report the truth with VALIDATED facts to support or disprove their claim. She is just what the ‘swamp’ needs. The ‘ostrich’ Republicans should be scared! Stand up for what you believe or leave!!
    Kudos Kayleigh

  38. Paul May 28, 2020

    Unfortunately, 100% true. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s way past time to fight fire with fire. The ONLY thing that liberal progressive democrats understand is strength. Bury the ba$tard$.

  39. Larry W Gaines May 28, 2020

    Wallace and Goldberg are two A-Hole idiots

  40. John May 28, 2020

    Big surprise! Some of the people whose loyalty to us we’re supposed to trust instead defending their colleagues over what’s fair and balanced. I like what some of them have to say, generally speaking, but still consider them part of the problem when they’d rather defend their profession than the truth.

  41. Alice McDowell May 28, 2020

    McEnany is a breath of fresh air. The first time I saw her I was cheering. I liked the ones before her also. But she is great with who she has to deal with. The media is always trying to implicate our President is the problem. I don’t believe anything they have to say. The damage they have done to America along with the democrats is so low.

  42. Geila Phillips May 28, 2020

    Kayleigh is doing a FANTASTIC job!! Old Chris Wallace and others are backstabbing cowards without backbones. Chris, bye….

  43. Wendy May 29, 2020

    Kayleigh Don’t Ever change how you handle the Fake News Media! Give them back what they dish out! They’ve had their way for so long they don’t like it when you expose them for what they are!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

  44. Andrew Jaussi May 29, 2020

    Hey, Chris Wallace….go stand in the corner and cry yourself a river. no one is listening to you. When you stood on the side of the Democrats about impeachment, I lost all respect for you because you just regurgitated the DNC talking points. Give em’ hell McEnany. Have a good day.

  45. Anthony May 30, 2020

    Extremely bright with a vicious bite. Trump supporters should, and most do, support her. Anyone outside of that group either doesn’t understand (or are ignorant to) the dynamic between Prez and Press, or they’re liberals. Keep fighting fire with fire and God Bless you Kayleigh!!!

  46. Phyllis Molina June 2, 2020

    Kayleigh “kicks ass” to the main stream media and they are seething with hate (AS USUAL) because they can’t stand to hear the TRUTH.. She represents well the President, and all true Patriots, who stand for God, Country, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law and common sense and
    decency. She is superb in every way..so thankful for her as our Press Secretary ♥️

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