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Media ignores cases of mail-in voting shenanigans, even those they’ve reported on

If their words didn’t have such outsized impact on the public debate, it would be utterly amusing to watch the mainstream media moan about President Donald Trump being “deranged.”

The latest example is their repetitive claim that Trump is wrong about potential voting fraud with mail-in ballots.

Democrats, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are promoting voting by mail in November as an excuse to keep people safe from COVID-19. Never mind that the fatality rate from coronavirus is now far below the original estimates of U.S. health authorities, or that we know who is most vulnerable and thus could protect them, or that few people got sick after voting in Wisconsin’s primary in April, at the height of the plague.

Instead, we hear the major media supporting the Democrats’ talking points that fraud is nonexistent and that Trump is promoting a myth, a conspiracy or a fantasy.

It’s as if our journalistic elite have never heard of North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District, where just 10 months ago prosecutors indicted seven people for voter fraud involving mail-in ballots that led to a 2018 congressional election being overturned. In that election, as The New York Times noted last July, prosecutors maintained “spoiled absentee ballots were counted,” and that the suspects “served to undermine the integrity of the absentee ballot process and the public’s confidence in the outcome of the electoral process.”

“The history of fraud in North Carolina is mostly in absentee ballots,” Bill Gilkeson, a former lawyer for the state General Assembly who handled election issues, told the Times in a December 2018 article about the discredited North Carolina election. “That’s where the fraud really happens, and there’s a long history.” 

Nor, obviously, have jopurnalists ever bothered to look at the Heritage Foundation’s extensive database of voter fraud, which has chronicled dozens and dozens of cases of fraudulent use of absentee ballots. Just this year, according to the site, two people in New Mexico were convicted for faking mail-in ballots in a 2016 local election.

Down the memory hole go such cases because the mainstream media wants you to believe this crime never happens, or, as liberal Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent wrote in an unhinged piece on Wednesday, “Republicans have falsely screamed about voter fraud for many years, to justify all manner of voter suppression.”

On Tuesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson attacked the Demcoratic mantra that mail-in ballots are completely secure. 

“Actual voter fraud has happened all over the country, despite what they tell you,” said Carlson, citing the North Carolina debacle and fraud cases in New Jersey and Texas.

“The real agenda behind universal mail-in voting … is not about improving access to the ballot box. It’s about power. It’s always about power.”

Carlson interviewed Adam Laxalt, a former Republican attorney general for Nevada, who noted that as the state conducts its first statewide mail-in election images emerged showing ballots piled up in apartments, hallways, trash cans. He added that 200,000 inactive voters in Las Vegas received mail-in ballots, over the objection of the local election supervisor, without any way for officials to ensure they won’t be used fraudulently. 

The irony about the media drumbeat against mail-in voting fraud is that such ballots are usually a mainstay of the Republican Party. In other words, it could be argued that Trump is actually hurting his chances by issuing warnings about and demanding crackdowns on mail-in voting.

We’re a long way from November. It is far too early to surrender to the idea that we won’t, or shouldn’t, be able to vote in person because of COVID-19. 

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