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Here’s how to help small businesses damaged in Minnesota riots

Peter Hasson on May 29, 2020

Hundreds of businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, suffered damage in riots this week responding to the death of 46-year-old George Floyd.

Former officer Derek Chauvin, who is shown on video kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, has been arrested on charges of third-degree murder and manslaughter in Floyd’s death, authorities said Friday. Heated protests spilled over into violent riots and fires in the Twin Cities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, despite Floyd’s girlfriend advocating against violence.

More than 100 Minneapolis businesses were damaged on Wednesday night alone, the Star Tribune reported, and the violence continued on Thursday night.

One small business owner, Minneapolis firefighter Korboi Balla, poured his life savings into opening a sports bar only to find it destroyed by looters Friday morning.

In the neighboring city of St. Paul, more than 170 businesses have been damaged or looted in the riots so far, the St. Paul Police Department tweeted early Friday morning.

Here’s how you can support small businesses in the Twin Cities.

Balla has launched a GoFundMe campaign to rebuild his bar, which wasn’t covered by insurance. As of Friday evening, the fundraiser had received more than $260,000.

The Lake Street Council, a nonprofit serving businesses in the Minneapolis area, has an online fundraising campaign to help small businesses rebuild after the riots.

The council “will donate 100% of donations toward helping the Lake Street small business and nonprofit community rebuild their storefronts and providing for our neighborhoods during this time of need,” the fundraiser states.

This post will be updated as more verified fundraisers become available. 

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  1. Oldclimber May 30, 2020

    My question is : Why would anyone want to help rebuild a castle that was built on the sand?

  2. Mg May 30, 2020

    Have the Governor and mayor build it up. If they can’t control their herd, so be it. I feel for the people and their businesses, but no sympathy for rioters or protesters

  3. John May 30, 2020

    heres how to stop the carnage:
    Have a curfew. These are not blowing off steam. they are full of hate and MUST be stopped. shoot to kill anyone rioting. dont wait for them to start the fires.

  4. David May 30, 2020

    How about sueing the Local Government for not doing their job of protecting their local businesses against the Savage Looters and Thugs responsible. The Governor told the police to stand down therefore this was allowed to happen. I expect multiple lawsuits will justfully arrise.

  5. Tim Kuehl May 31, 2020

    I’m betting most if not all of these business owners vote Democrat. Yes, that is their right but it is Democrats’ pandering policies and attitudes that made this possible and it is Democrats who are continuing blaming Trump, we’ve heard them, to justify the riots and ignore the evidence anarchists are being paid are joining the rioting animals and fanning the flames for more violence. So, no, it is your right to be a Democrat but I won’t help you one bit to rebuild your business or help any of your because you did this to yourself whether you knew it or not.

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