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  1. Juan May 30, 2020

    The DUPLICITOUS communist Chinese can NEVER be trusted….they steal intellectual property…they manipulate their currency,….they demand technology transfers as a condition of doing business…they ignore treaties……The world needs to band together against the MURDEROUS communist Chinese……

    PS: Why are the Democrats parroting communist Chinese PROPAGANDA?….

  2. Mary Elizabeth Culver May 30, 2020

    this CHINESE VIRUS has dems written all over it, hillary showed her face saying that President Trump should not be Closing Our Borders, this disgusting individual,she commented that she believed what that communist dictator said. saying the virus is human to human, not serious,. why is she and obama communicating with any of the foreign leaders, why did gov Newsom of California enter into a contract with china for $1million for supplies?? ,
    dems are such lying hypocrites

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