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Tweets series about riots reveals liberal hypocrisy

The numerous riots that broke out across America following the death of George Floyd, the black Minneapolis man who died in police custody last week, certainly are no laughing matter.

But the overtly hypocritical response to the violence by one observer was in itself a laugh riot, a bit of comic relief during the unfolding tragedy.

That came from Chris Palmer, a sports journalist reporting on the NBA whose career includes a 14-year stint at ESPN. 

Palmer’s trip through the Twitter wringer began with an inflammatory comment about a fire in Minneapolis on Wednesday night. That evening, the violence in the city included the torching of a six-story building under construction.

The building was a redevelopment project featuring 189 units of affordable housing, with some three dozen units set to be devoted to “very low income” residents, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

A tweet of the horrific yet still mesmerizing blaze earned a reply from Palmer on Thursday: “Burn that s— down. Burn it all down.”

Palmer later deleted the tweet, and early on Monday apologized for his comment, saying he did not realize it was for low-income tenants.

Fair enough.

Yet in between those tweets Palmer took a different view when the riots hit a little too close to his Los Angeles home, as shown by this series of tweets, posted within about 40 minutes: 

“They just attacked our sister community down the street. It’s a gated community and they tried to climb the gates. They had to beat them back. Then destroyed a Starbucks and are now in front of my building. Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood. Go back to where you live,” he began.

“Tear up your own s—. Don’t come to where we live at and tear our neighborhood up. We care about our community. If you don’t care about yours I don’t give a s—,” Palmer added.

Then, he noted, “Welp. They’re gone. Security called the cops and they swarmed. Some scattered, others were arrested. (You hate to see it.) Tense moments. There’s graffiti everywhere. We live in a beautiful, safe community and have pride. These people had no pride and weren’t protesters.”

And finally, “Make no mistake about it those who were looting were not protestors. They were criminals who just blended in. Hell bent on stealing and property destruction. When the legit protestors left midday everything went off the rails.”

The criticism came at Palmer fast and furious. 

“They’re just doing what YOU told them to do,” one critic replied. Another tweeted at Palmer, “You can’t be with the chaos one minute then when it’s at your front door you switch up.”

To which Palmer answered: “You better damn well believe I can.”

And there is liberalism in a nutshell.

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