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Welcome to New York

A movement without a cause.

Fiddling like Nero as he watched Rome burn.

When did looters become revered?

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  1. Crazy Elf June 4, 2020

    Why honor Floyd, he was a career criminal!

  2. Louis June 4, 2020

    There are people who sit and wait for any excuse to start riots.

  3. Bob Dubarry June 5, 2020

    If all people fear police then its stands to reason that all police fear people right? So the action of a few make them all bad. Just imagine dialing 911 and guess what your on your own. We got a example of that this week, be real careful what you ask for you my get it. Because then you have the rule that,only the fittest will survive you hope you are that you are one of those

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