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Michigan governor tells citizens to “Google” how to do a haircut.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is back in the news this week, this time walking back on a remark that struck a nerve with many. On Monday, Whitmer said she hoped residents who traveled to Ohio for haircuts were doing their part not to bring COVID-19 back to Michigan.

Ohio is much further along in its reopening process and has attracted several people from neighboring states to its open businesses, especially hair salons and barbershops.

“If you haven’t resorted to that, Google how to do a haircut, or throw your hair in a ponytail or curl it and get through the next couple of weeks so we can resume some of these things,” Whitmer said on Monday.

Mike Sarafa, with the group Safe Salons for Michigan, released a statement calling Whitmer’s comment insulting.

“Not only is this gutting the salon industry, but we are also losing business to neighboring states every day,” Sarafa said. “We firmly believe we are safer open than closed. We urge Governor Whitmer to review our plan and allow licensed salons and barbershops to open immediately.”

Whitmer said that it was not her intent to offend anyone by the Google comment. She apologized for what she called an “off-hand comment.”

“It is my fervent hope that in the coming days and weeks, we’re going to be as back to normal as we can be until we have a vaccine,” Whitmer said.

Michigan is currently in phase four of a six-phase reopening plan, with the hope to move to phase five by July 4.

Right now, stores are able to have customers without appointments, and restaurants are able to have customers dine inside with limited capacity. Outdoor public gatherings are now allowed to have up to 100, as long as social distancing is practiced.

Phase four keeps theaters, hair salons and gyms closed.

Michigan’s stay-at-home proclamation was among the strictest in the entire country. Many have said that Whitmer overstepped her authority.

Michigan residents protested the initial order. Some of the protestors even entered the state capitol building with firearms. So far the courts have held out Whitmer’s orders.

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