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D.C. mayor says she wants out-of-state troops removed from city

The mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bowser, is calling for out-of-state military troops to be removed from the nation’s capital after they were brought in to handle the growingly violent protests over the death of George Floyd.

Bowser held a press conference on Thursday to provide an update on coronavirus and to discuss the current unrest in her city.

“The very first thing is we want the military, we want troops from out-of-state out of Washington, D.C.,” said Bowser.

The National Guard was activated to assist the city’s law enforcement with the protests and rolled onto the White House complex and other national landmarks with military trucks and troops. More than 4,500 National Guard members have been deployed to D.C. with several states also sending some of their Guard troops at the request of the Department of Defense.

As of Thursday, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah all had Guard members in the capital city.

So far, no active duty forces have entered the city to respond to the civil unrest. Only the National Guard is present.

Bowser doesn’t have authority over the D.C. National Guard. That command rests with the Secretary of the Army.

Many governors including Maryland Governor Larry Hogan have said they’ve sent National Guard troops to help protect national monuments and war memorials. Still, Bowser said she can’t approve of that mission.

“If I wanted troops from Maryland to come into the district, we are a member of a compact, which allows me to make that request specifically to any state National Guard to do that. I have not done that for any state,” Bowser said.

Bowser says that with all the new law enforcement personnel in D.C., residents are having trouble identifying their affiliation. Bowser believes that there are other federal military assets currently active in D.C. She also criticized the new increased security at the White House saying that it’s “the People’s House and it’s been walled off.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also upset with the increase in Guard members from multiple states operating in the capital. She sent a letter to President Donald Trump Thursday expressing her concern and asking for clarity and answers from the administration on the situation.

“Congress and the American people need to know who is in charge, what is the chain of command, what is the mission, and by what authority is the National Guard from other states operating in the capital.”

The streets of D.C. are under the jurisdiction of the local police department, but the area around the White House complex and national monuments falls under federal jurisdiction.

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  1. JoeyP June 5, 2020

    I want that IRRESPONSIBLE D.C. mayor REMOVED from Office . . . ASAP and Permanently! One DISGUSTED Patriot. team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. Bemused Berserker June 5, 2020

    Tough Shitsky Bowser! Secret Service wants them there.

  3. Anonymous June 5, 2020

    A Solution to ending Race Riots would be for the Cities to ONLY hire African American Police to do away with the Reason for these White Cops killing Black people…. Think about that….

  4. Pam June 5, 2020

    This Hag, doesn’t deserve the title of Governor! Totally not Patriotic and total Socialist scum that doesn’t even care to respect President Trump or his safety or our military and armed forces. We the American people that will be voting have the power to get Radical Communist sleaze out of office See and Hear You, who the hell are you to tell our Great President what to do! You are despicable and should be immediately impeached from office,

  5. jmac67 June 5, 2020

    If Bowser was a real politician who cared about the city that elected her, maybe she would know who is supposed to be in charge.

  6. JC June 5, 2020

    This witch of a mayor needs her butt creamed and run out of town for defacing the streets and failing to perform her duties as a mayor. She is not protecting the property and safety of the city.

  7. Gideon Rockwell June 5, 2020

    The Mayor is part of the Anti-Constitutional, Anti-American Hypocrisy that is causing division , wreckage and ruin in this nation all in the hopes of building a Marxist Utopia.

  8. Guy June 5, 2020

    Well…. being that Washington DC ISN’T A STATE, It’s a federal park, like Yosemite. The Federal government can do what it want with it.

  9. Robert June 5, 2020

    Nancy needs to know as it seems that she has forgotten it all since the speaker of the house would know that information and the people need to know that the NG is there to protect any monument or other federal assets. The police are there to attempt to keep order but as we have seen in some areas that is a huge FAIL.

  10. Eberhard becker June 5, 2020

    I second that motion
    The apparently somewhat confused
    Mayors, governors and public officials would be well advised to look up their jurisdictional areas
    They should know where their authority ends and the state and then federal authority take over
    If they don’t know these simple facts how are they doing the job they were elected they and how do the people not know a candidates qualifications before they vote for them

  11. Wray June 5, 2020

    Seems like Bowser can request them but she’s not the only one and she can’t control them. Pelosi can’t do diddly. Pelosi is upset because the rioters can’t have access to the People’s House. Does she hear herself talk? Remember when Obama stopped White House tours? Did she complain then?

  12. Boliver Shagnasty June 5, 2020

    Wow, one of the most injuries from rioters , the secret service had 60 injuries Sunday but the ignorant mayor thinks it has it under control. The White House was under attack while she did stupid. There’s are supposed to be a huge turnout this weekend RIOTERS. Not protesters in DC. The National Guard should remain until it stops to protect the protesters, if they try to March on White House they will be destroyed. That idiot will look like a murderer like Coumo. WOW

  13. Michele June 5, 2020

    Those things that fall under Federal jurisdiction get run by Federal orders not State orders. Leave them there for as long as the President feels comfortable with them there!! End of subject

  14. Larry W Gaines June 5, 2020

    the mayor of D.C. is a Racist Black Lives Matter member and lover and she cannot tell President Trump what to do.. She should get the hell out of town

  15. Charles Hughes June 5, 2020

    The Mayor of the Federal District of Columbia does not have the powers she thinks she does. That power within the DC is afforded to the Executive Branch in combination with the Legislative Branch. WDC is Federal Property. It is not a State. The DoD has full military access to the Federal District under the USConstitution.

  16. David Stone June 5, 2020

    If you had taken control of your own house the National Guard would not have been a needed option to quell the rioting. But you were too stubborn to let the police to maintain law and order. You allowed the looters and unruly protestors to take control of the DC area who caused havoc and disruprion in the city you were supposed to protect–YOU FAILED. Resign and let someone else do the job.

  17. Tita June 5, 2020

    This so-called mayor is telling us tax payers what should be done with the people’s house ( I don’t think so) Pelosie I cant believe you are still around. You can’t walk or talk, go clean your $50,000.00 refrigerators while you eat your chocolates. Your a crook.

  18. M S June 5, 2020

    Please get rid of the idiot mayor in Washington DC. She is about as stupid as she sound. We the people want our President protected from from her and the rest evil demonuts

  19. Dan Gibson June 5, 2020

    Sorry Madam Mayor, uhhhh …. what you fail to recognize here is ” THE TAIL DOES NOT WAG THE DOG…”

  20. Robert Russnogle June 5, 2020

    She needs to be removed from office, jailed if necessary

  21. Chris June 5, 2020

    Yes, it’s the people’s house and I want it and all the other monuments there when I can visit. There are just enough rioters mixed in with protesters to do major damage.

  22. Jojodmonkey June 5, 2020

    Phuk that nigaaaaaah oar!

  23. Anonymous June 5, 2020

    You are so right on that, the Democrats want to cause chaos and division, I get along with everyone no matter the color of their skin

  24. Wilddog June 5, 2020

    If Washington DC was a state she might have an argument. If the city of Washington D.C. had to pay the bill for housing those troops she might have an argument. But she’s just a low life Pee-on mayor of a broken down junk yard of a city. Go to Washington DC and see for yourselves. Once you get away from the federal area the city turns into a 3rd world banana republic slum. The owners of the hotels do have the right to say no to the troops, but given the amount of money the hotels would be receiving it would be a very stupid business decision. And a boycott would be in order for any hotel that refuses to house the National Guard. If the rioters want to destroy Washington DC they should go to the mayor’s house and burn that to the ground. Won’t be any military there to protect her home.

  25. Regina Zavier June 5, 2020

    God help us

  26. anonamous June 5, 2020

    Bowser is the type of official that we need to get rid of. She should be happy that the Guard have come to rescue her because she can’t do her job. She is many of our officials that are inept at their job but profess to keep control of their space. They want the power and don’t want anyone infringing on their territory like a dog marking his or her territory. These are the officials that are making the trouble in this country. If you really look at what’s going on you will see who the problems in our government are. Open up your mind and you the people will see the TRUTH. Love your neighbor.

  27. Cindy Swinney June 5, 2020

    I am not a racist person. Hell I have a black sister. So, anybody that thinks these riots are about race, they don’t have a clue. There are all races participating (side by side)in the destruction of life and property. The media has made this about George Floyd, and it’s not even about that anymore at this point. It’s total chaos and needs stopped now! Even if that means Military

  28. Mary Sigman June 5, 2020

    Please leave mayor we do not want you running DC

  29. Bruce June 5, 2020

    This two bit Democratic mayor only likes criminals! I want troops there to protect federal buildings, our Whit House and National monuments. If this idiot wants to give up the city, that’s on her head.

  30. Peter June 5, 2020

    But out of state rioters are welcome. . . .

  31. Tony Winters June 5, 2020

    I agree with the mayor of D.C., the Troops should be removed from the streets of D.C. immediately. They should not however be removed from the Capitol. They should be positioned in and around all Government buildings including the White House, the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, and all National Monuments.
    Their orders should be amended to read that they will protect these buildings and monuments and should NOT provide any assistance to the D.C. Police force. No action should be taken to prevent any buildings within the city proper that are looted or set on fire. In the event that any of the D.C Police, Fire, or EMT departments are attacked the Military should respond to protect the men and women in uniform.
    I can’t wait until the riots hit Georgetown and Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C where obama lives, see how quickly the mayor calls for help from the military.

  32. george June 5, 2020

    Hey Nancy, regarding your letter to President Trump…..rip!!!

  33. Ron Hopkins June 5, 2020

    This is plain to see for anyone with a brain. It has nothing to do with the man that died, for its all about hurting America so the left can blame President Trump and hopefully he will lose the election! The only thing is that they are in for a shock as all this crime, corruption, and lies will keep President Trump in office for four more years. I can’t wait to see all these idiots cry again as President Trump wins again! F::k these idiots, ignorant fools, marxists , communists, and just plain America haters! Get the f::k out and vote for our President Trump for four more years of MAGA! Nuff said!

  34. Mike W June 5, 2020

    As D.C. is not a state there is no governor to remove the mayor. Does the president have that authority?

  35. Anonymous June 5, 2020

    The Mayor FAILED! Nothing else needs to be said.

  36. charlotte young June 5, 2020

    Glad that the President called the National Guard to protect Washington, D.C. The Mayor doesn’t know what she’s doing.

  37. Gail June 5, 2020

    I agree, this isn’t about race issues any more, it’s all politics now.

  38. jeff June 5, 2020

    No out of state troops, but she is ok with out of state protestors. I’m glad she gets no say in the matter as she is just another dark democrat who’s hate has blinded her to the truth. This violence is perpetrated by the Soros led democrats.

  39. jeanne June 5, 2020

    OK, The commie mayor should be informed that after they leave ,
    ANY destruction to property will be billed directly to the mayor personally THEN follow through !

  40. Ric June 5, 2020

    Bow wow has a severe case of dumb bitchitis. Since when did DC become a state? F O !

  41. Korean Vet June 5, 2020

    Who died and made her God?

  42. Ric June 5, 2020

    I second that motion!

  43. Korean Vet June 5, 2020

    Out of state??? What state is she in??

  44. Anonymous June 5, 2020

    Remove this BLM racist POS

  45. Anonymous June 5, 2020

    The poor lady lives in a state of confusion and frustration. She has a title but no power.

  46. Anonymous June 5, 2020

    You are so right, first thing I said “ was since when did DC become a state”. When you elect idiots to office you get stupidity ! That simple. What caliber of people elect idiots to lead them??!!

  47. Justin Case June 5, 2020

    That’s a very good question…any ambulance chasers want to answer that one?

  48. My2Cents June 5, 2020

    What Mayor Bowser needs is a bit of karma hope she gets struck in the face with a rioters brick and they smash every window on her vehicle.when she calls the police for help they are too busy with some other protesters and she has to wait.Dumb ass Democrat.

  49. My2Cents June 5, 2020

    Here’s a better idea pull out your Glock 9 and blow the violent POS away ,problem solved These people are cowards and when they see one of their own bleeding maybe they’ll set the message. Too harsh ? just read they are planning to burn down farms and kill livestock in Ilinois where they the least likely to be armed.Still thinking too harsh?

  50. Gretchen L. Williams June 5, 2020

    I figured Mayor Bowser was a Democrat!!!! President Trump HAS DONE WHAT HE THINK’S NEEDED TO BE ACCOMPLISHED IN WASHINGTON!!!!!!!

  51. Justin Case June 5, 2020

    Jay Inslee is the Dem. Gov. of D.C.

  52. Gerald Cline June 5, 2020

    But out of state ANTIFA thugs are welcome in DC by their mayor….

  53. Gerald S Ladd June 5, 2020

    with a little luck the demonRATS will burn that city to the ground.

  54. Lsughing atyou June 5, 2020

    I want all democrat politicians removed for office and yes by force if necessary. they are completely irresponsible and have stolen the rights of law abiding citizens while letting rioters, looters, and criminals run free. It is time to stand up. load your weapons and take back american from these stupid Democrat pieces of trash.

  55. Rose H Delaney June 5, 2020


  56. Mike June 5, 2020

    Thank you I think you nailed it!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Maybe when a rock flies through the window and lands on her desk while she is pretending to do work it will scare some sense into her……then again maybe not….after all you jut can’t fix stupid!

  57. Jeannette June 5, 2020

    Totally agree. The WH and the monuments and all government buildings belong to all the US citizens and we want it protected. Hope she doesn’t need protection. .

  58. phil June 5, 2020

    Haha she must mean out of District. Doesn’t she know DC is not state?

  59. Linda Huss June 5, 2020

    You are very correct. This is the doing of the Democracts who want our president out of office by any means.

  60. Donna June 5, 2020

    Mayor Bowser is losing her mind! If something would happen to her, no one should come help her .You would think she would be grateful for the protection. I think it is somewhat offensive that she painted the street in front of the White House. Why didn’t she paint ALL LIVES MATTER! Just my opinion. Hatred will get you nowhere.


  61. GrumpyOlkdGoat June 5, 2020

    Chain of Command you ask?


    1:WE, THE PEOPLE hold the top slot!
    2: the President oi the United States because he received the Largest number of ACTUAL CITIZEN VOTES as well as Winning the Electoral College Election.
    3: 50 Governors

    DC is NOT a Stand alone city ‘aloof and alone in power, but the PROPERTY of the Entire Nation.

    WE, THE PEOPLE merely HIRE people to ENFORCE OUR LAWS.

    They are not ‘police’ laws and WE, THE PEOPLE ARE the NEAREST POLICE BACKUP AVAILABLE!

    WE, THE PEOPLE hire people like you to ‘supervise’ OUR EMPLOYEES so WE, THE PEOPLE can go about our daily lives.

    WE, THE PEOPLE Created ‘governments’ as CARETAKERS of the Infrastructure and keeping OUR STREETS SAFE 24/7/365.

    When it comes to WE, THE PEOPLE, being Required to ENFORCE OUR LAWS, it becomes APPARENT you are not ADEQUATELY PERFORMING your Duties to the REQUIRED LEVELS you said you were able to do.

  62. CrustyOldGeezer June 5, 2020

    The Chain of Command?


    1: WE, THE PEOPLE!

    The way it was set up and there has never been any reason to alter the FACTS!

    WE, THE PEOPLE merely HIRE people to ENFORCE OUR LAWS.

    They are not ‘police’ laws and WE, THE PEOPLE ARE the NEAREST POLICE BACKUP AVAILABLE!
    WE, THE PEOPLE hire people like you to ‘supervise’ OUR EMPLOYEES so WE, THE PEOPLE can go about our daily lives.

    WE, THE PEOPLE Created ‘governments’ as CARETAKERS of the Infrastructure and keeping OUR STREETS SAFE 24/7/365.

    When it comes to WE, THE PEOPLE, being Required to ENFORCE OUR LAWS, it becomes APPARENT you are not ADEQUATELY PERFORMING your Duties to the REQUIRED LEVELS you said you were able to do.

    WE, THE PEOPLE merely HIRE people to ENFORCE OUR LAWS.

    They are not ‘police’ laws and WE, THE PEOPLE ARE the NEAREST POLICE BACKUP AVAILABLE!
    WE, THE PEOPLE hire people like you to ‘supervise’ OUR EMPLOYEES so WE, THE PEOPLE can go about our daily lives.

    WE, THE PEOPLE Created ‘governments’ as CARETAKERS of the Infrastructure and keeping OUR STREETS SAFE 24/7/365.

    When it comes to WE, THE PEOPLE, being Required to ENFORCE OUR LAWS, it becomes APPARENT you are not ADEQUATELY PERFORMING your Duties to the REQUIRED LEVELS you said you were able to do.

  63. Steven sudbeck June 5, 2020

    DC needs a mayor that is at least literate enough to know that DC Isn’t a state.

  64. mike stevens June 5, 2020

    How about the out of State protesters leaving first, Mayor!

  65. RM June 5, 2020

    Scumbag DC mayor. Name reminds me of a dog. Pres. Trump needs to keep the NG and other military housed and send the bill to that corrupt mayor…

  66. Duda June 5, 2020

    My country buddies all over this great land are not pushovers the the people in Sparta Illinois know their land and are armed and capable as well as us back in Pa North of Pittsburgh send your best and brightest mob of trained Antifa guerrillas to our neck of the woods you will not be going home lots of water and hog farms do we need to go any further this is not flyover bluster you may take a little flesh we will take the whole hide we will wear you down you think your capable we will prove one truth death buy one life ending strike you won’t see it coming good luck nobody wants to fight an insurgency.

  67. Gerald Vail June 5, 2020

    I think that the best stand that President Trump could take with regard to the current unrest situation is for him to tell the governors and mayors that he will only send troops and the National Guard only if they are requested, and that the Federal Government would not provide any monetary assistance for any damage incurred during any of the protests, including damage caused by looting, burning and vandalism. The cities and states would have to bear any and all costs for damages incurred. Then we will see who doesn’t want any Federal help and assistance.

  68. ROBERT June 5, 2020


  69. Helen June 5, 2020

    Include a new US capital in Texas or some similar state that can control rioters in next infrastructure plans. That action will drain the DC swamp

  70. Terry June 5, 2020

    DC isn’t a state – all NG are out of state. The Mayor doesn’t own the hotels so the 3rd Amendment doesn’t apply unless the hotel owners want them out which is highly unlikely. Did anyone ask the DC police what they think? Probably not but I’m guessing they think the Mayor is insane. What we don’t want is active duty troops illegally posted for domestic reasons like both Lincoln and Kennedy did – they are for external threats while the NG is both and the police are internal (including federal and state police).

  71. SBL June 6, 2020

    Mayor, considering our country’s President is located in your area I highly encourage you to get your bony ass off the pot and start handling things properly.

    If you can’t then resign and let people who know what they are doing takeover! Many in this country are tired of the democratic Mayors and Governors not doing their jobs leaving the decent citizens of the US to be at risk. You all need a major kick in the butt!

  72. Gideon Rockwell June 6, 2020

    The Mayor evidently wants the ANTIFA and B.L.M. thugs to destroy our monuments, as a way of erasing our history. Much like the ISIS Thugs did many great shrines in the Middle East. I say bring in even more troops and bivouac them on the mall green. Have them set up camps around every monument .

  73. Anonymous June 6, 2020

    Anyone who wants to defund police is completely out of their minds; the National Guard is there to back up the police for pity sake! Why do you not get that? Black Lives Matter is race baiting, All Lives Matter!

  74. Dennis June 6, 2020

    Well, the pesky little thing called the Constitution is in the way again. D.C. was set up so the Federal Government could protect the federal officials. Madison himself called upon the Convention attendees to do exactly that. This happened because their meeting place in Philly was threatened by a group and the locals would not send in the militia to protect them. DC was formed to prevent this from happening. So the mayor is wanting to circumvent the very thing DC was created to do. She has no bloody authority!

  75. Shep tim June 6, 2020

    It’s because of useless do nothing Mayors and Governors like this that their cities and states are becoming 3rd world like.

  76. Ginger Naylor June 6, 2020

    The protests that were and are for George Floyd is no longer George Floyd but other groups as well. If anyone paid attention to the media coverage when they asked what brings you out here, one of them replied “My mother is Mexican. My father is Mexican. I am here for them! I’m tired of the government! ” Then the gal in red running the CA protest yelled to the crowd all kinds of other factions including black transgenders. Another gal replied “Oh, I just like to protest. I travel everywhere.” So apparently, every group that protests for anything no matter what it is, is there just to protest. You show up for my protest, and we’ll show up for yours. I hope that the government gets a good recording of every person protesting from here on in and enters them into a database with a software program that uses a facial recognition. This way they have proof of the lying protesters.

  77. Anonymous June 6, 2020

    Maybe if she would do the job herself they wouldn’t need the assistance of the national guard.

  78. VaWhiteTailHunter76 June 6, 2020

    “Bowser says that with all the new law enforcement personnel in D.C., residents are having trouble identifying their affiliation.” ….. since when do they need to know their affiliation. They are an authorized “police” force to maintain order and prevent rioting & looting.
    If you’re breaking the law, your a criminal and any authorized “police” force can arrest you.
    Sorry Mayor DimWit, you’re not in charge her ……… go back to your chitlins and hamhocks.

  79. R.O Martin June 6, 2020

    And in North Idaho we guarantee that if they come here to do damage, they won’t be going home. Ever.

  80. RIc June 6, 2020


  81. Brian Paris June 6, 2020

    Washington DC has been governed by the Democrats since 1964 so if you have a problem in DC the blame lies with the democrats.

  82. Schmigly Schmigums June 6, 2020

    Just another libtard pos who wants criminals to have an easier time destroying monuments and other sites real citizens hold dear. Bowser needs to be removed from office for dereliction of duty, as do every other Antifa sympathizing leftist fool…& those Governors who think they have dictator-like power, like In Michigan (who really should face criminal charges for each citizen whose civil rights she violated…so 1 charge per citizen…throw her in a black site & call it a day…

  83. Dennis June 6, 2020

    Well, with a name like Bowser she’s gotta be a dog 🙂 🙂

    DC is not a state, what an abject idiot. … Ima have to stop here cause I’d just get banned. This idiot has no clue?

  84. Dennis June 6, 2020

    It occurs to me that the House went home cause they knew this was comming.

  85. Doug June 7, 2020

    Stupid Nancy Pelosi and Muriel Bowser,, if you can’t your job to protect your state, let president do it for you. Pelosi and Bowser should be RECALL from office!

  86. Kent June 15, 2020

    then the child criminal rioting mourners would be acting up in the streets because black cops were killing black criminals and white criminals..

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