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Al Sharpton abandons NYC for politics in private jet, Hannity blasts him

Last night Fox News host Sean Hannity accused Reverend Al Sharpton of abandoning the city of New York amid unrest caused by the George Floyd protests.   

Sharpton, a self-styled civil rights leader, made a cameo appearance in Minnesota for the George Floyd funeral.

Hannity observed that Sharpton was taking time off from his job as at MSNBC to politicize the funeral of Floyd.

“They talk about make America great,” said Sharpton at the funeral. “Great for who?”

Certainly, not the police of New York City said Hannity. The police have been under siege this week in Sharpton’s home town, with several in the hospital after attacks by protesters, and at least one on life support.

The police in New York, said Hannity, didn’t have the luxury to engage in gamesmanship like Sharpton. They were busy putting their lives on the line to protect NYC.  

“Last night in the City of New York, two officers were shot, another stabbed right in the neck,” Hannity said. “They were patrolling the streets of Brooklyn for looters but authorities are now probing the perpetrator’s possible links to terrorists.”

Dzenan Camovic, 20, was shot by police after stabbing one officer and shooting two other officers.

It’s unclear what his motivations were in attacking the police. A relative says that while he was a practicing Muslim, he doubts terrorism is behind the attack.

“I’ve known him since he was 6-inches tall. That this is a terrorism, it’s illogical,” said the man who wouldn’t give his name.

Authorities instead pointed to anti-police social media postings as a possible motive.

Authorities are still investigating and Camovic remains in serious condition after being shot by police defending themselves.

In contrast, Hannity says that despite Sharpton’s claims, justice has been very swift in Minnesota under president Trump. Trump has responded by sending federal help directly to Minneapolis law enforcement to get to the bottom of the George Floyd death.

“The FBI [was] brought in by the president, the DOJ [was] brought in by the president and the civil rights division to work with local law enforcement authorities — [the four suspects] were fired in record time, all four officers have now been charged, serious charges, and we believe that justice will be served,” he said.

Hannity called efforts to defund the police as “psychotic.”

Sharpton tweeted a video of himself deplaning from Tyler Perry’s private Gulfstream III that took reverend Sharpton to Minnesota for the funeral.

“This private jet is equipped with a 42-inch HD LCD screen, Blu-ray players, satellite TV, theater lighting, iPod docking stations and electronically controlled window shades, among other amenities,” says FlyXo.com. “Perry’s jet also features a compact kitchen and conference hall.”

Sharpton said that the George Floyd story is the story of every black American.

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  1. Val June 6, 2020

    Piece of crap Sharpton should pay his taxes like the rest of us ( several millions by now but I guess IRS would not touch him , someone would pull the race card on that ! ) , he is nothing but a racist agitator , hypocrite and deceiving

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