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Move over, Peace

Peace on Earth?

The media can’t see or just plain refuse to see the rioters that are destroying our country.

Our enemies are those who make it their mission to divide America.

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  1. Phyllis N Barber June 5, 2020

    Well, this is the program- it’s called ANARCHY!!! And Ila Omar (sp.?-but you know who I am talking about) should know as she fled a country Somalia that has been in total anarchy for a long time. Ask her why she came to the US! Ask her if anarchy worked well in Somalia!!
    Minneapolis WAS a beautiful city! To bad the lunitucs are running the asylum!! ANARCHY is the agenda-NOT “Black Lives Matter”. The blacks and fueling of racism is the mechanism for getting to the goal of ANARCHY!!! They are being used in the worst possible way!!! Wake up or it will come home to roost in a way that will not provide a good life for ANYONE!!;

  2. Billy bob in homer June 6, 2020

    The ones trying to divide our country are the Democrat left. They are trying to start an anarchy movement to bring themselves back into power as they believe and probably rightfully so that they are losing this battle.

  3. Sharon June 6, 2020

    Obama wanted to fundamentally change America and now we know what he ment

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