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NBC News hires Trump nemesis Lisa Page

NBC News and its cable sister MSNBC announced that it had hired controversial former FBI attorney, Lisa Page. In a tweet Friday afternoon, MSNBC Public Relations tweeted, “@MSNBC welcomes Former FBI Lawyer @natseclisa as an NBC News & MSNBC National Security & Legal Analyst.”

President Trump responded immediately in a tweet, “You must be kidding…this is a total disgrace.”

Page gained wide recognition as an FBI attorney at the center of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation of alleged Russia collusion in the 2016 election. Ultimately Page and her FBI agent paramour, Peter Strzok, became the faces of what Trump supporters saw as an abuse of power scandal by holdovers from the Obama administration.

Text messages on FBI cell phones between Page and Strzok provided a narrative of the political bias against Trump at the FBI and justice department, particularly in the senior ranks and among political appointees.

Both Page and Strzok volunteered to work on Independent Counsel Robert Mueller’s staff after he was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Both were fired once the text messages were discovered by an inspector general’s investigation. Page left the FBI and sued the federal government for damages resulting from the release of the text messages. In addition to political bias against Trump, the messages also revealed an intimate relationship between Page and Strzok, both of whom were married to other people.

Thus far, NBC News has not clarified whether Page would be involved in analysis of the Department of Justice investigation of the procedures and bias involved with Crossfire Hurricane currently being conducted by Attorney General William Barr’s team. Page could figure significantly in that investigation either as a witness or possibly a target of Barr’s probe, thus raising questions of bias in NBC News’ coverage of events expected to culminate before the November presidential election.

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