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House Democrats offer new police reform bill

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are proposing a new bill to reform American police following nationwide protests against police brutality and racism.

The “Justice in Policing Act” would create a national police misconduct registry, provide training on racial bias, make lynching a federal crime, and set best practice recommendations among other things.

During a press conference on Monday, Pelosi read the names of African Americans who have died at the hands of police in recent years.

“The martyrdom of George Floyd gave the American experience a moment of national anguish, as we grieve for the black Americans killed by police brutality,” Pelosi said. “Today, this movement of national anguish is being transformed into a movement of national action.”

The legislation has more than 200 Democratic co-sponsors in the House and the Senate but Senate Republicans have not shown much support. They announced Monday that they would consider writing their own bill in the coming weeks. A hearing on the topic is already scheduled in the Senate Judiciary committee next week.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says that Senate Democrats are going to fight like hell to pass the legislation adding that the poison of racism has permeated American society, beyond just the criminal justice system.

The Congressional Black Caucus believes that the power of the protest movement throughout the U.S. will help Congress pass this measure.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said that while white people originally came to the United States willingly, black people came against their will, shackled and enslaved and the injustices have continued to this day.

“Think about how long that is, how many generations that is. It’s a long time. Eight minutes and 46 seconds,” said Clyburn, making a reference to the length of time a Minneapolis police officer had his knee on George Floyd’s neck. “That’s a long time to be on one knee, but for 244 years, there were plenty knees on the necks of blacks who came to this country.”

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and California Sen. Kamala Harris are the lead sponsors of the legislation in the Senate.

“These are common sense changes that, frankly, will create a far greater level of accountability for those police officers who violate the law, who violate our rights and who violate our common community standards,” said Booker.

On Monday, Democrats also announced that the brother of George Floyd will testify to the House of Representatives later this week in a hearing on police reform.

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  1. Yarbles June 9, 2020

    More Globalist GARBAGE.

  2. A.H. June 9, 2020

    l Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are proposing a new bill to reform American police following nationwide protests against police brutality and racism. The “Justice in Policing Act” would create a national all black police force and force all blacks to relocate into segregated inner city areas for their safety.

  3. Cindy Swinney June 9, 2020

    Our ancestors brought slaves to this country, yes. Their ancestors sold them to us, yes. Study true history, and you will see, every race has been a slave to another race at one point. I don’t know anyone in my family that owned slaves, so why should I have to pay for what’s going on now. I love all races. NOT GUILTY OF RACISM!

  4. Wes Potts June 9, 2020

    The Democrat political leaders show solidarity with blacks by kneeling with their African American scarfs on. But history shows that they are actually the ones who have destroyed the black family in America by penalizing men if they are found in the home of those who bore their children. Furthermore they are the one’s who promoted the inequity in our culture today.

    This photo op is just show with no solutions for the problems in our culture.

  5. Cg June 9, 2020

    Peelousy and her photo op crew! Those Colors they have on does not represent ant race \ color! Clueless

  6. Roger Meyer June 9, 2020

    There is, and has not been, anyone stopping the Negros from leaving the United States since the middle of the 1800’s. If they think they are being treated so poorly, let them go somewhere else, no one is stopping them. They have as much freedom to travel as any other US Citizen. They can get in their car and drive to any South American country or to Canada as they wish. They can buy a ticket on a ship or an aircraft and go to any other country on Earth if they think they are being so mistreated her in the United States.
    As far as this “White Privilege” bullshit, yes, we had the privilege of getting up before dawn and working 12 to 18 hours a day in the mines and the steel mills. We had it so good that we could work 18 hours 6 days a week in the textile mills making almost nothing. We got to freeze in the winter time building railroads and highways and building power generating stations so that there would be electricity in our country. We even had the GREAT pleasure of fighting a CIVIL WAR to free the Negros from slavery, then fight another war with Mexico and another with Spain and another with Germany and another with Germany and another with Korea and another with Iraq and another with Iraq and on with Iran and Afghanistan that is still going on, oh yea, and one little one that we all enjoyed in Vietnam.
    Yeah, we really have a lot of White privilege. Why we even get to pay our own college tuition with NO HELP from anybody. Isn’t that great?
    Now go on and tell me about White Privilege while you sit on your dead ass collecting welfare with free college tuition and food stamps and free housing and free medical and free dental while I pay for everything I get.

  7. Stephen gore June 9, 2020

    This is ugly so sorry up front, I for one have had enough. If the black Americans don’t like it here they can always return to their home of Origion. The TRUE racism in this country comes from people like Sharpton, Green, Harris, Waters, Booker. They do this for the money they milked, steal and charge black Americans for their s
    Services. If you want to stop police brutality in the black community stop committing crimes and killing your own people. 53 percent of the nation’s police force is BLACK

  8. Bemused Berserker June 9, 2020

    Technically, Chauvin’s “Restraint Technique” isn’t a Chokehold. It neither constricts or obstructs the trachea of the detainee. It may or could block blood flow to the brain by restricting one side of the carotid arteries. Use of the technique is frowned upon for one particular reasons, and that is the high risk of damage to the cervical vertebra. The fact that Mr. Floyd could verbally express his distress, also indicates that his airway was unobstructed. An obstructed airway typically prevents speech. Personally, I suspect that what happened was partial compression asphyxiation from the weight on his neck and shoulders, it could have precipitated Floyd’s Heart Attack or exacerbated a heart attack he started before being restrained.
    Since there’s two post-mortums with conflicting Cause of Death, a third post may be necessary, or a review of both. As it stands, the conflicted PM’s illustrates the political direction this case has taken. I think the prosecution will have a hard time proving Murder #2.

  9. Larry W Gaines June 9, 2020

    Ant proposed Bill from Pelosi will be filled with her poison Pills for her pet projects and will be a very Stupid Bill. Pelosi is CROOKED TO HER CORE. She wants the Economy to totally collapse so she can bring in her socialism And screw America

  10. MARY-MARGARET Browne June 9, 2020

    Well said. I am tired of being made to feel guilty for being white. As a divorced mother of 3, two of my children finished college, one for their Masters, and one went into the trades. All through hard work with no help.

  11. nathan jarrell June 9, 2020

    You go, ROGER! Amen!!

  12. nathan jarrell June 9, 2020

    Murder, whether by knife, gun, or rope is already a crime, but good photo ops for the pandering dems. It really should be spelled dims! It’s hard to believe for me that they are running a candidate who obviously is suffering from at least the early throes of dementia. Just no concern for the country.

  13. Roberta F Klodt June 9, 2020

    Nancy Palosi, lying hypocrite! You could care less for the American People. Everything you do is for you and your self interests that pay you a lot of money to do their will. What you are asking the police force is to risk their lives when pursuing a perpetrator, most of whom are coming down from doing drugs. Do you realize how dangerous a person is coming down from a high? No, of course not. It often takes more than two policemen to control someone coming down from a high because they are so strong and uncontrollable. There are more white perps shot by police than blacks, so quit citing lies about the statistics. You leftist never miss an opportunity to create chaos to sneak in your hidden agendas. Too bad so many common sense and real patriots are waking up to your treasoneous acts to take complete control of our great country. God is sttonger than you and your evil cronies and He is protecting our great president, Donald J Trump. We are watching you, Nancy, and we know who and what you are, believe me. I hope and pray you repent before the great awakening promised by Our Lady. In case you don’t, I will pray for you.

  14. Anonymous June 9, 2020

    what a photo op for the democrats !

  15. JoeyP June 9, 2020

    UHHH . . . isn’t LYNCHING already a crime?!? Another USELESS bill for PANDERING to the LEFT. SHOOT IT DOWN immediately. Tell THE House to get SERIOUS! One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. Walter June 9, 2020

    “The martyrdom of George Floyd…”

    So, a two bit thug who probably never did anything good for anyone but himself is now on par with Joan of Arch, The Disciples, even Abraham Lincoln.

    Is there anything that’s too low for a democrat?

  17. Anita June 9, 2020

    The lynching part is to protect their asses when treason charges are handed down.

  18. Lorraine Kemer June 9, 2020

    Pel@$$i wants to make lynching a crime because that’s the punishment for traitors written in our Constitution. She’s just trying to save her own neck.

  19. Dewey L June 9, 2020

    I would like to know where all the protester were when the looters murdered the Black retired policeman trying to stop them from looting his friend”s home.

  20. HpT June 9, 2020

    Good answer, You hit the nail square ,

  21. marc June 9, 2020

    Nancy, want to hang? YOU offer death to us, we offer it back to you 10 times over… and may it straighten out your lying, cheating, deceiving, crooked little neck,. BEWARE – It may remove the knots and wrinkles permanently, til death do us part, TRAITOR…

  22. John Berger June 9, 2020

    Lynching is already a crime your lame fool Peehole. All you are doing trolling for vote. Those scarves are as racist as if you would be blackface. Every week she stoops lower and lower.

  23. marc June 9, 2020

    True reform would be removing completely, the Demonrats, Rhino’s, Soros, mexicans, muslims and anyone else who will not honor our Flag, our Constitution and our Country. A great start to a new era… If they don’t want to leave, hang TRAITORS Clintons, Obummers & Soros. That should stampede all these anti-Americans assholes into a ‘DEAD’ run for their lives… Fear is one of the greatest motivators, use it against the Demorats and they will cave, it’s already starting with pressure from AG Barr, God bless his soul…

  24. Duane June 9, 2020

    That is so disrespect able to dress in another cultures costumes she should have painted her face black also. Next she will wear a sombrero for hispanic or kimono for asian. Maybe a headdress for Native American.

  25. marc June 9, 2020

    LET’S GET THIS LYING LITTLE TRAITOR A TREE AND SOME ROPE, she and all her Demonrat, Rhino and Soros pals need to go. They are an embarrassment to our country and have done nothing to support it… OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, even the Demonrats will fear this cry… and may we be there for em with a Dozer and a deep hole…

  26. marc June 9, 2020

    By her own big, fat mouth: ‘Every Member of Congress takes an oath to protect and defend the American people— Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) June 8, 2020

    Nancy, when do you Demonrats and Rhino’s plan on fulfilling your oath to ‘protect & defend’ the American people? You do the opposite, you abuse the law. YOU ARE trying to kill us by bringing war inside the walls of our great country… for this you must die by the noose… and the people cheered!!! And they just couldn’t stop cheering. There is NO justice in Nancy Pelosi or any Demonrat, Rhino or Soros. However, a hangin (or many) would get us closer…

  27. Theno1skinsfan June 10, 2020

    They want to end “no knock” warrants for drug dealers.

    All this is, is a way for the drug dealers to be able to flush the drugs down the toilet and not go to jail. Drugs are a serious scourge on this country. I want to drug dealers sentenced to life in prison at hard labor. With no chance of ever getting out.

  28. theno1skinsfan June 10, 2020

    If you guys are going to engage in censorship, then you can delete me from your mailing list

  29. Stan Patscheck June 10, 2020

    The author, and most everyone else, missed mentioning the point that the Blacks who were unwilling to come to America were originally kidnapped by their fellow Blacks in Africa and were sold into slavery. Also not mentioned is the fact that there were many Black slave owners. There were also White slaves.

  30. Jesse June 10, 2020

    The Republicans in the Senate need to amend the HouseBill so that Democraps at all levels be stripped of any armed security even if they pay for it themselves which I don’t see them even trying to do. This will make them as they are trying to make Americans the very people they are supposed to work for. There is a second amendment they need to add that being ever Democrap or Republican who votes for that IGNORANCE the Democraps are pushing are to be punished as Accessories to any and All Crimes committed if this IGNORANCE should become law.

  31. Anonymous June 15, 2020

    More truth in this 1 paragraph then there’s been throughout the entire history of the Democratic party

  32. Sean June 15, 2020

    I think it’s a bit ironic, racist, backwards, and full of double standard horse shit that when one white officer kills a black man BLM and all other including the closet racist liberals point their fingers and voice their accusations as if it’s the fault of all white people, but would criticize and denounce and shout racism from every corner if someone was to declare the wrong doings of one black person to be the fault of all black people. Get a clue people you can’t hold an entire race of people accountable for the atrocities of one man that is the penicle definition of racism. Are all germans responsible for the crimes and atrocities of the nazi socialst party? No they are not. So stop! And if you can’t see what this is actually about then you shouldn’t be involved in politics. For real, who in their right minds didn’t see this coming? A black person is always killed when election time is here the democrats have literally been skating on this for years. Everytime an election pops up democrats decide it’s time to kill an unarmed black man then they stand on that black mans grave bloody knife in hand as they chant justice for all and create civil unrest and roam through the crowds of sheep masquerading as the party of the people when it would take nothing more then removing the sheep’s skin to reveal their wolf bodies if only for a second as they quickly pull their sheep skins back over their bodies and swiftly distract the sheep with promises of bountiful lands full of sweet sweet hey and fresh grass til no one remembers seeing their true selves for that split second they were brought to light or they just pretend they didn’t see, because the very morale bedrock they were forced to believe and stand on for years and years turns out to be a massive pile of shit and their drive to believe they stood on bedrock instead of shit is so ingrained within them that they completely let go of facts and truth and blind themselves to their false reality all because they don’t want to be wrong they’d rather stay in their safe space of ignorance that’s why they constantly try to silence and ban conservative speakers all over the U.S. from being able to speak to the younger generation who havent had one real life adult experience yet so they don’t realize the truth themselves. It’s the same as making your own kid go to church from a young age where they are constantly surrounded by people who bombard and brainwash them into believing without a doubt that all that they learned was real, then after 17 years of God worshipping someone walks up to them and tells them everything they learned in church is fake god isn’t real then shows them proof. It’s the same with allowing your kid to believe in Santa Claus until he’s 16 while everyone looks at him like he’s fucked in the head they’re also baffled at the parents for never telling their kid the truth it’s been ingrained in his head for 16 years that Santa was real even if you show him proof otherwise he’ll either do 2 things look it up and believe it or get scared and retreat to his safe space of ignorance

  33. Anonymous June 15, 2020

    More truth in this 1 paragraph then there’s been throughout the entire history of the Democratic party

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