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Kentucky governor wants 100 percent health coverage for African American residents

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, a Democrat, is planning to pursue 100 percent health coverage for African American residents of his state. The governor’s plan stems from reports released that show a higher number of COVID-19 cases in the African American community.

“This is just the first commitment in making up for the inequality that Dr. King said was one of the most severe: inequality in health care,” Beshear said on Monday. “We’re going to be putting dollars behind it, we’re going to have a multifaceted campaign to do it. It is time, especially during COVID-19.”

Approximately 20,000 of Kentucky’s African American residents are uninsured according to new reports. The demographic makes up for only eight percent of the state’s population but roughly 19 percent of COVID-19 cases.

“It simply can’t be allowed to continue any longer,” said Beshear. “And it shouldn’t have taken this type of pandemic, or it shouldn’t have taken these types of demonstrations for us to commit to ending it.”

Many critics of Beshear immediately asked how the governor intended to accomplish the task of insuring so many.

“Our goal, and it’s a short-term goal, is to make sure that we reach out to every single one of those individuals and get them signed up for some sort of coverage,” Beshear said. “Many of them qualify for Medicaid or expanded Medicaid. There’s also the private market and other means.”

Conservatives were quick to attack the governor’s plan, saying a plan to help one race was unconstitutional. Talk radio host, Andrew Wilkow, mocked the governor in a tweet on Monday.

“So free #healthcare for #black residents only? How’s that gonna work under the 14th Amendment,” Wilkow tweeted.

California RNC committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon joined Fox New’s Laura Ingraham to attack Beshear for using a tragedy for political leverage.

“I joined @IngrahamAngle to discuss Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear‘s unconstitutional pandering play by promising to pay for health insurance for only the African Americans in his state–see “Dhillon on the Left Using Tragedy for Political Leverage” on #Vimeo,” she tweeted.

Beshear has become one of the most watched Democrat governors in America for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. He gained national media attention on Easter when he ordered state policemen to record the license plates of any residents attempting to attend church services and to order them into quarantine.

Beshear is currently serving his first term.

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  1. GA June 10, 2020

    Enough is enough! What about all the other residents of your state?

  2. Flavia June 10, 2020

    What’s good for one is good for all no matter what color. He is looking for votes.

  3. Duane Batchelor June 10, 2020


  4. candy wilson June 10, 2020

    Democrats just continue to divide this country.

  5. Anonymous June 10, 2020

    OK, first off this is completely racist! Giving preferential treatment to one group of people over another is racist no matter what color someone is. Racism works both ways. The fair thing would be to make health care AVAILABLE to everyone. It would be up to them to acquire it.

  6. Robert June 10, 2020


  7. Tom June 10, 2020

    Boy. I bet 90% of Kentucky can’t wait for the next election. He’s going back to renting bikes again right?

  8. nathan jarrell June 10, 2020

    This has to be unconstitutional. Totally wrong to offer this to just one race. Now we’ve gone way past equality to overt
    pandering. I guess he may get some votes from this but I’m sure he will be costing his state money for the court cases this will produce. Add that money to the cost of the program and hopefully he will not subject his populace to this.

  9. Vince walasek June 10, 2020

    OK, first off this is completely racist! Giving preferential treatment to one group of people over anther is racist no matter how you look at it. Racism works both ways. The fair way would be to make health care AVAILABLE to everyone and it would be up to them to acquire it.

  10. Michael Groves June 10, 2020

    Another pandering brain dead imbecile White guy. He knows how to play the Liberal racist moneys for sure. If course I’m sure he doesn’t have one Black friend. Kentucky how could you have elected this guy? I visited Kentucky back in the 70’s. At that time I thought someday I’d like to live e there. Now I heard it’s nothing but a state full of burned out druggies. To elect this imbecile it must be true.

  11. Marianne Miller June 10, 2020

    And, What about the REAL ISSUE w/ Modern Day SLAVERY! What are you doing about HUMAN TRAFFICKING Gov Beshear? Stop pandering & do something of Value for FORGOTTEN AMERICAN YOUNG CITIZENS!!!

  12. Darrell Singleton June 10, 2020

    OK, So now we have another political stunt from another Democrat governor, making more promises that he will not keep, all tied to this current BLM chaos. Please note that…democrats have controlled virtually all coastline cities for decades, and now they choose to make moronic promises just months before the next election cycle.

    Why haven’t results been made over the last three, four or more decades in these coastal cities, run by democrats who have been making the same old lame promises ever since the end of world war two…

  13. Bill June 10, 2020

    Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money! Who is flipping the tab for this?

  14. william jones June 10, 2020

    Well, GOOD LUCK! Nice jester thought but thanks for proving as usual Demorats DO NOT KNOW A RATS-REAR-END about the constitution! Ever heard of the “EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE” IN THE 14th A???? BY YOU STATEMENT I THINK NOT. Your PROPOSAL WILL NEVER GET OFF THE GROUD. i AM SURE SOME SMART Kentuckians will have you B-4 the sate & SCOTUS it will make your head swim

  15. Freedom fighter June 10, 2020

    Someone please explain to me how this isn’t racial discrimination? There are poor white people, too!

  16. Anonymous June 10, 2020

    If I were black, I would want to vomit on him and his ilk. The pandering makes me sicker than a 24 hour stomach virus.

  17. J Stearns June 10, 2020

    So, they’re all unable to take care of themselves?

  18. Bruce June 10, 2020

    Is the governor goingbto.pay for it of his pocket?

  19. Neen June 10, 2020

    WOW. You are so prejudice against the poor brown and white. What, we can just die. We are not important. Look, I was not living back when American’s were asses as the African men who sold the blacks were asses. I am a Yankee and probably had ancestors who fought for the blacks freedom and that was a good thing and so was President Lincoln. Years have passed by and after Obama was president apologizing to other countries and pitted the whites against all others. Before Obama left office He worked with the FBI and CIA and developed The Russian Hoax and the coup of President Trump. The Russian Hoax was paid for by Hillary Clinton. Why. Because they hate Trump for winning. Now we know why. They were so corrupt during the Obama years. First black president and he’ll be remembered as the president who made racism worst then ever. It saddens because you would have thought the first black president would of wanted Obama to have loved and worked with all american’s. Sad.

  20. Janet June 10, 2020

    Living in Kentucky, I can promise you that not all of us are burned out druggies. We had very bad choices in our political scene for several years. We are shocked about many of Beshear’s comments & policies. I feel there are as many low income people of several ethnicities in Kentucky that cannot afford insurance as the African Americans. What about them??? How can this be constitutional? Yes we have had great low numbers in the covid virus, but our rules were crazy. You can shop at Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, but not at your local shop who don’t service the huge crowds the mega stores serve. You can’t go to church but you can go to your liquor store. You can’t get your chemo treatment, or your knee replacement but you can kill your baby at the abortion clinic if you decide it’s not a convenient time for you to be pregnant or you get mad at your baby daddy. He (Beshear) is a true liberal democrat.

  21. Recce1 June 10, 2020

    There’s no doubt his proposal is unconstitutional. Surely he must know that. So why does he propose it?

    I believe his intention is to get it passed, only to have Republicans and conservative who believer in the Constitution take it to court and get it overturned. Then he’ll lie and say the racist Nazi Right doesn’t want blacks to have medical care.

    It’s part of the Cloward-Piven and Alinskt playbooks.

  22. JD June 10, 2020

    If it had been said that they were only paying for whites to have full health coverage, more riots would’ve broke out. That’s almost more racist to say only blacks will get full coverage because that’s like saying they’re not capable of getting health insurance on their own.

  23. Susan Walker June 10, 2020

    I don’t know of anyone that is not sorry for the death of George Floyd. I do agree that any type of police brutality must be put to a stop. I don’t think we should defund the police. I definitely don’t believe that African-American people should get 100% coverage for healthcare. Let’s be fair about this there are many under privileged white people also. I believe that African-American people should be treated fairly… No better and no worse than any other people in the United States.

  24. Cackerjack June 10, 2020

    This is the kind of stuff that makes the racial divide wider can’t these Democrats think this is about as much racism as you can Get if this happens who pays for it my tax dollars with no benefits can’t wait for next election

  25. Stephen Geiger June 10, 2020

    I would call that black privilege.

  26. Anonymous June 10, 2020

    Boy i hope this dummy gets voted out they can get jobs and earn or pay for it just like white people

  27. Cg June 10, 2020

    It will Never happen.Totally illegal !

  28. thomas June 10, 2020

    this idiot like all commie dems hate america and crave money and power

  29. Dave June 10, 2020

    this is getting to be a bunch of BS, how but for ALL.

  30. Yarbles June 10, 2020

    :?Elections have consequences…”

    Bathhouse Barry

  31. Anonymous June 10, 2020

    Do not wait for any federal funds for your scam!

  32. Keith S. Clark June 10, 2020

    Makes him feel good. Thinks it will get him reelected. What happens when the blacks figure out that this just keeps them on the Democrat Plantation?

  33. Paul Freund June 10, 2020

    Thank G-d he is the governor of Kentucky. Why do whites not get the health insurance? who do you think will be paying? what is next, blacks stay home and collect a paycheck? This guy is a clown with a circus mind. People of Kentucky, including the blacks, stop voting for these Democratic IDIOTS.

  34. Jimmy June 10, 2020

    TALK ABOUT RACISM! What about everyone else. Since when are black people so special. Everyone would like to have health care, not just black people. The problem with you idiots who are always screaming Racism is that you are the ones who are racist. We are all just human beings. Why do you have to put the color of someones skin color in there. We are all the same. We should be treated that way. Not one skin color or another over the rest.

  35. Tandi June 10, 2020

    I’ll be dang if he does!!! I’ve worked my whole life until MS took my independence away from me!!! I still have to pay a huge copay and drug copays or drugs not covered by my insurance and ER Visits. I hope the school teachers are proud of him now!!! He is so corrupt that he fits right in with the rest of the left politicians!!! No Votes for him! I didn’t like him or Bevins but I voted the lesser of the 2 evils for Bevin. Hey Dandy Andy, I’m from your hometown too!! How’s that grab you???

  36. Sheldon Nadler June 10, 2020

    Well, I wonder how he is going to pay for this plan and why is he leaving all the other residents of Kentucky off the list?

  37. Richard Coon June 10, 2020

    This is the definition of racism. Thanks gov, I was struggling for an example, but you provided a perfect one.

  38. Tandi June 10, 2020

    Michael Groves, I don’t blame you for seeing it as he calls it!!! I’m from Kentucky, I’m from His County and we can’t stand him!!! He wouldn’t have won if he hadn’t promised the teachers their retirement!!!

  39. Tandi June 10, 2020

    Yes he is!!!!He better enjoy his time in office, it will be a short one!!!

  40. William Linn June 10, 2020

    What an idiot. If that plan isn’t racist to whites. Oh wait, whites can’t be subjected to racist policies just minorities according to the BLM movement. Dr King never said give the blacks everything what Hess ideas they should be equal.

  41. Luana June 10, 2020

    Unconstitutional reverse racism .

  42. jerseybadger June 10, 2020

    hoow many “real’ Africans are living in Kentucky? Not Americans of African decent ,people born in Africa.

  43. John_209 June 10, 2020

    The guy in the background of the photo of the gubernator at the podium with the hair on his face instead of on his head – the expression on his face says it all. He’s wondering what planet this guy comes from.

  44. Wayne Poffenbarger June 10, 2020

    First term and last.

  45. jerseybadger June 10, 2020

    Beshear is currently serving his first term. And probably hi last term,

  46. FDC June 10, 2020

    So only blacks get health coverage??? What about the other races?

  47. Brenda Douglas June 10, 2020

    Ky governor you can use your own wages to pay for that. Not tax payers or Federal money. You are a privileged white. Pay for it. There are many non privileged white, asin etc who are not privileged.My color does not make me privileged. Money equals privileged. You should never be able to have security service the rest of your life. Defund every Democratic official. Forfeit your income and theirs for the rest of your lives with no personal protection, emergency service So you can feel good about your privileged lives. I protest America will not stand for it. Peacefully. If I turn violent bail me out. No charges after all the few who abuse me are responsible for my deserved anger.

  48. Anonymous June 10, 2020

    Sure sounds racist to me

  49. Billy Wyatt June 10, 2020

    If that’s good for blacks then it’s good for everyone. How darn goofy can a governor get, that’s about illegal as it gets and racist as it gets also.

  50. JoeyP June 10, 2020

    This BRAIN DEAD governor is DUMBER than a BOX OF ROCKS! . . . And I believe what he is doing is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Kentucky needs a RECALL election to get RID of him. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  51. Sandi Maier June 10, 2020

    I don’t remember white people ever getting free healthcare. My husband pays $796 per month for his health insurance and believe me, it is not very good coverage at all. This is not equality. No race should receive free healthcare over any other. Treat everyone equal. Do not go overboard the other way to prove you are not racist. Things were going good with race relations until Obama came along and then the mainstream media stirred the pot. George Floyd should not have been killed the way he was but he was no saint and I am tired of the mainstream media treating him as such. Punish the cop who killed him. You will always have some racist people, it will never be a perfect world.

  52. Kristian Lou June 10, 2020

    Gosh. Does that mean they are the privileged class?

  53. Andrew June 10, 2020

    Pander much???

  54. Andrew June 10, 2020

    Pandeer much

  55. CJM June 10, 2020

    There are more impoverished white people than there are blacks; there are more higher education funds for blacks than there is for whites; there are more scholarships offered to blacks than whites……and we are supposed to believe blacks are the down-trodden of the earth? They can get out and go to work just like the rest of the non-black citizens. If free health care is going to be provided for one group, then all other groups are qualified as well. No particular group is special or unique. What happened over 100 years ago happened and there is nothing anyone can do about it–whites were also enslaved, anybody looking out for them?

  56. John June 10, 2020

    Wow this is amazing. start rioting, burn down a few places. kill a few people and the government gives you free stuff!!
    Who is next?

  57. Anonymous June 10, 2020

    Dumbest thing I have ever heard. What about poor Hispanics or poor white people. To me this sounds racist ?

  58. John June 10, 2020

    Hey what happened to “Obamacare”?
    Is he trying to supplement it with is giveaway?

  59. MAGA June 10, 2020

    The black community has had 100 per cent health care for decades. I always wondered how was it that they just walked out of a doctors office when every white had to stop and make a payment. I found out later that they have had Medicaid for years and years. It was kept quiet from us. Now, that said. I do not believe he has a right to use my tax money to pay for someone else’s health care simply because of their color. That in it’s self is racist. Kentucky, we need to stand up to this. It is either 100 per cent equality or nothing. They will get nothing more than whites or Asian’s or Hispanic’s or any other race. The time of freebies needs to stop. They have no more right to anything simply because of their color.

  60. MAGA June 10, 2020

    He proposes it simply to get them to vote for him. Notice they always promise more freebies when it gets close to election time.

  61. pete June 10, 2020

    Andy Beshear should know that all of humanity originated from Africa which means that all Americans are African Americans! All citizens of Kentucky should thank their governor for the free health care!

  62. Mark Tyler June 10, 2020

    Pandering and joining the rest of the liberal sucks that can’t speak the truth due to their cranial rectimitus! Steal from those that work and pay taxes to give to the flotsam of society

  63. Dorothy Gore June 10, 2020

    What about the senior citizens we need help too my granddaughter cannot get any health insurance she goes to a community college and works part time she cannot go to doctor when she’s sick she doesn’t have money to pay what can you do to help her get health insurance these illegals can go to DSS and get what they want

  64. Duda June 10, 2020

    Another Fool Bought and Pages for by the Global Leftists, the Criminals at the UN and so many of our Politicians want this country and our Freedom and Values in the ash heap of History look at what they have accomplished in the last 60 yrs every major city abject poverty trillions spent since LBJs BS Great Society more money thrown at a problems and here we are this clueless rube Bashear is nothing more than plant they rely on the uninformed to continue the destruction they may well get whatever they are wishing for they won’t like the Control the Marxist Left has planned for them go ahead Andy tell us a load of BS on how you pay for it when you lose next election maybe McConnell will do us a favor and leave to. Duda

  65. Papa Bear June 10, 2020

    Should he follow through with this plan, he would be a racist himself, plain and simple!

  66. Papa Bear June 10, 2020

    One of the well kept secrets of Obamacare is that if you do not earn AT LEAST the poverty wage in the State you are qualifying from, you are not eligible and forced onto Medicaid. The problem with that is many States do not allow Medicaid for persons under 65 unless they are legally classified as disabled. It has turned into a real bad catch-22 for a LOT of people!

  67. jjofaz June 10, 2020

    And why should one sect be singled out for health care and the rest forgotten? Andy you’re out of your mind! The African American people are hard working people if there are jobs available for them. And Trump will see that there are. Let them work with dignity, get health care through work, and be proud of what they have accomplished. If you give a man a fish, he eats one meal. If you teach a man to fish, he eats forever.

  68. Larry W Gaines June 10, 2020

    KY Governor is a stupid Idiot. No Black person can prove that have ties or long gone relative the wee African Citizens.

  69. JC June 10, 2020

    This fool is certainly not qualified for his office. This guy is a damn fool.

  70. Morten Jensen June 10, 2020

    Its always the same this game the Democrats play every election cycle: Portray black humans as weak, uneducated, supressed victims and then promise another entitlement to keep them dependant on handouts. This is the real Racism , this is why the nations cities keep returning the same aweful leaders back in year after year for decades. Rather then incrntivize snd indtil pride, they tax and spend and pay city bureaucrats and unionized city workers 20x what the private sector gets. The Democrat Party is the party of mobsters who stage masterfully the discord between us to continue the hate and mistrust just to be called out the next election when again they have no ideas and a record of failure but can count on their slaves to accept their fate as victims, forever victims .

  71. Theno1skinsfan June 10, 2020

    It won’t happen. What he wants is the headline for saying that he tried. He certainly knows that it’s unconstitutional. But he can now say that he tried to do it for black people. And that will make him seem so nice and lovey-dovey.

  72. Morten Jensen June 10, 2020

    As far as this Govenor’s statements. Current care covers poor black and white. Both pay nothing but they also get nothing. Dopy standardized regiments that reduce costs, quality and accountability. The list of uncovered procedures that once were offered to return the best outcomes and best care have been reduced to less than adequate “physical therapies” where not even an option to pay for the preferred treatment is even mentioned , not recommended and truth bevtold denied to the masses under any circumstance. When care givers are uninspired and unaccountable, there is a systemic decay. And it shows, if you can get acurate data out of administrators whose only function is to fudge outcomes to fit the home office . New Yorks horrible inefficiency and mismanagement and above all , its failure to adapt (the signature of bureacrstic decision making) literally killed more people than if they had been treated by private physicians The disparity is staggering!

  73. Anonymous June 10, 2020

    Boy does this guy know how to pander! IF this was ever passed the “black” population of the state would skyrocket. Then who’d pay for the insurance?

  74. Ruby Brown June 11, 2020

    This is discrimination against other races. No way blacks should be singled out for health coverage.

  75. Erik Johnson June 11, 2020

    Racial Inequality !!!

  76. Joe Nichols June 11, 2020

    What about me I lose my Health Ins. in 2 months ( CAUSE I GOT HURT ON THE JOB ) With my all my other bills WHERE do I find $1300.00 Dollars A MONTH ( EXTRA ) FOR FAMILY COVERAGE WHY DON`T YOU EXPLAIN THAT Workers Comp is going to STOP PAYING MY HEALTH INS .All I want is to get BACK TO WORK

  77. Joe Nichols June 11, 2020

    What about me in 2 months I lose my health Ins Cause Workers Comp is going to stop paying it Where do I come up with $1300.00 A MONTH for Health Ins. with all my other bills FAMILY HEALTH INS.is what it is I just wanna get Surgery and get back to work Doctor says I will be off 6 -9 Month maybe a YR. ( $ 15600.00 ) for a YR

  78. Anonymous June 11, 2020


  79. RICHARD K JOHNSON June 11, 2020

    what about white kids

  80. Don June 11, 2020

    Well, Beshear,and population let me know when you get the state taxpayers to pay for it.

  81. JerryD June 11, 2020

    Kentuckians are getting the kind of leadership and liberal ideology they voted for. Kentuckians put him in office, now they’ll have to live with and pay for his liberal agenda.

  82. Anonymous June 11, 2020


  83. Rob Driscoll June 11, 2020

    These people always talk about racism. Yet here they are offering to give something to ONE RACE. How is racism supposed to end when a certain group gets something ONLY BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR. This is SO unconstitutional it isnt even funny.

  84. Stacy Wellbrook June 11, 2020

    Where do they find these fricking wack jobs?

  85. Donna June 11, 2020

    When is it going to stop. They have been given so many free rides as it is. They need to check their history facts about whom it was the sold them into slavery. It was their own people in Africa that sold them to the Spanish and the Spanish are the ones that brought them to America to be sold. The British tried to stop as many ships with slaves as they possibly could, but where not always successful. They need to go after the people who sold them originally into slavery. Yes it was wrong, but we can not change history and by tearing down all the historical monuments that they are doing is not a good move. It sill will not change history. There are many slaves still in this country and it is not only the blacks but whites are also enslaved. Please people start checking your facts before screaming that you are not being treated fairly.

  86. Barbara okun June 11, 2020

    Pandering much??? Don’t think enuf kentuckians will go for this beshear. Just a lot of babble from easily voted Our dem

  87. Judith Schrader June 11, 2020

    If you provide insurance for all blacks (& it appears REGARDLESS of financial ability,) then include EVERYONE who can’t afford ins. Otherwise, this, too, is a race issue! You can’t just lump an entire race into one circumstance-there are many who don’t need help, but would definitely take advantage of something for free-wouldn’t we all? Quit pandering to folks who demand-take time to consider an outcome & necessity! It’s time to STOP being afraid of mob mentality, & act with sound judgement! Be grownups-you can do this! Just say NO to these ridiculous demands, until costs are examined & results are carefully calculated!

  88. Sybil June 11, 2020

    This is absurd, Beshear is an idiot dancing to Pesolis’ tune. He thinks appeasing black people will be fair!!! Hello,….
    There are lots of people in America that are not black, who 10 times outnumber blacks, that will be discriminated against if this passes!
    Get a brain and get the brown off your nose!

  89. Anonymous June 11, 2020


  90. Florence June 11, 2020

    Pretty sure that is illegal.

  91. Jay June 11, 2020

    Something that should be an absolute requirement for running for public office in the USA is a working familiarity with the Federal Constitution and the constitution of the state in which they are running for office. Far, far too often nowadays the idiots that hold office or run for office seem to think they have the power to dictate all aspects of our lives when the truth is quite the contrary. Any public official that willfully disregards the liberties, freedoms and rights of their constituents should summarily be run out of office, and if the violations are egregious enough, tried for treason.

  92. Daniel June 11, 2020

    let him try and it will be ruled unconstitutional before the ink is dry on the paper

  93. VaWhiteTailHunter76 June 11, 2020

    “Beshear is currently serving his first term”…. and obviously his last. Dumb phucking DimmieCrap pandering for the plantation black vote.

  94. Combo June 12, 2020

    Now I know that NC is not the only state with a “mentally incompetent” Governor!

  95. Kent June 16, 2020

    his concern is ONLY for those foolish enough to vote for him or another democommie enema bag.. same all over the country.. for example that stooge guv and the ho mayor out in Washington State are pandering to child criminal rioting mourners and their mental defective cheer leaders pandering for votes from the uninformed, uneducated, immature, heavily indoctrinated fools that will vote for anything leftist..

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