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What if George Bush voted and no one cared?

For one brief, shining moment, George W. Bush, former president and villain of the Iraq War for liberals everywhere, was a superhero for them instead.

The New York Times reported over the weekend that people familiar with Bush’s thinking said he wouldn’t be voting for President Trump.

“George W. Bush will not vote for Trump. Romney & Murkowski won’t support him. Colin Powell will vote for Biden. The tide is turning. The ship is sinking. The only rats to stay on board are aiding & abetting a pathologically lying mentally disturbed criminal,” tweeted uber-liberal Rob Reiner, in euphoric reaction to the news from the NYTs.

Yet on Tuesday, a Bush spokesman denied the New York Time’s story to the Texas Tribune, letting Reiner down gently.

“This is completely made up,” Freddy Ford, a spokesman for Bush, said in an email to the Tribune. “He is retired from presidential politics and has not indicated how he will vote.”

“Both of the Bush brothers [Jeb and George] — and their parents, former President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush — said in 2016 they didn’t vote for Trump,” noted the Texas Tribune.

In 2016, Trump didn’t need any Bush support to narrowly defeat Hillary Clinton. In fact, he ran as the anti-Bush-Clinton-Obama-Romney candidate, all of whom were frequent targets of Trump’s jabs. Today Bush still remains a mixed bag, not very popular with conservatives.   

This election—barring late developments—marks the first election that a Romney, Bush, Clinton or McCain is not on the presidential ballot since 1976.

That’s 44 years.  

In a reversal of fortune that also plagued the late Sen. John McCain, Bush, the 43rd president, has gone from a stalwart of conservatives in the GOP to a man whose disastrous war planning led to an extended Iraq occupation and eventually the election of Barack Obama in 2008.

One non-scientific poll on Twitter seemed to shrug off Bush as an afterthought.

As RedState says: No one seems to care what the former GOP establishment thinks anymore.

“That the Vichy wing of the Republican party would vote for a Democrat is quite possibly the most shocking thing I’ve heard since some tried to convince me that Pope Francis was supposed to be Catholic,” noted RedState sarcastically.

That isn’t to say that it wouldn’t be better to have a unified Republican Party going into the fall elections, but the real charm of Trump is that he isn’t Bush-Clinton-Obama-Romney– all of who either made the country’s problems worse or kicked the can down the road.

“The fact that these people are refusing to vote for Trump says in the way that no Trump campaign video ever can that Trump has delivered on his promises,” concluded RedState.

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