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Pelosi wants Confederate statues removed from the U.S. Capitol

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The U.S. Capitol is home to hundreds of statues of figures from American history. Many find their way to the Capitol from the 50 states, each being allowed to send two statues of notable figures for display throughout the Capitol.

Now, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling for the removal of any statue with Confederate ties. Pelosi sent a letter to the Joint Committee on the Library this week addressing the matter.

“The halls of Congress are the very heart of our democracy. The statues in the Capitol should embody our highest ideals as Americans, expressing who we are and who we aspire to be as a nation,” Pelosi wrote.

Pelosi’s letter called for the removal of around a dozen statues but singled in on two that are on display in National Statuary Hall, a room frequented by visitors to the Capitol. The two statues are of Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens who served as president and vice president of the Confederate States.

“Monuments to men who advocated cruelty and barbarism to achieve such a plainly racist end are a grotesque affront to these ideals,” Pelosi said. “Their statues pay homage to hate, not heritage. They must be removed.”

This isn’t the first time that Pelosi has attempted to have the statues removed. In 2017, she pleaded with then Speaker Paul Ryan to do the same. Paul maintained that the decision of what statues to house in the Capitol rested with the states and removal of a statue sent by a particular state should be for that state’s legislature.

Many believe that to remove statues from the Civil War would be an attempt to erase history and that only through recognizing our past can we shape the future. Pelosi addressed that belief in her letter.

“While I believe it is imperative that we never forget our history lest we repeat it, I also believe that there is no room for celebrating the violent bigotry of the men of the Confederacy in the hallowed halls of the United States Capitol or places of honor across the country,” she wrote.

Missouri Republican Sen. Roy Blunt chairs the Joint Committee on the Library. He agreed that the decision should rest with the states.

“I think the best way for that to happen would be for the states to take them back, if that’s what they want to do,” Blunt said. “There’s a process for this, and I think it’s working.”

Cities and states across the country have already removed or started to take down Confederate statues and monument. The process has picked back up in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

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  1. Mike June 11, 2020

    Screw piglosi!!! This thing has lost her mind. She is a disgrace to our Country. Her & all these other insane demoncraps. Wearing that stoll the other day not knowing that this was worn by the original slave traders. The kneeling was a joke, after she got down there she couldn’t even get her sorry ass up. Her, Scummer & the others are a bunch of MORONS!!!

  2. Anonymous June 11, 2020

    America deserves better leaders than those who grovel and place themselves in subjection to the whims of criminals. We the People deserve far better.

  3. Joan Bennett June 11, 2020

    Does she have nothing better to do than to sit around and think of stupidness things to do and then involve anyone else who will listen?

  4. Wilddog June 11, 2020

    Is this because those statues remind Pukelousy that she wants to enslave the whole country to communism? She does support those wimps in Antifa.

  5. Jojodmonkey June 11, 2020

    FU you communist oar, perhaps we should remove all of Martin lucifer Lang’s statues and name from the United States completely!

  6. Hank June 11, 2020

    Nancy has a hard time putting together coherent thoughts. All she wants is her money and power to grow. She doesn’t care about the American Citizens who have been hurt. It’s all about power. She should be facing charges and jail time for the Fake Impeachment she put together. It seems as all the Demoncrats who new this was fake should be removed from office.

  7. Chris June 11, 2020

    Well happy day, I want the treasonous Pelosi removed from the Capitol. Let’s take a vote and see who the people want removed the most.

  8. William Dorich June 11, 2020

    How does lunatic Pelosi remove two of those 11 statues statues that were of men who became president? How compelling she never complained of these statues with some 30+ years in office walking past them nearly every day…This is coming from a woman too stupid to not know the scarf she made the other representative wear was a symbol of black African kings who made their fortunes by selling blacks into slavery…The same moron who condemned our president for walking over to a burned church with his bible mocking it as a photo op…but what was the taking a knee but a photo op…the hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a knife…and why didn’t Nadler take a knee, was he too “Morbidly Obese,” to use the Speakers demoralizing words?

  9. Demonangel June 11, 2020

    Better yet, let’s remove Pelosi from the face of the earth. Her phony “I side with the people” facade isn’t fooling anyone. Just sayin’.

  10. Vernon June 11, 2020

    The evil crowd in congress needs to go first. they are the ones destroying America. A vote for a Democrat
    is a vote to destroy everything America stands for.

  11. Egmro June 11, 2020


  12. Carl Idar June 11, 2020

    These statues should absolutely remain, to some as a shameful reminder to others a part of the American heritage, like it or not, it’s a part of our history! It’s an important part of our history to be debated for centuries to come.

  13. Anonymous June 11, 2020

    She is doing this just to the votes for Biden. Those statues have been there for years and now all of a sudden they have become a problem. REALLY! It is getting really old playing the races card. Maybe if all the idiots would just go back in history they would appreciate how history was made and understand it and appreciate it. You demos have started this whole tearing down statues, but what about the BLACK STATUES? Why aren’t they being removed? Fair is Fair.

  14. Kathe Gilbert June 11, 2020

    As far as I am concerned, it is Not Nancy Pelosi’s decision nor is it Congress or the Senate or President Trump’s, to whether the Statues that are standing are to be torn down…It is We The People’s Decision at the Ballot Box…We decide if We Want them to continue to Stand…No Mob Rule or Governemnt Rule But We the People’s Decision.

  15. Anonymous June 11, 2020

    Get rid of Pelosi She is an IDIOT

  16. 6gunsound June 11, 2020

    Ok…an eye for an eye…
    What we all fail to recognize is the fact that slavery was legal before it was abolished. About 80 years later, a Democratic president decided to unlawfully strip Asian Americans of their belongings and enslave them in interment camps.
    I believe it is time to abolish the dime.

  17. 6gunsound sound June 11, 2020

    I approve of this message

  18. keith d clark June 11, 2020

    The halls of Congress are the ‘heart of our democracy” — But the people filling the halls are not! Why are they filled people who are trying to destroy the heart of our democracy.?

  19. keith d clark June 11, 2020

    “The halls of Congress are the very heart of our democracy.” But the people filling those halls are clearly not. It appears that they are trying to destroy the heart of our democracy, and replacing it with socialism.

  20. k clark June 11, 2020

    Despite your off-color phrasing, I have to agree with you.

  21. k clark June 11, 2020

    “The halls of congress are the heart of our democracy”? But those who occupy it are clearly not! It would appear that they are trying to destroy the heart of the democracy!

  22. Keith Consoer June 11, 2020

    I look at those statues with a degree of humility. They remind us how much they wanted to tear the US apart. Just like the rioters today. To set family on family, brother on brother and destroy our very fabric of society. There were leaders that looked to the Future to fight against this decay. They had to stay strong and United. And they prevailed.

  23. Duane Batchelor June 11, 2020

    Pelousy lost it a long time ago I will bet she drinks herself to sleep just thing of TRUMP For three plus years that is all she thinks about.. I wonder how much wine she drank in that time or how much ice cream she consumed..I guess that is why she is brain dead.

  24. tpy2012 June 11, 2020

    Funny, I thought Nancy liked groups that tried to over throw the union. Her and the confederacy would have gotten along just fine.

  25. Sid Real June 11, 2020

    I want Nan Removed from the capital!

  26. Jeannette June 11, 2020

    Why do the Democrats and “leaders”, if you can call her that, like Pelosi think we should erase our history. History isn’t always pretty, but it is the history of our country. It seems if a certain segment of our citizenry doesn’t like something, we have to remove it. Enough of this tearing down our statues. Did you ntoice they want to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus too? What next?
    Then we have the BLM and Antifa defacing Washington monuments and now they want to remove the Washington monument. Just enough. Would she like to put up a monument to George Floyd, a convicted criminal, because he was killed by a police officer, who is being dealt with by our legal system? Pelosi needs to retire to the filth of her home city, SF, and help clean that up and leave the statures of other states and in D.C. alone. She needs to realize that “D” behind her name does not mean dictator.

  27. Theresa J Haswell June 11, 2020

    These dumb ass Democrats need to leave sh** alone! They have really gone off the deep end. Just like these protests are not about race. It is about them furthering their agenda and making the US into Venezuela. Crazy stuff is happening folks and it isn’t good.

  28. RJ June 11, 2020

    When is Pelosi going to sponsor legislation to remove the name of Sen. Robert “Sheets” Byrd from the numerous federal buildings bearing his name. After all he was a grand poobah in KKK. Is it because he was a democrat that he gets a pass? Phonies.

  29. Lary June 11, 2020

    Pelosi go back yo your Bottle of Bourbon. The Confederaat Statues are pieces of American History and you don’t get what you want

  30. Phyl June 11, 2020

    Pelosi is a phoney just like Schumer & the rest of the Democrats. They hate America & Democracy & pursue every opportunity to divide the country. She needs to GO!

  31. Bruno June 11, 2020

    Totally agree. She is a complete POS. Her and her traitorous dems in congress should be arrested and tried for treason and hung by the neck until dead. They are the “enemy within”

  32. Billy June 11, 2020

    I want her confederate looking face removed for the House (Congress). Can we arrange for this to happen?

  33. Ralph Sinamon June 11, 2020

    Hmmf! Speaker of the House, 80 years old, accused of being intelligent and still doesn’t know that we don’t live in a democracy. She, as an ELECTED Representative, to represent a ‘bloc’. Democratic Republic is closer. A Constitutional Republic is even closer to what we have. People, like Pelosi, need to learn reading comprehension and READ the Constitution. She does NOT have the power of President!

  34. Cheech June 11, 2020

    I agree – she and the scum that follow her evil ideas are killing this country! Remove her!!chee

  35. Anonymous June 11, 2020

    leave the statues GET RID OF HER

  36. Ron June 11, 2020

    Polosi and all her puppets and anyone else that don’t like our history and what our ancesters fought for this great country
    and the AMERICAN FLAG then f—ing LEAVE this COUNTRY ITS SIMPLE !

  37. Wes June 11, 2020

    If anything is to be removed from the Capital it should be Nancy Pelosi. She is a disgrace to the country!

  38. JoeyP June 11, 2020

    Senile Nancy Pelosi can ROT in the HOT place! . . . And I DON’T mean in the BAHAMAS from one of her ENLESS DO NOTHING vacations. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  39. Darryl June 11, 2020

    Leave our historic statures along!

  40. Good luck June 11, 2020

    If what you just said is true then you should be removed from Washington DC, and most likely from the country .

  41. Marta June 11, 2020

    Pillosi the only statue America wants to see removed is your old carcus. The sooner you and your other bunch of demonrats are out America can be whole again. Your a Scrooge on America I pray for your retched soul every day, asking God to make you a decent person, you seem so troubled theses past few years your struggle with cognitive though weighs heavily on you, please turn to God to help your mental capacity to become clear, your obsession is getting the better of you maybe a long rest is in order, I can help you find a facility that treats your inner struggles, and let God help with your inner demons.

  42. Jack June 11, 2020

    Has she gone completely nuts! This is the history of these United States of America !c

  43. Barbara O Blades June 11, 2020

    If we erase History we are doomed to repeat it. These are our reminders of where and what those whom came before us went through to make this Country as great as it is.

  44. Diane Hewitt June 11, 2020

    Nancy does not speak for me or We The People of America’

  45. Doris V Howell June 11, 2020

    Mrs. Polosi needs to get right with God before it is too late for her. God has blessed the U.S.A. and is not happy that people are trying to tear this country apart. I continue to pray for her and all her co-conspiritors, that have a satanic scheme to destroy what God has blessed.

  46. Jay Williams June 11, 2020

    I agree with you 100%. We have too many politicians who think they are smarter than we the people. Unfortunately, every time they open their lying mouths , they prove just the opposite!!

  47. TL Queck June 12, 2020

    Thank you, Kathe. I think that sometimes we forget that many decisions made in government are NOT THEIRS TO MAKE! The same goes for Pelosi’s efforts to use our tax dollars to pay for planned parenthood’s worldwide abortions! No to destroying our history and ABSOLUTELY NO, NEVER pay for anymore of planned parenthood’s abortions with any of our tax dollars for any reason. We need to take care of Pelosi at the ballot box … PERIOD

  48. TL Queck June 12, 2020

    Thank you Wes! My sentiments exactly! She needs to leave our history AND OUR UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION alone and maybe spend more time at work!

  49. Bemused Berserker June 12, 2020

    Well there’ll never be a statue of Nasty Nancy! If there ever is, I’ll knock the god damned thing down myself!

  50. Skillet56 June 12, 2020

    Interestingly a lot of people want Pelosi removed from the US Capitol as well

  51. Oldhokie June 12, 2020

    There are a couple of House and Senate office buildings named after members of the KKK. If the statues needed to be removed because of the bigotry of the people then the office buildings need to be renamed also.

  52. Michael June 12, 2020

    The statues represent American History and are part of our heritage whether they are good bad or indifferent. They need to stay where they are!!! This disgusting waste of flesh works for me as an American citizen and I would rather she be removed from the halls of congress. She has disgraced her position way too many times. Time for her to go……

  53. Rich June 12, 2020

    This is exactly what Socialist, Communist and Terrorists do when taking over a country; i.e., the destroy history, then rewrite it to their own specifications.

    Nancy “Wackosi”,, in particular, is concerned about the Civil War as she is somewhere around 170 ears old and really needs to exit the House before she screws it up any worse.

  54. Jim R June 12, 2020

    Pelosi and her co-conspirators in the House and Senate have done more damage to our freedoms than any of those men represented by statues. She called them Traitors, and she should know what a traitor is. She looks at one in the mirror every day.

    To think that a statue of someone from the 1800’s could harm someone, or that a flag could be a threat to someone, is stupidity on the highest order. The real threats are the people currently sitting in the House seats.

  55. Jim R June 12, 2020

    Democrats don’t want us to see the history, because it shows the Democrats founding the KKK, starting a war over their “right” to own people, passing the Jim Crow laws, segregation, and buying off Black people with piddling welfare payments giving them no reason to get out of bed in the morning.

  56. JC June 12, 2020

    We are all waiting for her to begin another brain freeze and just topple over!

  57. Anonymous June 12, 2020

    Pelosi is as Anti-American as you can get, and it’s shameful that she’s been in Washington so long. The destruction of our statues and memorials that are based on, and tell the story, of our history is absolutely insane. They represent people who have fought and died for us to have the privilege to be here today. Our children need to know the history of these events. Maybe they should care more about that, instead of constantly stirring up more trouble and turmoil among the people. God help us!

  58. Charles June 12, 2020

    Pelosi wants Confederate statues removed, we the people want Pelosi removed, she is way past her prime.

  59. ted June 12, 2020

    Many of US want Pelosi removed from the US capital !

  60. COLONEL BLUEMAX June 16, 2020



  61. Ruth Plencner June 16, 2020

    Pelosi is an IDIOT. she should get removed. I know I’ll NOT vote for her. I think she is crazy.

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