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Mainstream media, experts back to misleading on COVID as protests wind down

The mainstream media is taking a swipe at Donald Trump for an increase in COVID cases as the George Floyd protests wind down.

“President Donald Trump is getting what he wants: The country is opening up come what may, despite alarming indications that the coronavirus pandemic is intensifying its assault,” reported CNN.

CNN cites Arizona as an example of where COVID cases are accelerating.

Tweeted Andy Slavitt, an ex-Obama health care expert: “In March, AZ put through a ‘safer at home’ order. It worked. The curve that began flattened. But as the order ended & things got back to normal, so did the curve.”

But the numbers cited by the media and their enablers are misleading.

Arizona has reported a spike in the number of positive tests for COVID. What remains under-reported is that Arizona has done over 300,000 COVID tests since the beginning of May, after doing less than 70,000 previously, so a spike in cases should be expected.  

In addition they are sounding the alarm that soon they’ll run out of hospital beds.

“As of Thursday,” reported Tucson.com, “regular inpatient hospital beds were at 83% capacity statewide, up from 64% capacity toward the end of March, due to both COVID-19 and patients receiving medical care and surgeries they’d previously postponed.”

The operative part of the sentence is: “and patients receiving medical care and surgeries they’d previously postponed.”

“Normally, we would expect a those to be highly correlated,” admitted Dr. Joe Gerald, an associate professor with the University of Arizona’s Zuckerman College of Public Health.

More importantly, the number of deaths due to COVID that are reported by the Arizona public health website is also declining precipitately, while ICU bed capacity has remained steady.

Prior to June 1, the website shows daily deaths in the double digits most days through May. After June 1, only three days have seen double-digit deaths, and those have been 15 or fewer deaths.   

Liberals are insisting that the reopening of the economy in Arizona is to blame for “the increase” that really isn’t there.

“If you look at the data here in terms of the new cases being hospitalized, and of course the deaths, they’re being dominated by assisted living and skilled nursing facilities,” said one of those liberals, Will Humble, executive director of the Arizona Public Health Association who has warned against opening the economy.  

If that’s true, however, it’s hard to credit the reopening of the economy for the trouble. If the increase in activity were to blame, the population at large would be suffering from an increased rate of infection, not just the nursing home population.

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  1. Thomas Wade June 12, 2020

    Opening up the economy under social responsibility rules is very wise President Trump. Fake news and Democrats should be dammed for continuing their destruction quest against

  2. morefandave June 12, 2020

    The last couple weeks, I’ve been re-watching all the James Bond movies. I was disturbed by “Tomorrow Never Dies” in which a demented media mogul literally makes the news. Granted nobody is close to amassing that kind of ability to use force, it nevertheless made me increasingly suspicious of news coverage. The other day, a neighbor mentioned to me the spike in Arizona. I knew nothing about it. This article, graphically illustrates the ability of a “news” organization to give a totally misleading impression, while citing facts. Perhaps CNN should henceforth be known as the Carver News Network.

  3. tymtrvlr June 12, 2020

    The leftist media blowhards have become masters at spreading fear and dissension. And at the same time how gullible the masses are. After the Legendary President Donald J. Trump has been given a second term as leader of the free world, Covid-19 and blm will find it’s way onto the burning stinking dung heap of Marxism. Then, the leftist children can throw their tantrums, start up their new quest of impeaching him.
    Trump 2Q2Q, Making America Americans’ Again!

  4. Galtha58 June 12, 2020

    Always amazes me how many idiots believe the headlines but never look for the facts behind the rhetoric. 50% of the population seems to parrot what they hear on CNN and the other Fake News Networks and call Fox propaganda. My experience has been exactly the opposite.. When I look further into any news story the CNN headlines are often lies and Fox News is usually correct.

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