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Tucker Carlson, Hannity expose CHAZ hypocrisy, insanity

Calling the occupation group in Seattle “losers,” Sean Hannity’s monologue last night blasted the mayor of Seattle, the governor of Washington and the self-styled Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, also known as CHAZ.

The mayor and governor compelled police to abandon their precinct station house, which prompted protestors to occupy a six-block portion of downtown Seattle that has been renamed CHAZ.  

“Once again, a big liberal city has completely now lost control of what is a critical situation …” Hannity said. “Look what’s going on in Seattle. It is so bad that a bizarre group of these loosely affiliated anarchists and other losers have literally now taken over six city blocks in one of Seattle’s most prominent neighborhoods.

“Dozens of homes, now under siege without any police protection,” he continued. “A police precinct is now under anarchist control.”

In fact, police allege that occupiers-anarchists are now exacting protection fees from local businesses and manning armed check points.

Reports KOMO News:

“While Washington is an open carry state, there is no legal right for those arms to be used intimidate community members,” [Assistant Police Chief Deanna] Nolette said.

Nolette said operating a citizen checkpoint on a public street is illegal.

“We have heard anecdotally of citizens and businesses being asked to pay a fee to operate within this area; this is crime of extortion,” Nolette said.

But Hannity wasn’t the only Fox host to call out the fools in the city.

Tucker Carlson mocked “CHAZ” as the “latest addition to the global family of nations,” noting that despite their so-called progressive ideology, “the first thing they did was establish rigid national borders. They built a wall around the place just like Donald Trump once said he would do.”

Later Carlson’s guest, Seattle Police Officers Guild president Michael Solan, said he was embarrassed to even be a Seattle resident.   

“It’s the closest I’ve seen to our country becoming a lawless state,” said Solan.

“So where is the reasonableness here?” he asked. “Where is the safety of the reasonable community of the city of Seattle? To me, that is absolutely appalling, and I am embarrassed being a Seattle resident to even talk about this.”

The mainstream media has helped the police retract the statement about armed men patrolling the street.

“[C]laims that bands of militant Antifa members are roving the Seattle streets appear to be grossly exaggerated in right-wing media,” reports CNN. “In fact, according to the Seattle mayor’s office, city officials haven’t seen any evidence to indicate armed members of Antifa are even on the ground.”

Yet evidence on social media mounts that protestors are armed and patrolling the streets of CHAZ.

Soon, it may no longer be a laughing matter.

The police are saying that “911 calls from CHAZ, Seattle’s Autonomous Zone, have tripled. Calls pertaining to ‘rapes, robberies and all sorts of violent acts’ are going unanswered, because the good people of CHAZ have disbanded the police.”

At some point, however, someone will have to do something. It would have been better for the mayor, the governor, police and the city if they hadn’t done nothing at the beginning.

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  1. Marilyn June 12, 2020

    How stupid can they be? Need to call national guard
    And stop this nonsense now

  2. Thomas A Hildebrand June 12, 2020

    Shut off the electricity and water, call all the hunters of the state and let the people take back their city, them get rid of the mayor and governor. The liberals have done enough damage to this country, enough is enough. Time to play cowboys and democrats.

  3. William A Matthes June 12, 2020

    Send in the National Guard and watch them scatter like the cock-roaches they are!

  4. Anonymous June 12, 2020

    Can these residents & store owners sue the Mayor & governor ? They should be able too. They left these people without any protection. All these years of paying taxes and what are they getting , NOTHING.

  5. Sweeney Daniel June 12, 2020

    It’s sad that those who have laid there lives down to protect this country had to leave Seattle in the hands of politicians who are inept and incapable of honoring their oath of office

  6. David Gish June 12, 2020

    We cannot allow to continue. If it is not stopped here it will spread to other cities. American’s future is at stake.

  7. Donald Shumaker June 12, 2020

    The residents of Seattle need to take care of this situation if their “leaders” will not. These types of lawless acts cannot be allowed to persist.

  8. Anonymous June 12, 2020

    It is absolutely outrageous that the city and state won’t go in there and remove these criminals. The next step iOS to send in the US military.

  9. Diane Jacoby June 12, 2020

    I can hardly believe what I’m seeing and hearing in the USA today. The left have become the true enemy & have resorted to real terrorism. All republicans do is threaten to act, but they never actually do because of how the terroristic media will react, prompting more riots. So we citizens are going to be forced to take matters into our own hands.

  10. Karen lindberg June 12, 2020

    i left my comment. where is it?

  11. Karen lindberg June 12, 2020

    i left my comment. where is it?where’s my previous comment you NAZI?

  12. Karen lindberg June 12, 2020

    pay attention: what’s going on in Seattle is what the Democrats want to do to you?

  13. Christian Sweeny June 12, 2020

    I can understand the traditional rule in the past by men in power. I can understand the transition to a Rule of law based on a belief in a natural law based on a common inherent nature of humanity. I’m having trouble imagining a society which operates in a theoretical absence of law. Where has this ever worked?

  14. E. Ackerman June 12, 2020

    The officials have all violated their
    oath of office ..They all swore to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Those
    are domestic terrorists. The state national guard needs to be called in
    and arrest all of them,using force as necessary.

  15. Saltnlight June 12, 2020

    They brought cnn into the schools, in the late 80’s, with the carrot that the schools would receive all these tv’s for free. So, the kids have been indoctrinated from then on, even if a teacher wouldn’t indoctrinate them. so, for anyone to think that cnn has innocent motives, it is time to wake up.

  16. H.D. June 12, 2020

    CHAZ, exactly what the Democrats want to do the the entire USA

  17. Eric Copeland June 12, 2020

    Follow the money! Black lives matter and ANTIFA is supported by the same people! And so are the BLAMESTREAM media outlets! These people are starting their own government with in this one! If you do not have a big auto gun for protection you had better get one! This is why they are taking liberal states first, they have to build their resources and they wont fight back! But make no mistake when these kids start the war their are plenty of people with to many guns that have been waiting for this for years! They will find themselves walking into a neighborhood filled with claymore mines just for starters!

  18. gary arrington June 12, 2020

    A couple of hellfire missiles should take care of this new state

  19. Russell Miller June 12, 2020

    I agree.

  20. Betty June 12, 2020

    Wait till they run out of food, they are used to mommy and daddy’s frudge.

  21. Anonymous June 12, 2020


  22. Bill June 13, 2020

    This whole BLM Antifa situation fits a wild guess I had earlier…. . . Simply these groups are geared to fight and protest etc. But these weak Gov’s or Mayors gave in without a fight these creeps didnt and now dont know what to demand. The only person who can defeat and handle this sort stupidity is President Trump !

  23. Anonymous June 13, 2020

    Send in the Army to do what they swore to do, defend against these domestic terrorists, and then get rid of that govenor and mayor, how dare they do nothing.

  24. Maxine June 13, 2020

    I was born and raised in Seattle. Now I live in Olympia, the Capitol of Washington state.
    Seattle used to be the jewel of the northwest. It’s nick-name is the “Emerald City”. But, because of the Democrats, it has become a disgusting mess over the last 40 years.
    The Capital Hill area, where CHAZ is, used to be a wonderful historical high-end neighborhood. Now it’s a sad pig-stye because of the liberal progressive Democrats. From the statue of Stalin in the Fremont District up to “CHAZ” on Capital Hill it is ruined.
    Shame on you Jay Inslee! You grew up in “the Emerald City”, went to a new suburban high school in a nice up-scale, suburban neighborhood in the north-end which now has also been given over to tattoo parlors, vape-shops, homeless people, prostitutes, and pot shops.
    And shame on all you far-left residents who enjoyed the beauty this city has to offer but you fell for the progressive liberal lies and voted in people who were bought off liars, and couldn’t wait to rape and pillage this city with so much to offer.
    So how do you feel now, Seattle?
    This is what Marxism is.. CHAZ is a mini dictatorship. Are you having fun yet? Do you miss your freedom? Do you wish you could call 911 and feel safe again? Too bad. Maybe you need to just sit in the mess YOU made – you voted in – for awhile.
    Get a good taste of the logical result to all the liberal, left-wing values you’ve been voting for!
    Have a ball! Enjoy your utopian paradise!
    And when this charade is over, reversed and repaired by good people with more sense and critical thinking skills than you, we hope you NEVER forget this experience. May it serve as a catalyst for you to go learn some history. Take a civics class. Step back and rethink what kind of a society you really want to live in. And then take the time to learn more about the people you vote into public offices from now on. It’s no longer appropriate or enough to guess, or vote for someone because you belong to that party, or someone your friends vote for. It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to vet who your candidates are and vote for people whose skills and values reflect the values of our Constitution.
    May God help free Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia from the left-wing, liberal, progressive, demonic insanity.
    And ALL of you progressive liberal politicians are done. Better update your resumes, and figure out a way to hide your involvement in the destruction of the beautiful northwest cities Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia, our capitol on the Sound. I, for one, will never give you a good reference for what you did to us. You don’t deserve to ever hold public office again.

  25. Glenda Thompson June 13, 2020

    People WAKE UP!!! Is this how you want all big cities to end up? Support The President to just go kick some ass. Take back your cities NOW!!!! The Democrats are behind this and b ring funded by George Soros/The Clinton Foundation and they will do anything to rip this country apart. And we almost had Killary for President!! To think where we would be 3 years into her term!!! Vote as many Dems out of office as possible.

  26. John E. June 13, 2020

    Well, you have a Governator who, when told about Seattle, said, “I haven’t heard about that.” Next, you have a Mayor who gave up this district and compares the area to a “block party” and when asked when she or officials will step in commented, ” Maybe it will be a summer of love.”. I’m sorry but I don’t see any “love” for the business owners in this new “nation of CHAZ”. I would really like to know what these two elected officials are on that has affected their minds in such a way. Good luck to the “real” people of Washington State.

  27. Toma June 13, 2020

    Bunch are anarchists. Send in the marines and take no prisoners….

  28. Anonymous June 13, 2020

    Exactly they are both funded through the left! Malcolm X even tried to tell them in 1965 the left is a sneaky fox that has been using the black man for decades! The Democrats are those who started KKK and crimes against black Americans and then try to make it look like something else to blame the other side! Exactly what they are doing now! They must be stopped before it gets too far! Take back America!

  29. Kat June 13, 2020

    They need to get out their guns and take it back.
    Those scumbags are nothing but terrorists.

  30. Anonymous June 14, 2020

    Treat CHAZ as an unrecognized country. Cut water and power. As for the business owners, smuggle in guns for them. Place sanctions on them. On the US side put in border check points with armed guards. Keep them in there.

    If that was my neighborhood. Being extorted by them. I would defend my myself with firearms. I would consider them terrorists and act accordingly. If the state wishes to arrest me, be ready for a crippling lawsuit. If myself and my neighbors are being arrested for fighting home grown terrorists, I would stand my ground and call the local and state governments ass failed governments. And you have the gall to arrest me for something that you should have taken care of.

    What we have in the US are weak governments at the local and state levels.

  31. Joyce June 15, 2020

    My Goodness! So Well said!! I agree with every word!

  32. Anonymous June 16, 2020

    That was beautifully said

  33. Don June 17, 2020

    Those children expose their stupidity every day without help.

  34. Karen Butters June 24, 2020

    Both Tucker and Sean have great resourses to investigate. Please look into if Gov. New some (CA) is bringing illegals from Mexico who have COVID-19 to El Centro CA and then flying them to a hospital in Riverside, CA. Their cases are mild, and when they are released can’t go back. All to pump his numbers on COVID. If this is allegedly happening in this one area, could it be going on elsewhere? This information came from a nurse in said hospital. Thanks so much.

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