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McEnany calls out ‘sick hypocrisy’ on media over Trump rally

President Trump’s superstar press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, savaged the press on Monday while appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, calling out the double standard that has the media praising large gatherings for protests, but warning that church gatherings and Trump rallies are “dangerous.”

“This is how much they have Trump Derangement Syndrome,” McEnany told Hannity. “They see a million people registering for [tickets to] a rally, so they are so contradictory, praising the crowd of protesters [while] criticizing the million people who signed up for a Trump rally.” 

McEnany pointed to a pair of tweets by CBS News and NBC News that praised a rally for black, transgendered rights, but later blasted the Trump rally as bad for public health.

Tweeted Mark Hemingway, senior writer at Real Clear Politics:

“CBS had a rendition of the same tweets [as NBC], and this is so inherently contradictory,” McEnany said.

The media is relying on a slew of public health officials who are warning about the consequences of a Trump rally in Tulsa, OK, to dampen enthusiasm for Trump. The head of the Tulsa Department of Health has said that he hoped Trump would postpone the rally.  

Subsequently, McEnany retweeted a cover from the New York Post headlined “Sick Hypocrisy: Liberals, media cheer protests, but say outdoor restaurants, bars are COVID risks.”

Tickets for the opening Trump rally sold out almost immediately. The campaign said two days ago that requests for tickets went over the 800,000 mark. Now they say the demand is over one-million. The Tulsa venue only seats 19,000.  

This is the first Trump rally since the start of the coronavirus lockdowns.

Today, Vice President Mike Pence indicated that because of overflow concerns, another venue might be considered.

The media has been criticized for its fawning coverage of the sometimes violent protests that have accompanied Black Lives Matter protests over the death of George Floyd. Yet the media wrings their hands over everything Trump — from not wearing a mask while touring Ford, to hydroxychloroquine to, now, the Trump rally.   

Tweeted Laura Ingraham, criticizing a Tulsa World editorial condemning the Trump rally:

Last week Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, indicated that the economy would not be slowing down with a new round of lockdowns for the economy regardless of what COVID did.

“We can’t shut down the economy again. I think we’ve learned that if you shut down the economy, you’re going to create more damage,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

It appears that Trump, McEnany and the economy can’t be shut down.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Ruth June 16, 2020

    A Trump Rally is the best thing I’ve seen since visiting abroad after working & saving my entire life to take my family. It’s as uplifting as an LSU winning season. Highly recommended!

  2. Luan June 16, 2020

    Trump don’t stop. Keep going. They are scare to dead now. Media, Dem. Only Biden not affected. He still in day dreamer.

  3. Maggie Crow June 16, 2020

    Dems are such HYPOCRITES, they do theirselves in by blatantly being such. They are either that naive or that stupidly pathetic. They need to get a grip on reality, they’ve all gone off the deep in because of their hatred for one of the best Presidents I’ve seen in my lifetime. Father forgive them for they know not what they do!

  4. White Cloud June 17, 2020

    President Trump’s rally is a symbol breaking the unconstitutional distancing rules. It is also a symbol pointing to contradictory NY Governor Andrew Cuomo orders regarding gatherings for business and gatherings for riots. The former are forbidden. The latter are overlooked. But the latter ones are really invitations for riots. Is Governor Cuomo a mobster? It looks like that. Making up unconstitutional orders is nothing to Governor Cuomo.

  5. Lawrence Lee Huber June 17, 2020

    Trump rallys are bad for democrats because Biden ca not get more than 5 old covid ridden ladies who are senile to show up to his.

  6. Don June 17, 2020

    Sick is one word for it. Insane is another.

  7. Joe Worker June 17, 2020

    Nice to see a comment board that is still operational.
    Trump 2020

  8. Anonymous June 17, 2020

    Why are you not posting my comments? So much for the freedom of speech.

  9. Anonymous June 17, 2020

    Don: good!

  10. Snow fire June 18, 2020

    How can a sane person NOT see what the media is doing to this country. And I am sure behind it all is the Democratic machine with Obama at the front leading the pack. We know his mansion in DC or near there is a meeting place for the disrupters who want to enslave us. If the blacks think they have it so bad now, if the Dems get into power “They ain’t seen nothin yet”. Just look at the Democratic run states, the personality of their leaders, the ways they have been governed into bankruptcy , the rediculous laws being passed from banning of plastic straws to giving illegals rights that are so hurtful to our citizens, and this points to what? Well if you want to throw someone off track, appease some dedicated group or other and make a big deal about it. Which will leave some of scratching their heads asking what about the homeless population, or better yet, state police reform, now that would be worth it.

  11. Raymond Chioma A. June 22, 2020

    We will never give them chance to continue all their hypocrites critics, negligent media that hide the truth and openly broadcast lies.You are agent of devil. They that speaks truth to the public, saves lives, but they that hide the truth from the public broadcast are not only deceivers but mainly are joint murderers. because you hide the truth that could have saves the life of those who need the information to move ahead. What the media had in mind against the president of the United States of America will never come to pass, your tomorrow will never come, But. president Trump will remain unstoppable.

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