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McEnany schools press over upcoming Trump rally

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany lit into the media on Wednesday over their coronavirus concerns with President Donald Trump’s upcoming rally in Tulsa, OK. McEnany said that temperature checks, hand sanitizer and masks would be handed out at the rally but wanted to know why the press didn’t have similar concerns about the mass protests across the country.

“While we appreciate the great concern for our rally goers, you should exhibit that same concern for the protesters who are out there not socially distancing in many cases,” McEnany said.

Reporters fired back that the protests were outside while Trump’s rally will be at an indoor venue.

“Is it the White House’s position that indoor and outdoor events carry equal risk,” asked a member of the press.

“It’s our position that the media should not be making decisions about their guidelines to us about social distancing based on political ideology or what they think is the worthiness of the cause,” McEnany fired back.

The press secretary held up a New York Post front page showing thousands gathering in close proximity for a “black trans lives matter” protest and an image from a Trump rally.

“One is OK but the other is dangerous,” McEnany said pointing out the hypocrisy.

McEnany says that attendance at the rally is voluntary and attendees are aware of the current pandemic.

“When you come to the rally, as with any event, you assume a personal risk. That is just what you do. When you go to a baseball game, you assume a risk. That’s just part of life,” she said. “That’s just part of life. It’s the personal decision of Americans as to whether to go to the rally.”

The Trump campaign has received more than one million ticket requests for the president’s first rally since March. It is being held at Tulsa’s BOK Center, an indoor arena that can hold around 20,000 people — and the campaign plans to fill the venue to capacity.

After seeing the overwhelming support for the rally, Vice President Mike Pence said the White House was looking at another venue and outdoor activities.

“I can tell you it is all a work in progress, we had such an overwhelming response that we are also looking at another venue, we are also looking at outside activities that I know the campaign team will keep the public informed of,” Pence told Fox news.

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1 Comment

  1. tymtrvlr June 17, 2020

    Ya gotta luv it every time Ms. McEnany owns and schools these childish, leftist whining America hating Marxist POSs.

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