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Atlanta cops walk out: ‘Let the county burn’

Police officers in Atlanta have stopped responding to calls in some areas, while other officers have called in sick, says one knowledgeable trade magazine.

“Atlanta PD is telling everyone not to believe reports that cops are walking off the job. But now union heads are speaking out … saying it’s absolutely true,” reports Law Enforcement Today.

The “blue flu,” as it’s known, started after the Fulton County district attorney called a press conference to announce murder charges against one officer, and related charges against another officer, even though the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) is still in the process of investigating the Rayshard Brooks shooting.

The murder charge can result in the death penalty.

Brooks was shot after resisting arrest during a DUI stop. Video of the shooting shows Brooks firing a taser at the cops, which he wrestled from an officer, and one officer returning fire with his service weapon, says the GBI. Brooks was shot twice in the back.   

Unlike the George Floyd arrest, police rank and file feel that the hostility towards them in Brooks’ death is unwarranted.

“Atlanta police officers are refusing to answer the radio and walking off of the job,” said one email from a cop according to the Steve Deace radio show. “The county can go screw themselves. If you want a society without police we’ll give you one. Let it burn!”

The GBI issued a statement on Facebook after the DA’s press conference saying that it was not consulted about the press conference and that it had not finished its investigation into the shooting.

“The GBI was not aware of today’s press conference before it was conducted. We were not consulted on the charges filed by the District Attorney. Despite today’s occurrence, the GBI will complete its mission of completing an impartial and thorough investigation of this incident and we will submit the file, once completed, to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office,” said the GBI’s post.

Law Enforcement Today reports the police scanner radios have gone dead, with police traffic absent for 20-40 minutes at a time as the walkout continues.

According to Law Enforcement Today, union officials have verified that neighboring counties have refused to send officers into Atlanta to help with the crisis, for fear that the officers will be “put at risk of being fired or arrested.”

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  1. Deb June 18, 2020

    Thats the best thing i heard all day. Keep all police out of DEMOCRAT States and watch them burn. That is what they want and thst is what they will get!!

  2. Susan Raleigh June 18, 2020

    I back the Atlanta Police ❤

  3. Jack Scarpon June 18, 2020

    Me too!! It’s about time police will start defending themselves!! Cause all demon rats are after their heads for no reason!!

  4. RIP. June 18, 2020

    I think police departments should all coordinate across the country and announce they will sit out in protest for three days. Do it with 3 or 4 days notice so intelligent people can get to a safe place and then let er rip.

  5. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    Let them police themselves, that’s what they wanted. You are in threat of being killed in any traffic stop. Someone gets away from two cops, it’s not too give them ice cream!!

  6. Jojodmonkey June 18, 2020

    May GOD BLESS ALL law enforcement officers in Atlanta, that diseased capital for negro racism!

  7. Nancy Valentine June 18, 2020

    For those who want to defund the police, or to get rid of them, let them see what it is like without police. Then when they beg to get them back, raise their salaries, etc.

  8. Paul June 18, 2020

    There you have it. The destructive ways of the dems bear just fruit.

  9. Ray Allard June 18, 2020

    I back the Atlanta police let the democratic cities burn

  10. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    Can’t blame them!

  11. Dana Lind June 18, 2020

    What’s funny is that once they get what they claim they want’ they don’t want it anymore. With this tho, I think that they are going to regret not having police around. It’s the thin blue line that fights the monsters in their nightmare, and when the line is gone the monsters get to come out and really play. I hope they enjoy having this ‘monstrously’ good time.

  12. Nonya June 18, 2020

    THAT !!!!!
    A L L !!!

  13. Andrea Rosser June 18, 2020

    Back the Blue!!

  14. Roger Anderson June 18, 2020

    It is about time that the police officers fight back. All there are is s bunch of politicians looking to be in the great graces of the Black people, problem is even most of those know that things were handled wrong. Stand strong all of you, maybe we could send down to you the few here that went out and kneeled down with some protesters , you guys wi know where to assign them. Good luck stay strong.

  15. Tom June 18, 2020

    I do not dislike black people but I will never be able to trust them again. Except for small few they still watch their friends and family burn, defame, beat up, murder people FOR NO REASON. Can never trust them…never.

  16. Jan June 18, 2020

    Best way to get the attention of law abiding citizens.

  17. Jim Harris June 18, 2020

    I wouldn’t say it’s for no reason. These people are anarchists. They want no laws and no order. They want open-season on everything and to be held accountable for nothing. They are dangerous people, ones the police risk their lives to keep from injuring peaceful members of society. You are right in that the police have to start defending themselves without catching a lot of flack from the media and democrats.

  18. Louisa Swanson June 18, 2020

    The county! The county! The county’s on fire
    They don;t need no cops? Let the county BURN!

    They made this bed, it;s time for them all to lay in it!

  19. Nonya June 18, 2020


  20. Inday S June 18, 2020

    Yeahhh GOD bless those in BLUES, good job

  21. AMERICAN PATRIOT June 18, 2020


  22. Phyllis Frank June 18, 2020

    It’s about time. I wish all police officers would just walk away. They can find jobs where they can get some respect. God be with you all.

  23. jim June 18, 2020

    This isn”t Trump, this is the liberal congrss and the media. Support the officers and stopthe ridiculous destroying of our history.

  24. Luis June 18, 2020

    Yeap! I don’t go where I’m not wanted. Let them Blue States burn and watch them beg the Feds for funds later. So, I hope they refuse their aid and let them live in ruins.

  25. J June 18, 2020

    I have never been racist until now…I’m preparing for war beware they are coming for you…..

  26. Ron Hopkins June 18, 2020

    I back the police all the way but they need to stop backing the bad ones. No matter what group there will always be bad ones! And I agree with all the police in Democratic run states should leave and move to Republican states where they are wanted. Let the stupid f::ken idiots kill themselves and let their rotten state burn to the ground! Nuff said!

  27. Jjf1 June 18, 2020

    You know what, I approve of this. Screw Democrat run cities, slums..police deserve better! If I’m a cop, I’m walking out as soon as I find another job. And do it w out notice

  28. Nonya June 18, 2020

    AT !! THAT COP
    EVERY !!! LEGAL !!!
    FOR HIM T O !! DO
    & DOING
    HIS J O B !!!!

  29. Joe June 18, 2020

    If the police stay out long enough the citizens will take control and then there will be hell to pay. I BACK TE\HE blue 100%

  30. Lorraine June 18, 2020

    I totally agree with the cops. They put their lives on the line and then can’t even defend themselves. This guy would still be alive if he hadn’t fought them. And if he tased them, he could have grabbed their service revolver. The cop was totally justified. When the police are not there to save your butt maybe you’ll appreciate them more! I just feel sorry for the law abiding citizens who will suffer if this happens.

  31. Tracy L Larger June 18, 2020

    I disagree with the charges of the in this case as it was a clean shoot. The Mayor and DA are going to reap what they sow by giving in to the mob. I don’t blame the officers for walking off the job.

  32. William June 18, 2020

    I back the Blue. Stupid politicians. Their house and property should be the first

  33. William June 18, 2020

    I support law enforcement.

  34. Vicki June 18, 2020

    Apply in Michigan, we could use the help!!!!!!! Blue lives matters here!!!!! Let their Mayor and Governor council ppl handle all the criminals.

  35. Vicki June 18, 2020

    I’m with Nonya 100 %

  36. David Chaffey June 18, 2020

    Deb, 63% of Georgia’s Representatives in the House are Republican as are BOTH of it’s Senators. The State, except for Atlanta, usually votes for the Republican Presidential candidate in the National Election and Georgia is considered a ‘RED’ State. It’s Governor is Brian Kemp, a Republican.

  37. Samson June 18, 2020

    Black lives will never matter until blue lives matter first! Especially in our urban communities already run by black democrat elected officials.

  38. Mike Wukitsch June 18, 2020

    Nonya…do you see President Trump asking/telling cops to do anything?

  39. David Chaffey June 18, 2020

    Georgia is a Red State, NOT a Democrat one. Only Atlanta is, like most large cities, heavily Democrat. 63% of Georgia’s Representatives, Both of it’s Senators and it’s Governor are all Republicans. Georgia usually goes for the Republican Presidential candidate in the General Election. A ‘Democrat State? I think not.

  40. Dave June 18, 2020

    You are exactly right. So if the cops had late the guy go and then the guy had gone and tasered some poor woman and raped and killed her. They would have that cop’s head on a platter for not killing the guy.!!

  41. Greg Miller June 18, 2020

    I can only hope that in those locations where the people and politicians have decided to go for defunding the police and vilify the police, they just stop policing. Be a cop in name only. They don’t want you or your protection, so just shut it down. #BlueLivesMatter

  42. Ron June 18, 2020

    You want the rest of the country to be like Atlanta? Vote DemocRAT.

  43. John June 18, 2020

    I support the cops and the GBI report when finished. Why is the officer charged. Railroading him in Fulton County?

  44. curt carver June 18, 2020

    i would of done the same thing if someone fired at me and could of killed me with a hit to the face

  45. Mike Wukitsch June 18, 2020

    Nonya…you really seem to have a problem with President Trump! I don’t believe I am seeing what you are seeing regarding his behavior. He has been focused on law and order since elected…and he supports the police and the military!

  46. RetroDude June 18, 2020

    Mr, too!!!

  47. Malcolm June 18, 2020

    I want to thank our police officers and give the middle finger to the crooked politicians

  48. EDWARD ENZWEILER June 18, 2020

    Why would anyone want to work for a boss who has no respect for you or for your job. If you know that your boss will not back you in your decisions and will terminate you without even a hearing I would refuse to be fully committed to that type of asshole. I agree that police officers should hesitate in getting involved and I would back and watch the city burn. These mayors do not deserve the backing of a police or fire department

  49. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    It seems it is the ONLY way these hard working policemen will be treated the American way: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY !

  50. David in Dallas June 18, 2020

    The DA (a Progressive Democrat under indictment) uttered several bald-faced lies in his Press Conference–statements that clearely were opposite to what was clearly the case in the videos of the events. He should be immediately removed from office.

  51. Miki June 18, 2020

    We expect the police to do their job with hardly any pay, then when they do their job, we charge them with MURDER; go figure. I stand behind the good cops, not the rotten ones..

  52. Michael Flitcraft June 18, 2020

    I back law enforcement 100% let those colored states burn to the ground.g:oodbye Atlanta!

  53. Kathrine June 18, 2020

    I love it!! All dumborat city cops should walk off the job. Let that crap burn to the ground. Republican cities DO NOT SEND COPS THERE.
    Let all of those cities burn to the ground. See how those stupid protesters, thugs, looters, vandals like it!!!!
    It’s about time!!!!

  54. Michael Flitcraft June 18, 2020

    I back law enforcement 100% let those colored states burn to the ground.g:oodbye Atlanta!

  55. Tony Michael Brunet June 18, 2020

    Why on earth would anyone want to be a police officer??? I realize that their are good smart and conservative responsible blacks that don’t like to see what is going on, no more than I do and my following comments do not apply to them. That being said, I really don’t think the black race, in general, has it within their DNA to form a progressive and stable culture. Just take a cold hard look at South Africa!!! They killed and ran off the white farmers and now can even feed themselves. They deserve what they got!! That being said, I don’t owe Tyrone, whose great, great, great , great, great grandfather was a salve one mf damn thing!! I was not PRIVILEGED and had to work my way through high school and college and then managed to raise my family without welfare and tax credits and retired on my own merits. I am absolutely sick of this sh*#!!!!!

  56. Bill June 18, 2020

    In my opinion, As I said in an email to the County, this response by the DA is not in the interest of justice but rather it is about patronizing those responsible for this mess in the first place and its about winning another term as the DA. If you want change then vote this piece of garbage out of office right along with the mayor. A rush to judgment for political expediency. Assuming this officer can face a jury of his unbiased peers I suspect he will be found not guilty followed up by a civil lawsuit filed against the police department, the City of Atlanta vis-a-vie the mayor and the county. More tax payer money going out the window because of poor leadership and administration by Democraps. I stand with the men and women in the Atlanta Police Department and the rest of law enforcement in the country. I am a retired chief of police.

  57. Wilddog June 18, 2020

    What else can be said. If Atlanta’s political leaders are as dumb as New York’s, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, LA, SF, and Seattle, then let the county burn starting with the politician’s houses.

  58. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    Absolutely! If the blue Dimocratic states and cities want no police, let’s give them no police . I donated 100 dollars today to support the Atlanta officer being railroaded by a corrupt DA. Get a huge fund and $ cops that walk off! Screw those progressive POS’s

  59. Bill June 18, 2020

    In my opinion, As I said in an email to the County, this response by the DA is not in the interest of justice but rather it is about patronizing those responsible for this mess in the first place and its about winning another term as the DA. If you want change then vote this piece of garbage out of office right along with the mayor. A rush to judgment for political expediency. Assuming this officer can face a jury of his unbiased peers I suspect he will be found not guilty followed up by a civil lawsuit filed against the police department, the City of Atlanta vis-a-vie the mayor and the county. More tax payer money going out the window because of poor leadership and administration by Democraps. I stand with the men and women in the Atlanta Police Department and the rest of law enforcement in the country. I am a retired chief of police.

  60. Bill June 18, 2020

    I see the site wants me to moderate my previous comment. I will not do so simply because this is what the left wants. My opinion is my opinion and that is why I have posted it. Stay well and safe everyone.

  61. Stan Patscheck June 18, 2020

    The County DA is running for office. He is also black. Although his race has nothing to do with his premature charges, the election sure does. I heard the press conference and it sounded like a summation of the trial. Ethics charges should be files against him in my opinion.

  62. Jim Grembi June 18, 2020

    Good for those police officers with the “blue flu”. They are absolutely correct to protest the political backlash that has been imposed on all police because of the actions of a few “bad cops”. This is the only way that police officers have to protest.

  63. Anthony Guastella June 18, 2020

    The Atlanta Police Department Officers are doing the right thing. The mayor and her crew of pandering bigots and racists can patrol themselves. The City of Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, and New Orleans, New York City, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Minneapolis all have a common denominator and account for most of the murders in the entire nation. That common denominator is democratic machines in place for decades. They have been run morally bankrupt and mentally challenged and evil people for decades. Deblasio and the Chicago mayor are perfect examples of that evil deep in their worthless souls. Atlanta Officers stand your ground and call in sick stay away from these monsters. The whole country is with you and your brethren in Law Enforcement.

  64. Joe June 18, 2020

    I agree all the cops in Seattle and Atlanta should stay home and let’s see how these cities turn out. It’s all Democratic states that are having these problems what a disgrace to this country! God bless America!!!

  65. Barbara June 18, 2020

    Being a cop is a hard job under the best of circumstances. To see them bring booed, spit on & humiliated trying to keep people safe is so sad. The next time you have an emergency you may call 911 & get no response. Just think about what you would do then…

  66. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    Well said!!!

  67. Granndmom June 18, 2020

    Trump is NOT kissing anything. He’s supporting the police .

  68. Procompmt June 18, 2020

    Yet the police union will continue to contribute to the democrat party as they have for years. They most likely will also continue to protect the BAD police officers too. I never have liked a union. Name even 1 union that’s worth 2 cents. There isn’t one. I do not want Trump to intervene until a few of these democrat cities learn their lesson. I figure they should be allowed to attempt to prove me wrong. Good luck with that.

    With everything the democrats have on display for the entire world to see concerning their leadership abilities that the United States citizens are forced to suffer thru, how can anybody, yielding more than even a couple brain cells, possibly consider voting for any of them? Those of you who believe that the democrats are in the fight for you are completely delusional. Look around people.

    Good luck all.

  69. Kim Barker June 18, 2020

    Agreed keep em safe!

  70. John W. W. McClain June 18, 2020

    Right On!

  71. OldeRose June 18, 2020

    The officers know it was a “good shoot.” They see, “There but for the grace of God go I, and my partner.” 58% of the Force is Afro. The Chief if a Femme Afro; the Ass’t. Chief a male Afro. The Mayor is Afro. The DA is Afro. The Mr. Brooks case is all about proper procedure having been followed, and in no way about race — and all cops know it.

  72. JA C June 18, 2020

    No comments are necessary, just a statement. Reasonable democrats can see what has happened to their party. May God Bless America.

  73. Ginny Rocco June 18, 2020

    and they should get no money to rebuild

  74. Ma June 18, 2020

    This is a shame, you cannot take a few bad apples and go against all police officers we need them to keep law and order and as a result there will now be lawlessness. Pray for this Nation we are headed down a very trouble time. May God help us.

  75. Gideon Rockwell June 18, 2020

    The D.A. tried this case on television before the G.B.I. finished it’s investigation and before an indictment was even issued. He stood before the nation lied and manufacture a story line. He basically lynched this officer on television in front of GOD and everyone. He didn’t show he Officer’s partner getting shot with the taser and hitting his head on concrete resulting in a concussion or the full fight or the Officer giving Brooks CPR and begging him not to die. The Partner’s attorney said he has not made a deal with the D.A.. They never spoke of Brook’s criminal history or that he did time in prison. There is no way I would be an Atlanta Cop with the Anti-Police culture the city government has.

  76. William June 18, 2020

    In the words of one of my law enforcement friends, “Y’all come out here and do this damn job!” These people, the police, are trying to do a most impossible task and then are vilified by the community leaders. I suggest the police leave their job and let leftist mayors and governors try to figure out what they are going to do.

  77. Stephen Gore June 18, 2020

    Where is the Governor of Georgia? He certainly knows that what happened and the unjustofabe charges rendered are just plain wrong. Where are the people who voted this guy to rub the state. It appears Atlanta will become a war zone city, and I’m hoping CNN building will be the 1st to burn to the ground. The Add should start to become I’ll, as the city burns for the 2nd time, again caused by Democrat SLAVE OWNERS. All this violence and effort to remove Trump should be the w make up call to remove as many of them from office as is possible.

  78. Ingrid Shumway June 18, 2020

    Good for the Police! Proud that they take stand!
    The charges against their fellow police men are outraged – brought on by a black prosecutor who sees his moment of glory in this‼️???

  79. Joan June 18, 2020

    Looks like the brain-dead are in charge in Atlanta and elsewhere. Hard to believe they can be that stupid. The result of this stupidity will not be pretty. Put your wacky smokes away and do your job.

  80. Ingrid Shumway June 18, 2020

    Good for the Police! Proud that they take stand!
    The charges against their fellow police men are outraged – brought on by a black prosecutor who sees his moment of glory in this! He didn’t even wait for an investigation being completed! What kind of justice is this ⁉️ All for his photo op‼️?

  81. Randy Avon June 18, 2020

    Let social workers take the calls

  82. Teresa Harrison June 18, 2020

    I support BLUE LIVES MATTER!!!!!! All Lives Matter!!!!!
    BLM is TERRORIST FROM THE GET GO!!!! All of these millenniums are so damn BUTT HURT over NOTHING.
    GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET A BACK BONE YOU LAZY MFs…… If you do away with the Police, do away with all the freebies stuff like FOOD STAMPS (SNAP), Medicaid, FREE OBAMA PHONES. No more free stuff.
    Get a REAL JOB and work for what you want. It is called CHARACTER BUILDING.

  83. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    I feel sorry for the police officers who despite all of the Democrat fabricated bullshit will still run towards the danger as opposed to running away. These are true heroes! This bunch of liberal, thumb sucking, entitled, mama’s baby white children that are using the misguided young black people are the ones that need to pay the price. Maybe put them in the Democrat states and move the working people out and let mother nature take her course!

  84. Yolanda Martinez June 18, 2020

    I really do not care. Let Atlanta burn. Yolanda Martinez

  85. Michael Heath June 18, 2020

    I wish the police had all stood up for The Constitution before things got this bad, but they have every right to question the motives of their superiors and the safety & support they need to do the best job they can! This is exactly the kind of issue that emphasizes the absolute need for The 2nd Amendment. Americans need to stand up for their own safety, support the good folks in law enforcement, and defend The Constitution as is their sacred duty. If America purges the socialists & communists in government, this treasonous war from within can be won to preserve individual liberty. The virus, the riots, none of this is a coincidence. If you go Online and look up donating to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which is the supposed mantra of the mob rioting, you will see it is actually the democratic machine! There may never be another time to destroy the criminals of humanity again, so now it the time to put an end to this long national nightmare and reject the socialist & communist agenda!

  86. Mike Heath June 18, 2020

    Welcome to the war from within!

  87. Judy M Long June 18, 2020

    I don’t blame the cops for walking out !!! There are no more Justice for them at all. So why put thier lives on the line like so many have. And take a look around its all thre Democratic states letting this happen to our counhtry and for all the black votes
    It’s sad that the Democratic Party don’t care nothing about them !!!

  88. Gary June 18, 2020

    It’s easy to say the police should walk and let America burn. That though is not what should happen.It is not the citizens that the problem lies with. Just as with the police their is a few bad apples. No matter what profession you look at there is always a few bad apples. The citizens that they protect do not want the police to go away.. They need the police to protect them. If they walk the city officials and the democrats will get exactly what they want. They could then claim they do not care and vote to get rid of them. The democrats will blame it all on Trump for letting it happen. They will say he didn’t do enough. No the citizens need to come out loudly and stick up for the police. We need unity and strength. Show the country how good and caring that the police truly are and put an end to all this madness.

  89. 6gunsound June 18, 2020

    For any Dem Dingdongs listening…
    The last administration had complete control including the first ever Black Commander in Chief.
    Sounds like a missed opportunity to really make a “change” on this issue.
    Crickets is what America got.
    Uranium, pallets of cash, 5 Enemy Generals for an AWOL Private…thats what Obama’s agenda was. Not very America First.

  90. Don June 18, 2020

    Support the police and the democrat/communist mayors and governors can stuff it and choke on it big time.

  91. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    So how the hell did you get trump forcing you back to work you idiot

  92. Vann June 18, 2020

    He is no saint, he has a rap sheet a mile long!!

    Of course according to the press he was an innocent upstanding citizen!!

    Bull shit!!

    Its now or never people, we either give our country and its history away or we get rid of some of the politicians stirring this crap.

  93. rm June 18, 2020

    That DA needs to have ethics charges filed against him, looking toward disbarment. Let the county burn. The police officers are correct to call in sick. Those officers are sick of the bs they encounter from the mayor of that jungle city and others including Stacey Abrams. The fire department should also call in…

  94. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    his race has everything to do with the choice to charge the cop

  95. Matt June 18, 2020

    I support the Men &Women in Blue to take the stance they are taking.
    The negative impact is that the UN who is one of the advocates of the “Open Society Foundation” and ATIFA chaulks this one up as a win.
    But the general public will have to live with that.
    Like they say “Becareful What You Wish For”………..you might just get it!

  96. Chuck June 18, 2020

    Politicians houses won’t burn. They have high walls and security.

  97. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    And start with the mayor’s house and the crooked DA’s house next. And hopefully when the houses burn they will be inside!

  98. Roscoe Roules June 18, 2020

    Then they need to stand up and refuse to be ignored any longer. BLM. LGBTQ, Antifa and others get their absolute BS listened to because they are loud and they never shut up. It is time for the silent majority to stand up and be counted over and over and take this country back from all of the treasonous Communist morons!

  99. Ruth Curiale June 19, 2020

    I am with the police officers all the way. I like what he said.

  100. Patricia June 19, 2020

    Pretty sad when people care more about thugs than law officials. Officers please know there are a lot of good people like there are a lot of good officers. This is not your fault. Democrats control everything. We would never throw you under the bus I promise. We have to give officers respect to get respect not run from them or hurt them. Americans it is time we stand with the brave blue and help protect what is ours. Democrats want to hand our country over to thugs. Not in my life time. Others died for my freedom and I will fight to keep it for my grandchildren. Time to start taking care of our own. Law officials we will never throw you under the bus like democrats have, we respect you to much and will fight for you. Stay strong and now you are loved and supported by us.

  101. Citizen X June 19, 2020

    You are a useful idiot. Everyone of these police shootings happens when the suspect ‘RESISTS ARREST!’ Can you really be this stupid? A couple things, could you do there job? Don’t bother asking, it’s obvious you never could. And what happens when honorable men will no longer ‘serve and protect? Chaos ensues.

  102. 5150COYOTE June 19, 2020


  103. Don June 19, 2020

    I agree completely. Best thing to do is stand down and let the city/county burn until adults are elected. IF that doesn’t happen let them rep what they’ve sown.

  104. Rosemarie June 19, 2020

    If that’s what it takes to stop this nonsense regarding “defunding” police, then I agree. Let’s see how these fools react when their 911 calls don’t get answered and the crime rate in cities all over the U.S. goes through the roof.

  105. Sunny June 19, 2020

    Blue lives matter! Right on, Atlanta police!

  106. linda kaplan June 19, 2020

    Just wondering, what did they and every other wimp run state think was going to happen? Back the Blue

  107. Migual June 19, 2020

    If all the police walk off the job who would be left to investigate if somebody decided to take a few pot shots at the D.A. or the mayor?

  108. Al June 19, 2020

    The DA and his cronies can strap on police gear , minus guns and tasers and start patrolling the streets themselves.

  109. Sherry June 19, 2020

    That is really sad Tom.

  110. Dr. G June 19, 2020

    The charging District Attorney who is up for re-election is already in hot water for sexual abuses and campaign financial violations. He is under investigation himself! He sees charging the police officer as a life preserver for his re-election. That’s all there is to it, folks!

  111. Shontel June 19, 2020

    I stand 100% with the police ?‍♀️ Dept. One bad apple won’t spoil the whole bunch. All police officers should stand together and walk out and see what the liberals State do without cops. Let all liberal States burn. GOD bless all nice cops.

  112. Cheryl O June 19, 2020

    Oh dear, what in world was that mess of words? No intelligible sign there….

  113. J Brooks June 19, 2020

    Please don’t allow a few blacks from the inner city and largely Democrat areas make you not trust any black people. There are a lot of white people, especially politicians, I trust a lot less than most of the blacks I know.

    I live and work in a rural area of Georgia. I talk with, and asociate with multiple blacks on a daily basis. I also have a few black friends.
    Most of them are just like us. They are wonderful, honest, kind, hard-working people who just want to have a safe place to work and raise their families in peace. Most would do anything to help a neighbor, or someone on the street, no matter what color that person was.
    We really are all the same. Good and bad come in all colors.

  114. Gary A. Barton June 19, 2020

    Funny I watched the destruction of property by breaking storefront windows, police cars being burned beyond recognition, Wendy’s, burned to the ground. People both white,latino and black looting stores. So before you go off and not trust blacks anymore, this was not all blacks it was multicolored people. Pray for our country is a better idea that not trusting blacks.

  115. Deeper Puls June 19, 2020

    All except for Nonya blaming Trump. Not his doing.

  116. Anonymous June 19, 2020

    When did TRUMP force anyone to go to work???

  117. Spydersniper June 19, 2020

    The officer fired his first shot as the guy with the Taser fired. Shots number 2 and 3 were fired in quick succession as the perpetrator turned to run. They weren’t fired at the back of the man. He turned just as the last 2 rounds were fired, making it look like the officer purposely shot him in the back. A Taser removed from an officer can be used to disable that officer so that the officers weapon can be removed and used against him. A Taser in a police officer’s hands is a less than lethal weapon. The second it changes hands into the hands of a criminal that is not trained to use it, it becomes a lethal weapon, normally by disabling the officer to retrieve his duty weapon to kill him.

  118. Nixxi June 19, 2020

    Amen!!! And, that guy was allegedly on drugs which makes them have extraordinary strength!! But lord forbid they bring the drug use and child abuse up!!! “He was soo good and it’s unfair!!” My BUTT!! He was a CAREER criminal!!!!

  119. isamu June 19, 2020

    NO LAW .

  120. Kristine June 19, 2020

    I have been saying that for a week. It’s crap the way the higher-ups in their ivory towers have turned against then. This is how the Nazi regime came to power, by not standing up for what is right. “And then they came for me..”.

  121. Bob June 20, 2020

    Let it all burn!

    Let’s all stand our ground and let the anarchists know those of us old enough to remember WW2 aren’t going to let this country fail. Do they actually believe the law abiding are going to Lay down.

    Their entitlement mentality is prone to failure.

    Having worked around the world, I’ve seen the gradual collapse of our country from allowing the wrong people into our country.

    I support the Police, Firemen and our Military.

    We don’t need anything from any 3rd world country.

    We can manufacture, build and succeed within our own borders.

    Bring them to their knees!

    Read “The Turner Diaries”.

  122. Josephine Short June 20, 2020

    Best news I’ve heard all week. Let these democrat cities live without the police. & see what that brings. Let Atlanta burn again!!!
    I stand with the men & women in BLUE. Wake up people. Democrats are ruining your cities.

  123. Linda June 20, 2020

    I agree. Let them get a little taste of life without cops.

  124. HanosunnesWoom Root June 20, 2020

    time to totally defund the UN, kick it OUT of our Country

  125. Kate June 21, 2020

    rip…this is a great idea and we all support it….lets see how that will work for those demanding it.

  126. Anonymous June 22, 2020

    I live in a blue state but I do not agree with their politics. Scared to loose everything. Sad to see so much chaos and loss of all human rights. Criminals run things now. Good people are the minority.

  127. BARBARA June 23, 2020

    “JUSTICE” has to be Justice for All – TRUTH. Floyd’s death was a murder. Rayshard death was a tragic accident. The Police officers treated him politely and Rayshard was respectful also. They gave him a breathalizer test which is what the incident called for. He evidently failed the test which calls for action. Now a days there is a big push against Drunk Driving so as to keep all the public safe. So being he failed the test they were going to arrest RAyshard and that is when all hell broke loose and he charged away from them and the 3 of them wound up in a scuffle on the floor, Then they got up and Rayshard ATTACKED both of the Officers and taking a taser from one of them. Now Rayshard is a beligerent, dangerous man on the run with a taser. As they ran – RAyshard turned and used the taser on the Officer – and that is when the officer shot. RAYSHARD’s violent actions lead to this tragic death. How could those officers let that now violent man into the crowds. RAYSHARD IS GUILTY OF AGGRAVATED ASSAULT SEVERAL TIMES. Anyone of them could have hit their head when scuffling and died (things happen) then he attacked both of them and then he tried to taser the Officer. Since when is it okay to attack officers? Like in a high speed chase – innocent people are sometimes hurt. I do not think at this point Rayshard was an innocent person. AS I THINK JUST A TRAGIC ACCIDENTT.

  128. Glenn June 23, 2020

    I have never been against Blacks, I have a few Black Friends, but the time has come that I look at BLM and THIER movement as destroying our nation. The cops should walk out and let AII HELL break loose and then see where our leaders turn too for protection. If the BLM really cared about Blacks then the Blacks men should stand up and take care of THIER families. You read the papers and it is mainly blacks killing Blacks.

  129. Tyrus June 23, 2020

    I think you are mistaking Trump for the Hypo-crat progressives. Trump respects law enforcement. It’s the Hypo-crats that hate law enforcement from all I have witnessed over the past 8 years!

  130. DonOldGuy June 25, 2020

    Two awful things will happen if you give the bad guys notice. 1.They will be ready to swoop in, in the neighborhoods most in need of police protection. I can assure you those are not the people asking for a police shutdown. 2. The vigilante approach will be instantly utilized and due process will end. Many of the neighborhoods that see little police activity, are those neighborhoods with numerous law abiding ARMED citizens.

  131. Jeremy June 26, 2020

    After reading this article and the comments, I now know what online publication the KKK likes to read.

  132. B June 28, 2020

    These people do not want the police, they don’t want the national guard, they don’t want the army, That only leaves VIGILANTISM, I wonder how that will work out for them. BLM terrorist organization.

  133. Sharon June 28, 2020

    Antifa is mostly white ppl.

  134. Royal W. DeAsis July 2, 2020

    That’s an idea !!!
    There clearly is a “division in America” and it has now risen “like a pimple that needs to be popped” if not surgically removed.
    The current level of ignorance (especially in ‘some circles’) of history, humanity, degraded value system, etc., is/are difficult/impossible to talk about.
    Black Lives Matter ….. is indeed true. BUT !!!!! It is d I s t or t e d by way too many both black and otherwise.
    Do any other lives matter ?
    If we got rid of A L L the bad cops ….. and “fine-tuned the system” ….. but could do nothing/little about the ignorant stench ….. where would we be ?
    Come Lord Jesus ….. come quickly !!

  135. Royal W. DeAsis July 2, 2020

    I left a comment that started with agreeing with AMERICAN PATRIOT on some of his ideas.
    I added some of my own opinions that for some reason were being “modulated” .
    BILL – the retired Police Chief also received the same notification of “modulation.
    As it turned out – my comment has disappeared and BILL’s comment(s) appear twice.
    Oh well —- It’s not the first time I’ve wasted my time.
    Bye-bye !!!

  136. Royal W. DeAsis July 2, 2020

    Sorry – “MODERATED” is the term

  137. Pat Stroud July 2, 2020

    With no police force, Let the left-wing liberals use their own “weapons” to DEFEND themselves and we will then charge them with murder and see how it feels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. P STROUD July 2, 2020


  139. Joe Madarats July 2, 2020

    It won’t be the country that’ll burn it’ll be all those lousy sanctuary cities rot in hell

  140. Billie Goodno July 6, 2020

    The police officers spent 40 some minutes talking with this man. Very professional. It was only when they decided that the man was to drunk to drive and possibly kill himself or others that they decided to arrest him. At that point he broke the law again and resisted.. when he got the tazer and started firing at the police he was shot. I back the officers totally. They have the right to defend themselves and protect anyone else who might get caught in the fray.

  141. Latina July 8, 2020

    It just happen twice today! Apparently they don’t agree with what we wrote.

  142. tymtrvlr July 9, 2020

    The leftist voters are finally realizing that elections have consequences. They voted for the idiots that promised freebies, all the while removing their freedom. You have a chance this November to make a difference, don’t blow it, God is watching.
    Trump 2Q2Q! Making America Americans’ Again!

  143. FrankenFred July 9, 2020

    You go Atlanta PD..get ready for the coming civil war..I only hope the great NYPD follows suit and leaves our commie crap garbage mayor to meet his coming fate.Removal at any cost.

  144. Stanley Hawley July 9, 2020

    if I had a son or daughter thinking about working as a Police Officer I would ask them to quit. One misspoken word or if someone attacked them, I would assume they could defend themselves, but today that is not a correct assumption. The Communist Democrats will turn any incident into Killer Cops. George Floyd was a Murder by a co-worker, they knew each other and now the question for Americans is Why the Commie Mayor, Communist Democrat City Council and even the Communist Police Chief did not curb an officer charged 18 times with complaints, Where was an Internal Affairs? No, the nights of Rioting only pushed Americans Further apart. If I were a Police Officer I would have checked on my retirement or contracted the Blue Flu and returned when an American is in the Mayors Office.

  145. John Fucoff July 10, 2020

    All sanctuary states and cities should burn to the ground

  146. Cynthia Morgan July 13, 2020

    And the Democrat run city of Atlanta is where the trouble is. It rests solely with the Democrat leaders of that City.
    Show me a city with High Crime and slums and it’ll be a CITY run by Democrats! Always.

  147. Rosemary Taylor July 20, 2020

    My feelings exactly. I’ve never been racist but now do not feel safe walking down the street past a black person…they have created this along with Antifa fascists. Yes, Antifa ARE fascist! They are hypocrites.

  148. javier July 21, 2020

    “Defund the Police” without Democrat overlords approval. Will they conplain?

  149. Don July 22, 2020

    I agree and have stated so. I see no reason why those putting themselves on the line daily without proper support should bother to defend those unwilling to do so. Let it burn/rot until voters grow up and elect adults.

  150. Ron July 23, 2020

    The BLM turned into Burn-Loot-Murder once the Soros Scum was allowed to take charge . I support the Police everywhere, maybe my “white privilege” taught me to obey lays and respect authority and kept me out of trouble. . If so “sorry about that” but learn how it’s done- it works !!!

  151. Billy Wilson August 10, 2020

    I treat all the same way but if you attack me or mine them prepare for total war. Police should be treated the same you want law and order then get out and do it yourself see what they put up with every day. then you can complaine.

  152. Peter August 28, 2020

    He should sue for a change of venu.

  153. Pedro Weho August 28, 2020

    Cops walking is all good, as long as they don’t arrest Good American from defending them-selfs while they were gone!

  154. Sharon Skowron August 29, 2020

    Do you realize 81% of black and inner city communities want more police not less! We can’t let the loud minority of those voices with their Marxist promoters and accomplices win the day by backing away and giving them what they want. Now is a time when good people who want freedom and law m order to enjoy that freedom to become outspoken and vote out these political collaborators! Never give up , never give in! Support police who also want bad cops out of their midst but have their backs against these leftist politicians or public agitators.

  155. Gary September 5, 2020

    I agree with Gary [I’m a Gary also]. Several things I noticed in reading other comments:

    1. Everyone is on the side of the police
    2. It seems that democrat run cities are the problem – remove the problem
    3. some comments speak poorly of the “black” rioters when from what I have observed, a lot of rioters are sick mis-guided non-blacks
    4. The spineless citizens voted for the democrat politicians causing the problems should now get a backbone, speak out against the politicians [however, don’t protest in the streets] and vote them out of office or recall them if possible
    5. most politicians or their family members have some sort of business(s) – boycott those businesses
    6. In this current environment, there is no such thing as a peaceful protest in the streets – protest through your vote, on social media, and even in your local and national corrupt news media.

    Enough said

  156. Gregg s September 15, 2020

    What really needs to happen is all of the fools in government and state legislatures who are defending this blm movement should have there security forces taken away.see how long it is before blm comes to string them up.it should start immediately and just sit back and watch it happen.

  157. Richard Nevarez October 6, 2020

    All law enforement should walk out on these democratic cities and states that want to defund the police. Let these mayors and social, behavior specialist answer calls and when they get shot at or preyed upon physically don’t go crying tour city councils for help. You brought it upon yourselves. You people do not know what people want and need. You assume and you know what that word represents.

  158. Carl Mac October 22, 2020

    Pull all detail from the protection of the mayor and governor as well, they don’t need protection if they vote to defund the police let these bastards know what it’s like without protection like everyone else does.

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