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Bernie Sanders rips Trump for upcoming rally

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) says that President Donald Trump is risking public health simply to hear cheers from his supporters at an upcoming Oklahoma rally.

“I find it literally incomprehensible that the president, who is an extraordinary narcissist, is willing to sacrifice the health not only of the people who attend his indoor rally, but those people who come into contact with the people who attend the indoor rally,” said Sanders.

The Trump campaign is moving forward with the Saturday rally and plans to hand out free masks and hand sanitizer to all attendees. More than one million people attempted to get tickets to the event.

“As in any event you assume a personal risk. That is just what you do. When you go to a baseball game, you assume a risk. That’s part of life. It’s a personal decision of Americans as to whether to go to the rally or whether not to go to the rally,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Wednesday.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) has encouraged the Trump campaign to consider an outdoor venue that would better accommodate a large crowd and allow for social distancing. Tulsa’s health department director, Dr. Bruce Dart, is hoping the Trump campaign will postpone the rally. Dart says that large indoor gatherings are not safe at a time when coronavirus cases are still climbing in Oklahoma. The state has seen increases in the number of infections since May.

“You have public officials in Oklahoma begging him not to do this rally. It is in defiance of what science is telling us is appropriate. And the leader of the United States government is defying science in order to hear cheers from his supporters,” Sanders said. “It is incredibly irresponsible.”

Sanders is also known for being able to draw large crowds and has said he will hit the campaign trail for Vice President Joe Biden to help him energize the progressive base. He says as much as he’d love to get back to campaigning, now isn’t the right time.

“Right now, at this moment we’re seeing an increase in cases in some 20-plus states around the country, so I would think you’d want to, before you did anything, you would be wanting to listen to the doctors and the scientists,” he said. “It’s hard for me to imagine anybody holding rallies indoors.”

Trump has called out Biden for not holding more public events as the pandemic continues. The former Vice President has been mainly campaigning from his Delaware home, a move, some believe, might actually be helping the Democratic nominee.

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  1. Linda Haines June 18, 2020

    Bernie is always ready to run is mouth about President Trump. He takes over two hundred thousand dollars from the blacklists matters organization for his campaign. All lives matter Bernie stop being a racist!

  2. Mike Wukitsch June 18, 2020

    Bernie who?

  3. Starsust2000 June 18, 2020

    Shut the h3ll up Bernie Sanders!!!!

  4. Tim June 18, 2020

    Go stand in a bread line Bernie. You said nothing about rioters and protesters risking others health. Those who attend a Trump rally are FREE to make their own choices. Better to live free and die than live under a communists rule!!!

  5. Patricia June 19, 2020

    Sanders I wished you democrats that are washed up like Obama would shut up. If you all would stop starting all this crap. We know you are starting all this. You all did nothing and now you want socialism. Just go away you are all finished. Please get aboard a ship and leave. I am sure Kenya or China welcomes you. People are finally seeing what you are doing to America.

  6. Don June 19, 2020

    So this clown is still around whining. China’s better fit for you, Sanders. Go try it for a while.

  7. JerryDV June 19, 2020

    Why because it’ll force “dugout Biden” to hold rallies and later participate in debates with Trump. Sleepy Joe isn’t too swift on his feet, able to read off a teleprompter and if prone to lashing out at those who question his “judgement”. Dementia + Bipolar disorder is not a good combination. Man needs help.

  8. Sherry June 19, 2020

    Sounds to me like Bernie has sour grapes because demorats chose Biden. Bernie wants the cheers that he says Trump will get.
    Grow up Bernie.

  9. Russ Remmert June 19, 2020

    sander a demented communist

  10. elloyd_tunt June 19, 2020

    Hey Sen. Bernie’Feel the Bern’Sanders(D-VT), I don’t recall hearing anything from you during one of the recent BLM rallies that occurred; you know the ones that observed no social distancing or pretty much none of the other CDC recommendations.
    Hello Bernie, Hello? Crickets………..

  11. Cheryl O June 19, 2020

    Oh Bernie the cry baby, if your pathetic followers can riot in the streets By the thousands spitting in each other’s faces while they scream out pointless dribble, these intelligent people can gather with their masks and sanitizer…

  12. Comrade Putinski June 19, 2020

    Just look at this man’s face and you realize that he is insane, a mentally sick guy! Second, how in the world (except that he is crazy) can he be so hypocritical, when thousands demonstrated, rioted, looted, but he said nothing! Sorry, but the whole Democratic Party is made of lunatics Bolsheviks, who want to take the power and install the dictatorship of the anti-Christ! Patriots, watch out, we can say for this November “our Republic or the most cruel dictatorship, in which Stalin, Hitler and Mao would look like angels”!

  13. John June 19, 2020

    I have to agree, no one on the left said anything about protesting and the spread of covid.

  14. pete June 19, 2020

    If Bernie Sanders (Commie) were a tree that fell in the forest, would anybody notice?

  15. JACK Scarpon June 19, 2020


  16. Patricia June 19, 2020

    Shut up Sanders you have no say in these matters. You can’t even win with your. Time for you to take your rich white privilege to the basement also. Just go away please. You are washed up. Your supporters wouldn’t even go to vote for you.

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