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Protest plan calls for Fourth of July police walkout

A walkout by Atlanta police yesterday has been followed up today by suggestions that New York city police should walk off the job for the Fourth of July holiday.

“A pair of flyers making the rounds among NYPD officers are encouraging them to call out sick July 4 — as retribution for police reform and a perceived anti-cop climate following the outrage over high-profile police killings of unarmed black men across the country,” reports the New York Post.

The Post reports that pro-strike messages are also being sent out via text message, which would indicate the organizers have access to police officers’ phone numbers.

Since the police are forbidden under law from striking due to the extraordinary danger of leaving the country without police, police demonstrations are often held under the guise of being sick.

Called the “blue flu,” some Atlanta officers yesterday, reportedly, either called in with stomach-ache or left with stomach-aches after showing up for work.

The New York City text messages suggesting a police walkout for the Fourth of July include instructions on how to call in sick, a procedure likely governed under its labor contract.

Crime is already spiking in New York City as police have been worried about going out and doing their job due to the anti-police attitudes of the city and state leadership.

“Bloody week: Nine people shot overnight in NYC, one dead, source says. Another man stabbed to death.  That’s 29 shooting victims through 7 a.m. today, vs. 14 for the entire same week last year. And we haven’t even hit the weekend,” says a tweet from Shawn Cohen, an investigative reporter covering crime and law enforcement.

One commenter noted: “Since you really can’t get a concealed carry permit in NYC, we can safely assume none of those shootings were by a law-abiding resident with a concealed carry permit.”

Police strikes, while rare, have happened before. New York City cops staged a strike in 1971 over pay. Liberals often cite the five-day strike, which saw no increase in crime, as to why a world without cops can work.      

But that strike was not during a major holiday. And police—because they were striking over money — were conscious that any increase in crime would be a big PR hit.  So the department took pains to adequately replace the missing rank-and-file strikers with detectives and supervisors.

Today’s NYC, however, has a toxic admixture of people, like organized professional anarchists, supported by politicians, who want anarchy, not law and order.

“Two days ago,” the police union noted about the recent spike in gun crime, “the NYPD disbanded anti-crime units whose primary mission was to take guns off the streets. What’s happening to those guns now? Simple answer: they are being carried and used to kill/injure NYers.”

The strike would help give politicos pause about their war on police.

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  1. russell d remmert June 19, 2020

    First arrest the mayors and governors unable to control the looters

  2. Anonymous June 19, 2020

    Liberal Democrats will get what they have been asking for hypocritical pieces of shit will be calling 911 and nobody will be home to save them

  3. Edmund Villnave June 19, 2020

    Wakeup!!! Many good cops burned & died on 911 running into towers to save all colors of people !!!!!! They didnt have to!!!!!
    ! While everyone was running out!!!!! I was there ???

  4. Louisa Swanson June 19, 2020

    I hope they do go through with it. NYC made their beds, now they have to lay in them!

    Only thing is I guess that means no firework display this year.;(

  5. bruce June 19, 2020

    OH, there probably will be fireworks, just held horizontal not vertical.

  6. D. Jane C. June 20, 2020

    We cannot safely live in a society without honorable law enforcement, which the majority are. The people and governments of these United States of America owe their safety to law enforcement. Over a few bad “cops”, these men and women are disrespected and thrown under the bus. I have never seen such childish, dangerous temper tantrums thrown by irresponsible, mentally deranged governors, mayors and other politicians. This country needs to STAND with our law enforcement officers and give them the honor and respect the majority of them deserve. Otherwise, why don’t all of you who want to defund the police just move to China or North Korea. How do you think you would like living there? After all, that is the kind of government you are trying to create here in the the United States, land of the free. Get over yourself or get out of this country. You , socialist, marxists Democrats, you Antifa and you, the Marxist left-wing organization “Black Lives Matter” are traitors to the United States of America. You are not about equality for all. You’re trying to destroy this country. Of course JUSTICE, LIBERTY AND EQUALITY belong to ALL people of every color, ethnicity and race. You don’t care about that. You are trying to divide and destroy this country.

  7. robin June 20, 2020

    this is terrible for the law abiding citizens.
    I do agree the police needs to let them feel a time period with out there protection and Como should be imprisoned

  8. texas June 20, 2020

    HERE’S A GOOD QUESTION …”I just watched the Democratic leaders of Congress kneel in the halls of Congress for about 9 minutes, for the death of a black man named George Floyd.

    I have never seen them kneel for a fallen Police Officer. I have never seen them kneel for a fallen Soldier.


    I have never seen them kneel for the thousands of (black and white) babies aborted EVERY DAY.

    I have never seen them kneel for a murdered white man or woman. I have not seen them kneel for the thousands of black-on-black murder victims.

    I have not seen them kneel for the thousands of elderly people that died in nursing homes due to the Corona Virus.

    I have to ask: WHY are Democrats putting the life of George Floyd as more valuable than the lives of everyone else?

    In fact, Democrats have put so much value on the life of George Floyd, they have allowed rioting, looting, arson, murder and mayhem in communities Nationwide…


  9. Anonymous June 21, 2020

    How many died in Chicago this weekend? Baltimore? NYC? Where are the “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations seeking their justice? You and I know what “Democrats” and their leftist puppets are up to !!!

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