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BLM silent after hundreds shot on Father’s Day weekend

The Father’s Day weekend saw shootings from Chicago to Charlotte to CHAZ that left dozens of blacks killed or wounded, but thus far have sparked no protests from Black Lives Matters.

Chicago was especially hard hit with 102 shot, 18 fatally, including five children.

“We’ve never seen anything like it at all,” said Max Kapustin, the senior research director at the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

The Chicago Sun-Times called Chicago’s shootings the deadliest day of violence and murder in the city in 60 years. The weekend ending June 1, however, also saw increasing violence with 85 people shot with 24 fatalities in the Windy City.

In Charlotte, the numbers weren’t as spectacular: nine were shot with two dead, and five others hit by cars while attempting to flee the scene of the shooting.

“The shooting happened around midnight at an ‘impromptu block party’ that was a continuation of Juneteenth celebrations, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Deputy Chief Johnny Jennings told reporters early Monday,” reports Charlotte’s ABC 11.

In Baltimore, eight were shot and five killed across the city since Friday, including a woman who was eight months pregnant and her young daughter, both shot by the child’s father.

“This senseless killing needs to stop. And I would never imagine my daughter being on Murder Ink,” said Sheree Reid the mother of the pregnant victim referring to an Instagram account that shares information about the city’s homicide victims. “This is devastating, it is a disaster. I would not wish it on anyone,” reports the Capital Gazette.  

In Seattle, police were again prevented by “violent protesters” inside the CHAZ from responding to shots fired. The gunfire wounded two men, one of whom subsequently died at a hospital after being transported there by a private vehicle.

“The King County medical examiner’s office had yet to release the identity of the dead man,” reported the UK’s Guardian. “Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant said he was black.”  

The shooter fled on foot and the police investigation is “active and ongoing.”

On Sunday, there were reports of an additional shooting in the CHAZ, and police confirmed that another victim had been transported by private vehicle to the same hospital and remains in serious condition.

In New York city, data shows shootings are up astronomically, this year over last.

“New York City shootings over the last seven days skyrocketed by more than 358 percent compared with the same time period in 2019, from just 12 last year to 55 in 2020, according to NYPD data News 4 reported Monday,” reports ABC New York.

Nineteen people were wounded and one died in a dozen shootings just on Saturday alone across New York city.   

“As crime and murder surges throughout the country in cities like #NYC #Baltimore #Chicago #StLouis and more, when will Americans realize that the Democrats in charge are either intentionally allowing it to happen, or completely incompetent?” tweets Bernie Kerik, former New York city police commissioner.

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  1. Wilddog June 22, 2020

    Of course you won’t hear anything from BLM or Antifa. They’re too busy shooting each other. Just wait awhile and maybe they’ll completely kill each other.

  2. Tg June 22, 2020

    Black lives only matter when Whites kill them. Not the blood shed in Chicago in a weekly basis.

    BLM where are you!

  3. Brad June 22, 2020

    Can’t have your communist revolution without breaking a few eggs. So why would blm care?

  4. Kathe Gilbert June 22, 2020

    Had the Democrats authorities in Chicago been competent, the killings would have declined years ago; the Democrat authorities such as the Mayor and Governor of Illinois just flately don’t care. But let a policeman be involved, innocent or not, well, that is another story. There is a Real Problem in Illinois, the answer is I have no idea but something needs to be changed. Duh.

  5. Galtha58 June 22, 2020

    The problem is that the politicians are using “racism” to get votes.

  6. Tom June 22, 2020

    ALL Democrat and the citizens of these cities are either looking at the shootings as nightmarish or entertaining but it doesn’t matter. 99% of the population could be shot and they will still vote Democrat.

  7. A. R. June 22, 2020

    If you are going to care for blacks if and only when they are killed by some crooked white cop then your BLM is a farce and just the opportunity for you to destroy neighborhoods. You don’t care or you would be trying to fix your own neighborhood.

  8. Anonymous June 22, 2020

    BLM Does not care about the black community they have their own agenda in it has nothing to do with helping blacks

  9. Louisa Swanson June 22, 2020

    Well, those shootings in Seattle can;t be blamed on Cops THIS time!

    Makes me even more thankful I[‘m in New Jersey.

  10. William Lezotte June 22, 2020

    Hey at least blacks are killing other brothers in Democratic controlled cities. None of this nonsense in white suburbia where I live. We wouldn’t tolerate that at all!

  11. Robert June 22, 2020

    Only black lies matter. If it was really about black lives the BLM would be demonstrating in Chicago every day.

  12. Jack June 22, 2020

    Absolutely ridiculous — Democrats are worthless! What is happenings to our great country! Vote republican -period! Our only hope for this lawlessness to end

  13. Salt June 22, 2020

    gangs and drugs.

  14. LDW June 22, 2020

    You can’t fix stupid, figure it out, Trump is trying to fix this country from the lying, do nothing, corrupt Democrats and it looks and sounds like you protestors didn’t learn anything except destroying your own country. That’s really intelligent, NOT .

  15. Trish June 22, 2020

    It only matters to the demonrats when the police are their, otherwise they could care less what happens! That’s what’s called being a socialist commie lovin’ demonrat this is just another example of these demonrats NOT caring unless theirs a fake news story people killing each other when theirs no police around how can you have a protest or riot to play the blame game?? Your all being used this is politics at its ugliest, get used to it you all wanted the police department to be defunded well it’s your dream come to, remember be careful what you Wish for!

  16. Michele June 22, 2020

    Chicago has been corrupt for decades. Madigan ,Periwinkle & of course the school teachers, who are destroying your children. Government employee UNIONS, buying votes for Jobs, Pensions, pay offs and contracts.
    And of course giving the dues to DEMORATS
    KIDS can’t Count or Read Teachers at 24 years old , what the hell do they KNOW. propaganda

  17. Greg Aldred June 22, 2020

    As far as Chicago is concerned, their biggest problem is Rham Emanuel, you know one of Obama’s minions that had enough of the white house and thought he would like it better if he was the mayor of Chicago. Yeah thanks Rham your doing a fine job. Pure corruption, a democratic town to the core.

  18. Jojodmonkey June 22, 2020

    The reason that, the terrorist groups name is a total lie! BLDM! Only CBLM matters!

  19. Katman June 22, 2020

    What percentage of shootings are black on black? White COPS killing blacks is NOT the problem according the statistics.
    Blacks killing blacks is the problem. The question is why do blacks kill blacks so often?
    Could it be the food, air, water, the vaccinations, no jobs, drug related? You cannot the fix the problem until you know the facts.
    Without back up – COPS will NOT respond to gun shots – police are often made to be the bad guys.
    Frankly it is the ATTORNEYS that have misused the law for their profit & gain is the real problem.
    I wrote 2 books on the topic. Come out of the beast’s system of enslavement!

  20. Sheldon Nadler June 22, 2020

    Well, the Democrats have spoken and the American people agreed that the Police should be abolished. Congrats you imbeciles! You asked for it and you will get it, killed that is and no help in sight!

  21. Chinablue June 22, 2020

    Democrats killing Democrats, the article makes it sound like it’s a bad thing.

  22. JJ June 22, 2020

    The killing capital of the US is anywhere a Democrat is in charge. What a surprise

  23. Demonangel June 22, 2020

    These savages don’t know who their fathers are so now no one can enjoy the holiday. It’s easy to ignore Fathers Day when yours was just a sperm doner and your mother a paid receptacle. Get used to it people. Just sayin’.

  24. JJ June 22, 2020

    Were you in NJ in 1967 when the riots hit? State Police and the Guard were deployed and they where able to do their jobs. They executed their mission perfectly.

  25. Anonymous June 22, 2020

    This what happens when laws, lives and people are trivialized by the a hole dems and the left media. Anarchy is all the left want. The US should resemble Europe is their cry. Bullshit ! We got free of Europe 244 years ago. We earn to be free. Deport George Soros for his crimes against America.

  26. Jenny June 22, 2020

    As long as it’s each other..they have no effective narrative.

  27. Jenny June 22, 2020

    As long as it’s one another, they don’t seem to care..it doesn’t fit their prescribed narrative. I could really care less.

  28. Beartoe June 22, 2020

    It’s the most confusing day in black America, dang Cleotis you possibly just shot one of your siblings without even knowing it. These d-bags are the second string of planned parenthood : retroactive abortion??? That’s just how they roll just sayin’ WPWW

  29. Rodney Steward June 22, 2020

    Black on black, “Priceless” !!

  30. Sue Sharp June 22, 2020

    They are the one’s doing all the killing, that’s why you don’t hear anything from them….

  31. Andy Flores June 22, 2020

    Systematic corruption and incompetence

  32. bruce June 22, 2020

    Democrats don’t want the police, don’t want the national guard, don’t want the army, all that’s left is vigilantism, wonder how that will work out for them ?

  33. Rebecca Flippo June 22, 2020

    Red, Yellow, Black, & White, we are all precious in his sight, Jesus, loves the little children of the world. All Lives Matter, & we are all Gods Children. Please People, stop all the hate, don’t you realize that you are all being used by the Left. They don’t give a hot dam, about Black Lives, all they care about is using the Black People, for their own agenda. Please wakeup, the reason the left is causing all of this is to separate us, & to turn us against each other. United We Stand, Divided We Fall, the evil among us, knows that if they can get us to turn on each other, they can win the game. The huge amount of money, that they have collected, under the guise off Black Lives Matter, is going straight to the democratic party, not one thin dime is going towards helping Black Lives.

  34. Dave June 23, 2020

    ANd people want to defund the police? When people see that the police are backing off, they will advance their own agenda. I hear that we need “non lethal” tactics by the police. Do we really want to sent the police after gun weilding criminals who have no repsect for life, regardless of the color of any person’s skin?

  35. William Russell McGarvey June 23, 2020

    Well…the African-Americans have chosen to bed with the BLM …an organization that really doesn’t care about you…only using you..to turn out n participate in mayhem..culture be damned..wake up…or maybe you should take up the free flight offered and get out of America!!! What’s it gonna be???

  36. NavVet67 June 23, 2020

    It’s pretty obvious that Black Lives really don’t matter to this organization. If they did, you would think they would have burned Chicago down to the ground by now. They are just another Marxist organization trying to destroy America, mostly funded by Soros, I would imagine. This organization only appeals to the wild and basically uneducated, unemployed disillusioned young blacks who think they are making a difference but are only being used. Their only reward is the loot they gain from looting. This eventually will cost them their lives

  37. Kives Hulon June 23, 2020

    Odd that Floyd was killed and riots/protests started destroying all these cities that were needing fed money beforehand but were told they would have to claim bankruptcy that would require them to an audit..

  38. Gabe Hanzeli June 23, 2020

    Oh I sure hope your right. I am so sick of the BLM and antifa bigots

  39. Azman June 24, 2020

    Antifa = Marxist = Communist= Terrorist = BLM = Detespect of the Flag

  40. Bob Rogers June 25, 2020

    George Soros, Barry Sotoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, BLM, ANTIFA, and the Democratic party are responsible for all these riots and anarchy. They can’t stand the fact that President Trump has done more for our country, than any other politician in the past four decades. The Democrats have lied to the black communities for seven decades. The Democrats have done NOTHING for the black communities except to keep them down and desperate wanting for for better lives. The Democrats will promise everything, but deliver nothing. They’ve been doing that for 70 years !

  41. OldDad June 28, 2020

    There’s no money to be made in fixing the inner city Black on Black genocide. When you can blame people who have money, the extortion machine comes into play. BLM is not a charity, it is a find-raising and marketing group. Antifa is its muscle.

  42. Lizzy June 28, 2020

    No ,,that’s the problem.. the big wigs are tieing tieing the police officers hands and not allowing them to do their job right , not allowing them to use their judgement in situations in these crapy riot infested city’s, they won’t allow the officers to use
    ANY TYPE OF FORCE , but that’s exactly what we need right now .. that’s why so many police officers are quiting , and just walking off the job , their angry , and frustrated, as well they should be …

  43. Gary Hull June 29, 2020

    I agree, BLM will never say anything about black on black violence as it does not support the narrative they are forcing on people

  44. Billie Goodno July 6, 2020

    What’s the matter with these people? Black and white and others who press for defunding the police. Is it a conspiracy to kill more blacks? Certainly doesn’t seem to stop the violence or death for them. Just seems to be mostly black killing black. The only ones we hear about are Whites killing blacks while hundreds of other deaths aren’t mentioned. So sad that so many beautiful children get caught in the middle and pay with their lives.

  45. Anonymous July 6, 2020

    Stupidity is rampant
    Look at the worst cities in the country and they are all pretty much run by Democrats
    How can you not see that?

  46. tymtrvlr July 8, 2020

    Why is everything so anal with BoweL Movements Matter and Auntie’sFarts?
    Why can’t we all just get along, and sing a song, like kumbaya?

  47. John Heaton July 17, 2020

    You know why that racist gang blackslivesmatter Isn’t burning and looting when blacks kill each other? Cause there’s no one to sue for BIG MONEY! They can’t sue someone or some company or government, Those black lives DON’T MATTER!!! At all. They are full of crap, every stinking one of them.

  48. Gerald Rauber July 20, 2020

    Republican is all we have that makes any sense at all. They also have many faults. President Trump is trying to do the right things. We need term limits. Clear out the career crooked politicians.

  49. Kent August 12, 2020

    we can only hope that will happen, but then the democommies would tell the media that Trump is responsible for the rush to insanity

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