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Senate Democrats likely to block GOP police reform bill


Democrats in the U.S. Senate are hinting that they will filibuster the Senate Republican police reform bill later this week.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would like to start a debate on the bill this Wednesday, but he needs at least seven Democrats to support opening the debate. Without allowing Democrats to amend the bill, McConnell is unlikely to find the votes.

“If nothing changes, I’m voting no. I need some assurances that we’re going to vote on amendments that will fix this bill. And it needs a lot of fixing,” said Montana Sen. Jon Tester (D).  

Democrats largely oppose the bill which was written by South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (R).  They claim it lacks strong federal mandates needed to reform the nation’s police departments. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has called the bill deeply flawed.

“There’s no clarity in what we’re being offered,” Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin said. “I’ve faced similar offers in the past on coronavirus legislation, and the best thing that happened is we didn’t accept the leader’s offer. We demanded a bipartisan approach.”

Democrats have crafted their own police reform legislation. Lawmakers were forced to respond to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police after nationwide protests wreaked havoc on the country. With an election just four months away, neither party is likely to want to compromise.

For anyone who actually wants to legislate, it shouldn’t be a difficult call to advance the bill,” said McConnell. “I hope that whatever strange political calculations are making this difficult for our friends across the aisle will yield to common sense and to the American people’s hunger for progress.”

Democrats also are facing pressure from outside groups to vote against the Republican bill. The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund has said the bill does not go nearly far enough in holding police officers accountable.

The Senate Democratic Caucus met via conference call on Monday to discuss the bill and many in leadership said they would vote against advancing the bill including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D).

“I’m not going to vote on a half-ass bill,” said Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono.

In the House, Democrats are likely to pass their own police reform bill with no GOP support later this week.

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  1. Avatar
    Ruth June 23, 2020

    Schumer is the biggest FLAWED in my opinion. If Congress is opposed to debate the where is our Democratic process. Have those “crazies” forgotten that policemen/women have families who vote and believe in “innocent until proven guilty.” That means in a trial and not by some street video. Mothers of police officers across this country can become Amazon women if/when they have to!

  2. Avatar
    Tim Cogswell June 23, 2020

    Of course they’re gonna oppose the bill… they can’t solve the problem, they need the issue.

  3. Avatar
    Lawrence A Gervais June 23, 2020

    The naacp should take a look at the major cities where people of color are responsible for 95 % of the death toll of people of color are killed by people of color!!! No George Floyd should not have died but he was a life time criminal and drug user..How about the innocent children killed by black men?

  4. Avatar
    JACQUELINE WALKER June 23, 2020

    Sounds like a Mexican standoff cause for sure Republicans will block anything or vote down any thing that Democrats come up with. Until a bipartisan bill on police reform is offered it won’t happen. What President Trump has ordered is the only police reform your going to find coming from the Excutive or Legeslative branches of the government.

  5. Avatar
    Pat June 23, 2020

    The democrats do not want to help the police by helping to make better laws. They speak to the NAACP and those who want to dismantle and defund police and that is where the democrats stand. They dislike the police as evidenced by msm and WAPO and NYT giving kudos to thugs

  6. Avatar
    Glenn June 23, 2020

    Will someone explain why there is a bill at all? Why should not the separate states make legislation needed for their individual states? Why should the thousands of separate law enforcement agencies fall under the control
    of the federal government? I can understand the registry of fired police to prohibit then working in lawenforcement in other states although there should already be such intra and interstate cooperation in that.
    We need less federal intrusion in local and state matters not more.

  7. Avatar
    Karen Baumann June 23, 2020

    George Floyd was a career criminal and drug addict. He raped, beat, and robbed a pregnant woman asking her if she wanted him to kill her unborn baby. Why was he not in jail for at least this offense, if not all the other crimes he committed? If he had been held accountable, in jail where he should have been, then he would be alive today and probably off the drugs. Police reform is needed and should also include that officers have to learn and follow the Constitution as well as their state laws. Choke holds should be allowed only when it’s the last alternative to stop a violent criminal from inflicting harm to an officer or anyone else. Here’s the real problem folks: It is the Politicians – especially the Liberal Democrats – who need to be reformed. They are and have been the problem for decades. No bail needs to be repealed. No catch and release. Violent offenders, rapists, murderers, robbers, etc…sit in jail for the maximum amount of time they should sit in jail. Want to rehabilitate them, do so in jail. Mental health /drug rehab centers need to be placed in every city. If a first time drug offender is picked up on drug or mental health issues, they go into a rehab program for 90 days. They get counselling, medications they need, and kick the habit, get the offered help and straighten up, or they go to jail and serve their time as well.

  8. Avatar
    Wilddog June 23, 2020

    Get real! The only police reform dummycrats want is to dismantle all police departments across the country. All of them are saying it.

  9. Avatar
    Stephen Gore June 23, 2020

    Republican, Democrat, have done absolutely nothing for this country for far too long. Don’t you think it is time to remove every sitting house and Senate member. I dam sure do

  10. Avatar
    David June 23, 2020

    We will not police reform when to many democrats are not patriots and think all police are criminals. If they do not think this country is great they need to move out.

  11. Avatar
    Yarbles June 23, 2020

    While the BOP bill will be another step on the way to FEDERALIZING ALL POLICE, it’s just not SOCIALIST ENOUGH for these Soros Stooges.

    “…you get the kind of government that you deserve…”
    Thomas Jefferson

  12. Avatar
    GI joe June 23, 2020

    Sad to say that the ignorance of Democrats that have done nothing for Black Americans or any one else but put money in their own pockets that on election year want to pretend that they are so concerned now. Donald Trump has done more than Obama did in 8 years . Have Nasty Pelosi account for any thing other than spew her vile ignorance and continue to get rich of of the hard working Americans. All lives Matter each and every human on God’s planet. God Bless America and God Bless President Donald Trump

  13. Avatar
    Clay Fitzgerald June 24, 2020

    “I’m not going to vote on a half-ass bill.” says the half-assed senator form Hawaii.

  14. Avatar
    Jerry Robison June 24, 2020

    “I’m not going to vote on a half-ass bill,” said the half-assed senator from Hawaii

  15. Avatar
    Pat June 24, 2020

    Of course they will not back it because they can’t put junk into it. They sure are concerned with black people all of a sudden, and BLM. But like most of the democrats only one black life mattered. Sorry the rest of you don’t because you aren’t going along with their agenda. Why did they all do nothing when there was a so called black president. Now they are telling you that you ain’t black if you don’t vote democrat. They will help you vote alright, democrat. Then when elections over they don’t cate about you again. Awful funny no one seem racist tell this incident. Then all of a sudden the race card is played to divide our country. Democrats are playing you all. You are smarter then that. Don’t fall for there games.

  16. Avatar
    John Tooley June 24, 2020

    term limits, our founding fathers never meant for politicians to be in office for 20 to 50 years. That goes for all parties

  17. Avatar
    Billy Wilson June 24, 2020

    We tryed that Democrats turned the bill back because it would hurt them the most. They feel they are above the law. Enough of their trying to have a COUP .Throw them out of Congress ,if they have more than 10 years in office. It was never ment to be a life time job.

  18. Avatar
    TonyG June 24, 2020

    Hey Chuck. No surprise. Not enough freebies for the your friends in TinBucTu! How about statues if Marx’s in NY? Or where you looking to get a little for a mountains retreat for yourself!, After all NYC is a little hot now

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