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Hillary Clinton: Trump should go back to the golf course full-time

2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton joined comedian Amy Schumer for a virtual interview that aired Tuesday where she said she spends most of her time working to send President Donald Trump back to the golf course full-time.

“I’m spending most of my time trying to do everything I can to retire him and to send him back to the golf course full-time,” Clinton told Schumer.

Clinton said she feels a sense of responsibility for Trump’s presidency having lost to him in 2016.

“I didn’t think I was going to lose. But I felt a sense of real responsibility, like how did this happen? Of course, I was really worried about Trump,” Clinton said. “But he’s been worse than I even feared he would be, and as I tried to warn people he would be.”

“So, I have carried with me this real sense of deep responsibility that, ‘Oh, my gosh, I just can’t bear the fact this man became president.’ For whatever combination of reasons, and there were a lot of reasons, I win a popular vote and lose the Electoral College by literally a handful,” she added.

The former secretary of state has mainly hidden from the spotlight since her loss to Trump but has surfaced again recently as a Biden surrogate. She’s specifically taken issue with Trump’s response to COVID-19 and ongoing protests.

“These terrible decisions he made around peaceful protesters and trying to send in the military and so much that is contrary to the Constitution, to our fundamental values to humanity,” Clinton said.

Clinton said that the protests are really a moment of moral reckoning and that the country can’t turn away from the video footage showing the murder of George Floyd.

“They can’t turn away from that eight-minute-and-46-second video. They can’t turn away from the look on that policeman’s face where he just literally shifted his body and put his hand in his pocket and put greater pressure on Floyd.”

Schumer is a second cousin to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

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  1. Tim Cogswell June 24, 2020

    Hillary should slither back under her Swamp Rock.

  2. Phil June 24, 2020

    And she should go back to the bottle.

  3. Crackerjack June 24, 2020

    Hillary needs to go back to the woods and take a walk maybe she will find someone or animal that cares what she’s got to say she needs to shut up and go away

  4. Christy June 24, 2020

    Hillary, you don’t feel sorry. You feel angry you didn’t win and get to call the shots. I’m working to shut your mouth and all of Hollywood’s so called stars mouths shut and get Donald John Trump re-elected.

    Trump 2020!

  5. Martin Vanwell. Sr June 24, 2020

    Hillary you lost because you are a liar and crook. Trump is good and will be when he wins again. Cant you and Obama just go away

  6. Fritz June 24, 2020

    Hillary should shut up full time

  7. Cg June 24, 2020

    The hag needs to go and shred some more emails.Oops can’t delete the ones on the gov.secured cloud. Oops got caught.

  8. Steven Young June 24, 2020

    Hillary should go jail where she belongs

  9. Rich June 24, 2020

    LOL What she means is she’s back to election meddling !!

  10. Steven Young June 24, 2020

    Better jail

  11. Joe L. Ward June 24, 2020

    And she should be in prison.

  12. BevG June 24, 2020

    Hillary Clinton should be quiet for a change. She had her shot at the Presidency more than once. She needs to speak with a professional about her inability to accept rejection then get on with her life. She is no longer relevant and NO ONE cares what she says or thinks.

  13. Anonymous June 24, 2020

    Tic Tok Sea Hag.. The walls are closing in. Nothing can stop what is coming. NOTHING..??

  14. Jay June 24, 2020

    Hillary should be in Gitmo!, And Trump took 304 electoral votes to Hillary 227! Any questions Hillary?
    Hillary just cannot accept she LOST !,,,
    Trump 2020 landslide ??????????

  15. Darrell R Singleton June 24, 2020

    If I told you where Ms. Hillary should go, I would be removed from all media message boards, because of where I wish she were and why she and Mr. Bill, should never be allowed to mingle with normal American citizen’s///EVER

  16. Roderick Perry June 24, 2020

    Hillary Clinton needs to shut her mouth .Insure hope they prosscut her for her her crimes against America and put this evil woman. In jail where a he belongs

  17. J June 24, 2020

    Hillary Clinton should be in Jail, for all the crooked things she had done ,To the USA, SHE is NOT ABOVE THE LAW..

  18. James W Duff June 24, 2020

    Well the reason Hillary Clinton lost, was because she did not have what the american people wanted, President Donald J Trump did! He has delivered most of his promises while fighting most Democrats and many Republicans. I am proud of what the man has accomplished.

    The one item that still needs to be done, is to charge you her for her multiple crimes and have a trial. In my opinion she needs to be behind bars.

  19. WW June 24, 2020

    I will never believe she won the popular vote legally. There were too many illegals that voted for her.

  20. Oldclimber June 24, 2020

    And Shrillery needs to start using her flying broom for transportation, in the open.

  21. tj June 24, 2020

    Hillary should be happy she didn’t or she would have proven to all What a worthless piece of dung she is ,rather than only being thought of.

  22. Justin Case June 24, 2020

    Good God the size of her balls! Three, no, a million cheers for Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch….

  23. Dorothy June 24, 2020

    If Trump should go back to the golf course, Hillary should take her cheating husband and go back to the fittest so we wouldn’t have to see her lying face ever again! TRUMP 3020. Hillary NEVER’

  24. Dorothy June 24, 2020

    Forest not fittest. Sorry

  25. Jim R June 24, 2020

    And Hillary and Bill should go back on the Lolita Express to the pedophile island.

  26. Oliver White June 24, 2020

    Hillary and Bill need to go to prison for 99 yrs without possibly of parole, and take Obama with them.

  27. Lorie June 24, 2020

    Oh. Shut up Hillary, no one wants to hear from you.

  28. michael higgins June 24, 2020

    She sucks

  29. James Oehl June 24, 2020

    If there is a more contemptuous piece of shit in American politics that Hillary Clinton, I sure can’t put a name to them! STFU Hillary!

  30. Fred June 24, 2020

    And she still wakes up every morning, shaking her head and saying how did this happen when we rigged the election…and you can’t take it away…it’s forever!!!!!!

  31. Robert Randall June 24, 2020

    and hillary should be behind Bars full time where she cant be heard from and hurt herself

  32. Louis iparraguirre June 24, 2020

    …and she should be sent to Jail without a “get out” card.

  33. Ric Parks June 24, 2020

    Hillary you need to go back to the face-lift clinic full time. But even 24/7/365 would never do you any good!

  34. robert ossovicki June 24, 2020

    Hillabeast you are a miserable sore looser.its your fault &nobody else did so much to help trump win as you did .quit you damn crying&go away

  35. Harry June 24, 2020

    Hillary needs to go to AA first.

  36. SBL June 24, 2020

    Well Billary,
    When Trump is golfing we hope you’ll be behind bars and some bitch to BIG mama in prison. We know how criminals love politicans.

    Keep it up it will come back on YOU!

  37. Diane June 24, 2020

    I don’t know why she is even talking. Will we ever get that albatros from around our necks

  38. OldTrucker June 24, 2020

    Hillary should be in prison full time.

  39. Michele Passalacqua June 24, 2020

    Your only goal is and always has been to destroy the United States of America. Give it up. You are a horrible person.

  40. JJ June 24, 2020

    Hillary i right. The President is working entirely too hard and should relax more playing golf. As for the multi-loser, Old Hag, wothless women who obviously hates women, should take her beer and her hatred towards America should either move to North Korea or go deep into the woods and look for Bigfoot just don’t scare him.

  41. Erlinda Mercado June 24, 2020

    Hilary should not be thinking of President Trump, she should be ready preparing her wardrobe when she goes to jail which is for sure, for crime doesn’t pay.

  42. Marty09 June 24, 2020

    Tickled pink you did not win. I praise the Almighty for answering my prayers. You need to be quiet and stop spreading the hate. Your continuing banter is falling on dear ears. Thank heaven we have remotes to mute or change channels.

  43. Pat June 24, 2020

    Hillary you should go back to your dungeon and throw away the key. Oh wait no I need to watch you get handcuffed on TV so when they put you in a cop car I can see your husband breath a sigh of relief. He will only be thinking about sleeping good for the rest of his life. Boy explain to your grandkids how come you are in prison for treason. I might have to send your husband a congratulations card.

  44. David June 24, 2020

    She should be in Jail. Trump has done more in 3 years then you could have done ever. Get over your self.

  45. gabe hanzeli June 24, 2020

    How much cocaine did they have to give Hillary to get her awake enough to say, mutter or grunt some sort of words?

    Let’s see …… Oh Benghazi, Clinton suicides, Epstein, rapes, influence peddling, the Clinton foundation, private server with government secrets on it.

    Yeah aren’t democrats a great bunch of people.

    Only a moron would listen to or be a democrat. Can you imagine voting for the rapist creepy joe biden?

  46. Patsy Lopez de-Victoria June 24, 2020

    This woman is living in a bubble protected by her cronies in Washinton and all the crooks that should have already been put in prison long ago and they wouldn’t be a problem now. Also, what peaceful protesters have you seen? I have seen nothing but violence and contempt. If they are so peaceful let them marc h up on your street where you live and you tell all your neibors that it’s peaceful why they are destroying your neighbors house. Let them spray paint your house with Black Lives Matter. You are a socialist and a communist that wants to help destry America along with your cronis. You need to go straight to Hell.

  47. Pat McLear June 25, 2020

    It seems that everyone but Hillary Clinton, including all politically active Republicans and Democrats, realize that she was a “never was.” Nonetheless, she continues to reject history by believing that she is still relavent! Republicans and political and economic conservatives realize she is a dinosaur, and Democrats see her as a party embarrassment. Yet, she hangs around for just one more chance. When the Democrats finally settle on Sleepy Joe or whomever for 2020, Hillary’s pain will be unbearable for her! Many of us will take enormous pleasure and satisfaction in her drunken outrage at being rejected one last time!

  48. Dave Woodward June 25, 2020

    And “Killary” Clinton should prepare herself for a long stretch in prison with no special privileges.

  49. Patty June 25, 2020

    Maybe she should go “wipe her hard drive down with a cloth” some more, instead of worrying about Trump, before we find any more of her incriminating emails.

  50. Don June 25, 2020

    Hellary should be in prison full time.

  51. Larry June 25, 2020

    A clown interviewed by a comedian.

  52. KimM June 25, 2020

    Hillary should go to jail . . . full-time.

  53. Kat June 25, 2020

    Dang! That old demon hag cannot believe her master (the devil) did not make her President! Just go back to your walks in the woods witch! But please, this time stop it with the child sacrifice and making and drinking that adrenochrome, you and all your cronies in the guberment and Hollyweird!

  54. Margo L ONtiveros June 25, 2020

    Hillary, where are your handlers? You need to go take your meds. You are insignificant.

  55. Marilyn Gray June 25, 2020

    Hillary needs togobackto her den and hide her head in the mud. Because that his what she has been trying to do to us. She is a Witch. And her crew of witches need to be put away for many years. And her team of warlocksand witches need to. Be sent down. In the caves where all the Devil worshipers hang out..

  56. Mimi June 25, 2020

    Excellent idea. Maybe she could join Biden in the basement of the house he inherited from his father. Just go away!

  57. Gary June 25, 2020

    reply to Justin Case. I totally agree. No one cares about what Hillary has to say, or thinks. I think that if she feels, that she “has a real deep sense of responsibility” about her losing the 2016 election, then she should do every American favor. That is, that she should tell the truth about every EVIL thing, lies, and all details that she did, to scam the election. She should stop avoiding her chance to tell all, to the Courts, by answering all of Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch questions, without further delay. She has tried every way to Tuesday, to avoid testifying before the Judge. While she’s at it, she may as well come clean about all of the “disappearances” that have occurred since the mysterious death of Vince Foster, around Black Water. Then, there is also the hidden facts of her and Billy-Bobs sexual escapades with Jeffery Epstein and his subsequent demise. A lot of questions, Hillary, that you should “feel a responsibility” to answer, TRUTHFULLY!!!

  58. Loretta Hettinger June 26, 2020

    Hillary is just mad, Literally crazy. She was supposed to win did not now go away

  59. jay August 2, 2020

    you should be in jail and stay pure scum!

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