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New York Dems more progressive than ever

The Democrat Party continued to move further left in New York City on Tuesday.

Resounding wins by radical progressive candidates in the city — including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) successful defense of her seat — left progressives dreaming of a “wave” year for ultra-left candidates.   

AOC handily defeated Democrat Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, a former Republican and CNBC correspondent, who Ocasio-Cortez out-fundraised by $8 million in New York’s 14th Congressional district. This was AOC’s first defense of her seat since ousting liberal incumbent Joe Crowley two years ago.

But that isn’t the only victory that was moving the Democrats forward — and leftward– on Tuesday.  

“Progressive insurgent Jamaal Bowman was leading Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) by double digits in one of the most heavily anticipated primaries of the year on Tuesday as officials continued to count votes,” reports the Hill.

Engel, 73, has been a congressman for 30 years, and most recently served New York’s 16th Congressional district.

While the official vote count will take more time due to mail-in ballots, Bowman is clearly the winner.

Bowman used outlandish language to pander to the progressive base in his victory speech, saying that he represents what President Trump fears most.

“Eliot Engel, and I’ll say his name once, used to say he’s a thorn in the side of Donald Trump. But you know what Donald Trump is more afraid of than anything else? A black man with power,” Bowman said claiming victory.

Bowman included anti-police rhetoric in a Twitter posting, claiming his was beaten by cops at age 11.

Progressives also rejoiced by nominating Mondaire Jones, who, if elected, will be the first Black, openly gay member of Congress. Jones was competing for an open seat in New York’s 17th Congressional district after the incumbent announced her retirement.

The radical progressive site Common Dreams declared: “Progressive Wave Sweeps NY Primary.”

Rolling Stone contributor, David Atkins, tweeted: “Bowman wins. Mondaire wins. AOC absolutely crushes it. There is no question about the direction of the Democratic Party. The voters are proudly progressive.”

The problem for Democrats — and progressives like Atkins — is that New York is not the rest of the country, as Hillary Clinton discovered in 2016. Clinton was criticized for heavily padding New York votes to help capture the popular vote while losing to Trump almost everywhere else.

“Fortunately for Republicans, an Engel primary defeat is their perfect opportunity to sow divisions among Democrats,” said Gary Meltz, the former press secretary for Eliot Engel. “Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. backed Bowman over Engel. And, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi backed Engel over Bowman.”

Meltz called it a “bigger night for Republicans and President Trump than it was for Democrats.”

No doubt it was a special night for the radical progressives at Rolling Stone. But in November, it’ll likely be a ten-car pile-up for the progressive party that used to be known as the Democrats.  

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  1. PS June 28, 2020

    New York gets what they vote for..Good Bye New York.

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