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BLM uses poor Blacks to back ‘insurrection’ says former civil rights leader

A former civil rights activist and presidential adviser, Robert Woodson, told Lou Dobbs of Fox Business that Black Lives Matter (BLM), aided by corporations, is using low-income Black Americans to foment insurrection in the U.S.

“There is blood on the hands of Black Lives Matter and [the] corporations that are paying for the bricks they’re using to throw through store windows because… [during] this past Father’s Day weekend there was a hemorrhage of Black-on-Black death in Chicago, New York and other cities,” said Woodson.

Chicago and New York have seen tremendous increases in shootings over the last several weeks, as racial unrest roils the country. This past weekend saws scores of mostly Black victims dead across the country shot by other Blacks.  

Woodson runs the Woodson Center which helps develop leaders at the neighborhood level to address issues that affect society such as poverty. He served as an adviser to George W. Bush.

Woodson says, in large part, corporations are to blame for the BLM exploitation.  

“All of our major corporations are investing in race grievance instead of communities and we must change that, and empower people,” Woodson tweeted. “They must be converted and changed.”

Woodson also blames liberal Democrats who have run blighted cities into the ground.

He says that most of the money given to poverty programs does not go into the hands of the poor residents but of bureaucrats who feed off the poverty that they perpetuate.  

“In the past 50 years, $22 trillion has been spent on poverty programs. Seventy percent goes not to the poor but those who serve poor people,” Woodson told Tucker Carlson. “So many of those people taking office use this money to create a class of people who are running these cities.”

So now, he concludes, these same people have to look for someone to blame after 50 years of failure and mismanagement.

“This is not about social justice,” Woodson told Dobbs. “And, again, low-income Black America is being used by the group to promote insurrection in the country, and anarchy.”

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  1. Ruth June 25, 2020

    We can pass laws to hold nonprofits & corporations accountable for spending money on the poor of any race and NOT only on administrative costs to serve them. We can also pass laws to tax the nonprofits as part of their accountability – limiting administrative costs to maximum of 25 percent of budget.

  2. joseph James lenart June 25, 2020

    The people who are funding this goes into actblu soros.clintons. styer.gates.and they just use the black people to do this kind of race baiting and to tear down unity and our country we need a MLK type activist to spread love peace and unity and all lives matter.

  3. Bob Rogers June 25, 2020

    It’s way past time to hold the organizations who received those monies accountable as well as the Demon-Rat party leaders. Nancy P-Lousey, Chucky Cheese Dick Schumer, and all their minions who are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for screwing the black communities for the past decades. Their angry because Donald Trump who was never part of the political cliche came along and exposed them for what they are !!! They ARE CROOKS !!! Its time they and the Obamas and Klintons are wearing bright orange jumpsuits !!! What are we waiting for … LOCK THEM UP !! LOCK THEM UP !! LOCK THEM UP !!!

  4. Joseph Johnson June 25, 2020

    It’s a shame the American public is so blind as to not be able to see through the sham the politicians are dishing out in the name of racial intolerance. History is thrown out the window, no one talks about how the Chiefs in Africa collected slaves from other tribes then sold them to the Dutch. Nor do they teach about indentured servitude my family went through. All races have been sold into slavery, and in Africa it still continues today. But we who have never owned a slave have to sit back and watch people who have never been slaves try to destroy our history by removing statues and throwing bricks. History will be the ultimate winner !!! These riots will go down as a mere footnote in history, an embarrassment to the folly of politicians and corporations who were dissatisfied with a President who could not be bought and exposed the inner workings of corruption in Washington DC.. Politicians, who came to work as civil servants, who after many years of doing nothing to better the people they represent, becoming multi millionaires, by stealing from the poor. They are not Robin Hood !!! They are the Sheriff of Nottingham !!!

  5. Elizabeth Sterling June 25, 2020

    They say that to solve crimes, follow the money. Soneone at these organizations ought to be in charge of seeing to it that these donations go into the ghettos. Baltimore is an example. Billions have been spent over the years under the guidance if Elijah Cummins, yet the ghettos are worse than ever. He lives in a rather upper middle class neighborhood where they just put in a nice park. Shiw me the money. These peoples’ pockets are so well lined, one would wionder how they can stand up.

  6. Sonja DeNeale June 26, 2020

    The non profits are doing the best they can. The administrators if the cities are lining their pockets and using the money for their interests. It’s not about funding, it’s about allocation of the funding.

  7. Dan June 26, 2020

    Of course they do! However, the “wealthy” are dumber than the “poor” blacks if they are privy to the fact that the BLM leadership were trained by MARXIST radically’s. MLK & all Black leaders would be disappointed that BLM did not want to dialog but thought having fun & games was the best way (ahhh, the children who were schooled by morons) to get what they wanted until the Federal govt. took away their toys. Children most definitely describes the politicians who ascribe to the liile ones view point. Then the money (your taxed money) goes away & then the mentally devoid end up being arrested..then all goes away.

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