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Generational divide

Hidin’ Biden.

Revolting youths and the generational divide.  

Tearing down failed policies to #KeepAmericaGreat.

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  1. Katman June 25, 2020

    MOSLEM, USURPER, QUISLING, LIAR Obama was the worst President, CEO of the United State INC. in the history of the democracy
    which is incredible as NO ONE thought anyone could be dumber, worse the GEORGE BUSH, who accomplished NOTHING in his life.
    What choice did We the People have – as we were going to be gored or bushwhacked?
    Tearing down, DEEP STATE STOOGE OBAMA is a joy to see & read all about!
    So many deMoncrats, so little time for Lady Justice to use the sword of justice to remove the blight, the cancer on society.
    I would enjoy NAZI, MOSLEM lover, anti-Semitic, anti-white WARREN WILHELM, destroyer of NYC next to go.

  2. Geneww38 June 25, 2020

    Ummm, You do sound a bit opinionated. I like that.

  3. Anonymous June 26, 2020


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