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Florida conservatives mocked again

Liberal irony flowed when residents of Palm Beach County, Florida protested over mandatory mask requirements imposed by the county yesterday.

Liberals who have been cheering the wanton destruction that accompanied riots for “racial justice” in places like Minneapolis, Seattle and New York, jeered when a video of county residents peacefully exercising First Amendment rights at an orderly meeting appeared on social media.

“This angry Florida woman argued today against the mask mandate, while bringing up the devil, 5G, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, ‘the pedophiles’ and the deep state,” tweeted Rex Chapman, a former NBA player-turned Twitter personality.

To which a former writer for the ultra-progressive Guardian, Dave Schilling, responded, with unintended irony: “Sh*t like this isn’t even funny anymore. These people are dangerous.”

The woman was simply exercising her constitutionally-protected right to speak her mind, which is, apparently, unlawful and dangerous to progressives now.

Another progressive tweeted that the GOP must be forced to accept “social responsibility” and the superiority of “science.”  

“What’s dangerous is that we have an entire political party in the GOP that pander to and perpetuate such conspiracy theories,” said Steve Fearn, a big Colin Kaepernick supporter.  “We have a president and many GOP lawmakers that refuse to wear masks. With freedom comes social responsibilities and the acknowledgment of science.”

Florida has seen a rise in COVID cases this month, but the data on hospitalization rates is unclear.

“Unfortunately,” says WTSP TV in Tampa-St. Pete, “the state isn’t very transparent when it comes to a trend of new hospitalizations, especially if they’re COVID-19 related. The Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) does update hospital bed and ICU availability by county, but there’s not a way to backdate the data on this dashboard.”

Some evidence points to low availability of ICU beds in Florida, but it’s difficult to know if the low availability of these beds is due to new COVID cases or cases that have been deferred as a result of the lockdown. Arizona, for example, has seen the availability of critical beds go down, even as COVID admissions remained low.

As a result, Palm Beach County imposed mandatory mask requirements.

“We had hoped the public could self-police and heed the mayor’s recommendations issued weeks ago but that isn’t happening,” Palm Beach Commissioner Melissa McKinlay (D) said, again with no awareness of the irony.

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  1. Grin n barrett June 25, 2020

    The woman did come off just this side of crazy but I happen to agree with 98% of everything she had to say. People under attack tend to loose their cool. She is under attack. WE are under attack. This nation is under attack. This nation is under attack, by half of her own citizens. The democrats, which have been slowly indoctrinated by liberal loons to become socialist/communist for years have come of age. They are preparing to be the generation in charge. They are preparing to destroy this country. They are handing us over on a silver platter to the One World Order, a communist run organization backed by the billionaires of the world…Soros and Rothchilds, Gates being just three names that come to mind. They have controlled our schools, warped our children, turned them against their own nation. I understand this lady’s anger, fear, her stand against the elite money people out to destroy America so then can take over the rest of the world. Go ahead, now call me crazy too.

  2. Yvonne Renee June 25, 2020

    This woman is my hero and we all know the deep state worships satan and are sick pedovores! We are not wearing your stupid masks! No more silence of the lambs! If they work, why close businesses, social distance and plastic walls? Let alone letting criminals out of jail instead of giving them masks? You lying pedovores time is up!

  3. Don June 26, 2020

    Arguing with children like Fearn, et al, is useless. The walls of the brain are too thick for anything to penetrate. Their phony chicken little syndrome is out of control.

  4. Anonymous June 26, 2020

    Gotta’ hand it to you all: Right On! Keep it up Patriots. These thugs Don’t care about what they tear down. As long as they tear it all down to make way for the New World Order. You want to Save the US?! Then We thr People had better step up to the plate and start Defending Our Nation and Freedom!

  5. Zues June 26, 2020

    I will wear a mask, if I am going into a public establishment. In my home, or in my car, I will exercise my right to choose. I choose not to and no one is going to force me to do so. Any fines will just be fodder for my cross cut shredder. Do not step on my property, without a warrant. Those that trespass, well just don’t – if you are smart.

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