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Biden’s albatross

Dr. Fauci’s pandemic rules.

The albatross around Biden’s campaign.

The MLB 60-game season is scheduled to begin in late July.

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  1. Joseph Lawski June 28, 2020

    We need to vote red and get rid of this cancer on our society called democrats
    Nancy shummer nadler and shiff first to go
    Obama and biden with them
    Socialist put ti destroy america and the democrat sheeple follow over cliff

  2. Sharon June 28, 2020

    Very sad, but those I charge don’t want the police so be it.The officers should walk away. And protect their families..They will not like what they get.

  3. Paul Clayton June 28, 2020

    My name is Paul Clayton. I am a novelist. I am an independent thinker which means that my work will never again be published by the literati. (I’ve had four novels published commercially by NYC houses, notably, Carl Melcher Goes to Vietnam, Thomas Dunne, 2004). My stories are set in our time. As such, they are critical but honest. This, of course, ensures they will not be published. I do, however, ‘publish’ on Amazon/kindle, the limited visibility there being preferable to complete anonymity.

    I’ve written a somewhat humorous piece about an author’s efforts over the years to see his work and by line in a major literary magazine. As you know, political punditry dominates right-leaning journals, despite Breitbart’s caution that politics is downstream from culture. Our side craves story. I have one for you if you would take a look. It’s called, Smiley Face Fiction.

    Thank you for reading this far, would love to send the piece to you. It’s about 1,600 words.

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