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Never-Trump ad has ties to former McCain advisers

A Never-Trump group with deep ties to the late Sen. John McCain has unveiled a new video ad campaign that alleges that Trump is trying to kill members of the “Greatest Generation,” that is, those who survived World War II.

‘The Greatest Generation sacrificed everything for our country. But @realDonaldTrump  wants to sacrifice them for the economy when they’re in their greatest time of need,” says the Lincoln Project’s tweet, of people over 95-years old and dying of COVID.

The Lincoln Project is comprised of former McCain advisers and is getting help from another McCain alumnus, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, host of Deadline.

Wallace was a senior adviser to McCain’s campaign in 2008, and long thought to be the source of the stories that smeared vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during the election that saw McCain lose to Barack Obama.  

But in reality, Wallace, and the Never-Trumpers at the Lincoln Project, are hoping COVID gets worse and kills more people, not just people over 95-years old. Wallace recently called the COVID outbreak a “silver lining” that could harm Trump’s reelection chances.

Steve Schmidt, the Lincoln Project founder, and former head of the failed-2008 McCain campaign, also relies heavily on the “Trump-botched COVID” mantra and is almost obsessed with Trump—just as he had an almost obsessive hatred of Palin. Schmidt, who helped select Palin as VP McCain choice, almost immediately repudiated Palin.

Currently, however, Schmidt’s ire is saved for Trump, who he says is personally responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak.  

“COVID-19 is raging across America,” says Schmidt. “We have failed to contain it. Trump’s selfishness, vanity and weakness have become lethal. Because of Trump, America is suffering mass death and economic catastrophe. He has triggered a national movement of idiocy and imbecility.”  

Other members of the Lincoln Project include former McCain campaign manager John Weaver.

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  1. Matt Carney June 29, 2020

    President Trump realistically had nothing to do with the outcome of COVID cases in the US. That was ALWAYS in the hands of the Governor’s of the individual states. President Trump did what he had to do and could do immediately. He had actions in place by the 3rd day later. He stated we were faster than most which is true. Only 36 of the worlds nations had actions in place by be same day. I am seeing article after article ‘spinning’ all of the info. One even downplaying the difference between COVID and ‘Ebola’ in mortality rate. Really!! Give me a break.

  2. Larry W Gaines June 29, 2020

    Anybody tied to former Traitor McCain is Crooked as hell

  3. Pat July 4, 2020

    Trump is fighting for these people not trying to kill them. Look no further then the democrats like Cuomo and Gretchen who are the real killers. Democrats try again because this is a lie. I have learned if democrats are saying it then they are the ones doing it.

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