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Despite advocacy by liberals, mail-in voting continues to have problems

The national media continue to make the case for universal voting by mail even as the rationale looks increasingly creaky.

On June 25, CNN reported a case of mail fraud that was so bad that even CNN could not ignore it. 

Four people in Paterson, New Jersey, including a city councilman and city-councilman-elect, were charged with voter fraud related to the city’s May 12 election. That election was conducted by mail because of fear of COVID-19. 

As CNN reported, “The investigation began after the US Postal Inspection Service found hundreds of mail-in ballots in a mailbox in Paterson. Numerous additional ballots were found in another mailbox in nearby Haledon.” Under New Jersey law a “bearer” can collect up to three mail-in ballots from other voters and submit them on their behalf.

In a nutshell, the foursome gathered more than the maximum number of ballots and failed to properly disclose themselves as authorized “bearers,” or acted as bearers when they shouldn’t have.

Meanwhile, another part of New Jersey had a problem with ballots ahead of the state’s July 7 primary election.

A mail delivery truck caught fire and perhaps up to 100 ballots may have been destroyed, Fox News reported. Local officials were encouraging anyone who did not receive a mailed ballot to contact them for a replacement.

And then there was this generally overlooked nugget from Wisconsin’s primary in April. Per The New York Times: 

“Three tubs of absentee ballots that never reached voters were discovered in a postal center outside Milwaukee. At least 9,000 absentee ballots requested by voters were never sent, and others recorded as sent were never received. Even when voters did return their completed ballots in the mail, thousands were postmarked too late to count — or not at all.

“Cracks in Wisconsin’s vote-by-mail operation are now emerging after the state’s scramble to expand that effort on the fly for voters who feared going to the polls,” the story continued.

When the topic emerges the media is quick to label claims of vote-by-mail fraud as “unfounded,” a “myth” or “false” — especially when those claims come from President Donald Trump. 

But because something does not happen often — at least as has been publicly reported — doesn’t mean it never happens.

The liberal gambit here is to dismiss Trump’s claims by conflating the universal mail-in voting that Democrats advocate for — whereby election officials just ship everyone a ballot — with legitimate “absentee” voting that is controlled by elections officials.

Yet however it goes, whether it’s alleged crooks tinkering with ballots, mail trucks igniting, or ballots never making it to voters or back to election officials, mail-in balloting continues to offer examples that relying solely on that to determine an election is a risky proposition. 

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