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Rasmussen: Two of five voters believe Biden is in a mental decline

President Donald Trump has been a Category 5 political blast toppling the ways and norms of Establishment Washington. 

Yet the establishment doesn’t see it that way. Instead, Trump’s unorthodox approach has prompted some claims from anti-Trumpers and Never Trumpers that the president is mentally unstable. Consequently, since they’ve been unable to oust him by hook or by crook, Trump’s presidency has provoked more discussion about removing the chief executive via the 25th Amendment than any other since the amendment’s ratification in 1967.

But a new poll shows that Democrat Joe Biden, if elected, may invite even greater attention to this heretofore little known constitutional change, which allows a majority of the Cabinet to send the president packing.

On Monday, Rasmussen Reports released a poll indicating 38 percent of voters believe the presumptive Democratic nominee is suffering from dementia, and that 61 percent stated he must publicly address the issue of his seeming cognitive impairment publicly. 

Rasmussen tends to lean conservative. But even with that, the pollster still found that 20 percent of Democrats felt their nominee’s serial gaffes and moments of obvious distraction are indicative of a mental health issue.

Forty-eight percent disagreed, while 14 percent were not sure.

The results come on the heels of another poll during June, by Zogby International, that found 55 percent of voters thought Biden exhibited early onset dementia. In that survey, 32 percent of Democrats said it was “more likely” than not that Biden was suffering from the initial stages of dementia.

These recent polls are not the first time this issue has surfaced.

Posting on Rasmussen’s website in March, left-wing editorial cartoonist Ted Rall argued that Biden was “clearly suffering” from dementia.

“This is no time to be ‘polite.’ We are talking about the presidency,” Rall wrote after discussing how some psychologists have maintained Trump demonstrates a narcissistic personality disorder. “As always, we need a frank, intelligent discussion and debate about the issues and the candidates. It is perfectly fair to talk about Bernie Sanders’ heart attack as well as Joe Biden’s and Donald Trump’s mental acuity.”

“No one who has been close to someone deteriorating from that disease could fail to see the same signs in Joe Biden,” Rall added. “It doesn’t matter how crappy Donald Trump is. It’s anti-American and unpatriotic to vote for someone suffering from dementia for a position with exclusive control over nuclear launch codes.”

And yet, here we are — with Biden posting a double-digit lead at the moment.

We’ll see if that lead holds up. If it does, we may soon stop wondering why Biden wanted a running mate who was ready to take the reins on day one.

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  1. Barbara Miller June 30, 2020

    It’s very sad what they are doing to him. If I were his wife I would have him back out of the race. My husband had dementia and he was exactly like Biden. It’s embarrassing for all involved.

  2. JACK Scarpon June 30, 2020

    “”Rasmussen: Two of five DEMON RATS voters believe Biden is in a mental decline””

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