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Tensions flare in Seattle’s autonomous zone

Featured Photo Credit: Alex Glidewell / License

As the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) rages on, things have only grown more tense.

In the video below, two activists are seen screaming and tussling as one of them claims the other knocked over a barbeque. Tempers flare as the men argue in the street. At one point, one of the activists throws water in the other man’s face, saying, “Now we’re even.”

This behavior is one of many examples proving a pattern of violence, not peace, seen at CHAZ. Since early June, there have been multiple incidents of violence at the occupied protest.

More severe examples include a shooting which occurred on June 21, leaving one teenager injured and another dead from his injuries. Officers received reports of the incident but were unable to reach the victims when a violent crowd blocked access to the scene. A second shooting occurred just one day later.

Summer of love, right, Mayor Durkan?

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  1. PS June 30, 2020

    Silly children, they have no idea..

  2. Polky June 30, 2020

    Maybe they would blow up themselves

  3. Lorraine Kemer June 30, 2020

    Why is someone walking with a child when it is such a dangerous area? I thought Chad was being dismantled a couple days agoo.

  4. Sonny B June 30, 2020

    The invasion will be there to end this stupidity soon. Red and White coming.

  5. Pusala June 30, 2020

    A community with self rule will not last. It will deteriorate into mob rule. Organized crime will take hold. The strong will eventually subjugate the weak, chaos will ensue, and the place will eventually become a HELL HOLE.

  6. JANE July 1, 2020

    go in and round these asshokes up then charge the mayor and givener with all the criminal charges drag them out of thier houses if necessary

  7. Anonymous July 1, 2020

    Boy, this “summer of love”, Chop thing is really working out. the Govenor and Mayor should be held responsible for the death and destruction. they bent over to kiss the asses of these degenerates. didn’t work out to well did it. Minneapolis will experience the same. IDIOTS.

  8. Tf July 1, 2020

    Mayor Dunkin is an idiot summer of love my ass. Two young people were shot 1 wounded 1 dead so duking where’s the love tell that to the parents of that dead young person, you all get what you deserve we hear in America don’t care what happens their any more that duking or you demonrat socialist commie loving governor

  9. Mark Mason July 3, 2020

    Give a Hood Rat some authority, this is what you gonna get. Hear him screaming- would you do that to a cop ? I’m the community manager, just before he sprays water in the kids face.

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