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EXCLUSIVE: ‘The fight is not over,’ says CHAZ activist

Photo Credit: Brian Gomes Bascoy / License

Police took back Seattle’s autonomous zone following a 48-hour executive order issued by Mayor Jenny Durkan in the early morning hours on Wednesday. Police are now holding a perimeter around the area while city workers clean up what’s been left behind. 

Seattle’s widely-known peaceful protest, known as “CHOP,” “CHAZ,” or “Free Capitol Hill,” has lacked focus over recent weeks. In the past month, four violent shootings have taken place.

In a video provided exclusively to the American Wire, Seattle’s autonomous zone still lives on, according to one activist. Many who occupied the zone have laid blame on police for pushing them out of Capitol Hill. 

The activist in the video above speaks to a crowd of people, saying, “I’m just out here making sure things remain peaceful.”

“We understand that all lives matter, but we can’t say that all lives matter until all lives start to matter… until black lives are done being killed, we can’t sit there and say all lives matter,” he says.

“So again, I don’t care. They talk about Jesus Christ. I’m not Jesus, but my name is Malcolm, and I’ve been out here showing leadership, showing guidance, and doing my part in this.”

Seattle’s autonomous zone originally began as a means to protest police brutality towards African Americans following the death of George Floyd. Protesters demanded the release of Seattle’s East Precinct from police patrolling, declaring it a ‘cop-free zone’ when the area was abandoned on June 8. 

On Wednesday, Mayor Durkan finally called for a halt to the violence after Seattle saw a 525 percent spike in crime during the month of June.

“Our job is to support peaceful demonstrations, but what has happened here on these streets over the last two weeks is lawless, and it’s brutal, and bottom line, it is simply unacceptable,” the mayor said in a briefing.

Though, “the fight is not over,” according to the activist in the video. “Make sure you continue these marches, make sure you continue this dialogue, and make sure you continue to support the movement however way you feel you need to.”

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  1. JoeyP July 2, 2020

    Any CHOP or CHAZ zone attempting to get a start in our neighborhood will be OVER before it even STARTS . . . It sounds like TARGET PRACTICE to me.

  2. MAGA4EVER July 2, 2020

    It is time to “get tough” and punish these criminal terrorist protesters to the fullest extent of the law . . . Perhaps, the RICO Statute could be used, since they all claim to be working together, with the same goals, and using the same methods !

  3. Tim Kuehl July 2, 2020

    “On Wednesday, Mayor Durkan finally called for a halt to the violence after Seattle saw a 525 percent spike in crime during the month of June.”
    In your backyard/neighborhood is just fine but not in my backyard was what got finally got her to take action after they showed up at her home to plunder and pillage.

  4. Larry W Gaines July 2, 2020

    That Black member with the megaphone needs it shoved down his throat and arrested for communicating threat

  5. Bill July 2, 2020

    BLM does not stand for any such notion as black lives matter. It is a foreign run racist hate group and it’s members are being willing tools. They have no business on our streets. It is past time to stop playing kiddy games with them.

  6. Robert W. Devlin II July 2, 2020

    He said keep up with the dialogue? What dialogue? There hasn’t been any! A dialogue between the opposing sides may provide solutions. It seems that’s NOT in the lefts interest.

  7. JimmyD July 3, 2020

    I afre Msgaa4ever, rico them all in a federal court, so no chance for parole!

  8. Polky July 3, 2020

    Peaceful?Do they know the meaning of that word

  9. Nanette Meck July 6, 2020

    Nanie01 I have two questions, where are the Republicans? Are they all just wimps? President Trump needs their support and NOW. Also, where are all the angry, patriotic Americans who need to stand up for our rights? Are they wimps too? None of those idiots are coming into my community. Period.

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