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Left-wing fireworks

Mayor Durkan shuts down Seattle’s autonomous zone.

The worst day of the year for the left is Independence Day but they’ll find a way to celebrate.

Hey, batter batter!

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  1. Geneww38 July 2, 2020

    When one cartoon says more than the entire NYT Newspaper.
    Very clever and insightful.

  2. Rob July 3, 2020

    Socialism WINS if the Federal Government allows FED FUNDING of and type…to any Institution, Universities, Clubs, Organizations, Department of States of any sort, that demand all participanting / PATRONS/MEMBERS/ QUEST that are U.S.A.citizens must take a virus test, allow contact tracing and MASK WEARING. STOP THE FUNDS THAT ARE STOPPING U.S.A.CITIZENS RIGHTS TO FREEDOM.

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