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Trump challenges Biden to take cognitive test, as mainstream media ignores the obvious

President Donald Trump’s critics have long questioned his intelligence, attentiveness and sanity. 

But in doing so they’ve openly ignored obvious signs of cognitive decline in the man they want to oust Trump, Democrat Joe Biden.

Perhaps no longer. Trump may force his critics to confront the issue, now generally accepted by 38 percent of Americans, according to a recent poll, of whether the former vice president is exhibiting signs of dementia.

The president wants to exploit an opening provided by Biden himself. Last week, at his first press conference in three months, Biden maintained that his cognitive ability was “constantly tested.”

“All you gotta do is watch me, and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against,” Biden told reporters.

Yet in recent days, his response has triggered more questions than it answered. That’s because the campaign so far has declined to offer details about the tests or the results, if they in fact occurred, and because most of the mainstream media has refused to inquire. 

Or in the case of The Washington Post, the trick is to redirect.

Post columnist Greg Sargent pointed out that Fox News, whose reporter asked the question about Biden’s mental agility, is “heavily” promoting “the ‘dementia’ line.” He then noted that Biden leads Trump in opinion polls in questions about whether he is more “even-tempered,” a “good role model,” “cares about the needs of ordinary people,” and “honest.” 

Yet Sargent steadfastly avoided the issue at hand: Is Biden’s mental capability waning?

Trump then threw down the gauntlet.

After Biden’s comment, the president challenged Biden to take the same cognitive test he once underwent.

In January 2018, as The New York Times noted, Trump’s doctor administered the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which was designed to test Trump’s memory and thinking. Trump’s physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, a Navy rear admiral, announced that he “found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought processes.”

“He cannot pass the test I ‘aced’. He should give it a try!!!” Trump taunted in a recent tweet about Biden.

Biden’s repeated gaffes are not just fodder for social media jabs. Many Americans believe they are evidence of an aged brain in decline, and exhibiting decreasing horsepower. 

Yet other than the Post’s Sargent, who sought to deflect the criticism by making the issue about Fox News, it’s been left to the conservative media to raise questions about the cognitive acuity of “Sleepy Joe.”

In January 2018, liberal New York Times columnist Gail Collins snarked about Trump’s cognitive test results. Yet she added, “the test can be useful if there is, for some reason, a concern that the subject is suffering from … um, dementia.”

The fact that the Times — or CNN or MSNBC, to cite two other examples — didn’t even acknowledge that Biden was asked the question by Fox’s reporter, much less suggest he should take the test only to clear up questions, shows their honesty is as much in doubt as Biden’s mental faculties.

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  1. Norman Isanisland July 7, 2020

    Sure he is, all of this BS is driving everyone nuts, why not Joe also, he surely has a head start!
    A BIG head start to go with the BIG HEAD (& no common sense)!

  2. Ricardo Alvillar July 7, 2020

    It is my concern that the Communist/Democrats intend to have a Communist vice president, e.g. Nadler, Pelosi, Adam Schitt, etc. Run, and if elected have Joe Biden undergo any neuropsychologic testing to declare him unfit so that the Communist vice president can make this a Stalinist nation with all the killings of conservatives and take over a nation of cowards.

  3. Barry Hollis July 7, 2020

    I do not see the problem, in taking the test after he has Claimed on National TV that he is being Constatly Tested, Unless he is Trying to Defraud the Voters and the Electoral Representives , and that His Staff And The Democrats Party Are Acting As Co Consperter To hide the Legal Evidence that he is Legally Incopatint and would be Legally Ruled So By any group of Judges who would question him.

  4. Fran July 7, 2020

    This so sickening I have to take Tylenol!! CNN can no longer be called news since it simply does not print anything good about trump ever! Biden however gets all the press possible and never any of the criticisms!

    CNN needs to be called to task or shut down

  5. Elaine FRANKLIN July 7, 2020

    Bidden should be tested. No one should be running for Office of the President without taking this test. And is is very clear Biden needs the test to confirm his status. We do not need a person running for President that has this problem.

    People get fired from their “9-5 jobs” with this issue. Why would we let a candidate for President slide by with out taking the test.
    Biden must be tested. And if dementia is confirmed he should not run for president. This is a no brainer. Who wants a candidate that has dementia or worse as the President of the United States.

    He would truly be a puppet for the Democrates!!!!! He needs to be stopped now and removed from the election!!!! I am sure behind the scenes the Democrats already have the person ready to step in and run for President.

  6. JoeyP July 7, 2020

    Joe Biden . . . You’ll be PROVEN to be a SENILE OLD FOOL when POTUS Trump is DONE with you over the DEBATES! Just what you STAND for, which is an ABOMINATION in God’s eyes, PROVE that you’re NOT all there and you have SOLD YOUR SOUL to the evils of THIS world. One Observant Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Norma July 7, 2020

    We are watching you Hiden Biden, that’s how we came to the conclusion that your cheese has fallen off your cracker.

  8. Marylou Chappell July 7, 2020

    That’s a bit too cruel for me. Anyone suffering with dementia is to be pitied, not lambasted and made to look so foolish. I am a staunch Trump supporter but I also have compassion for anyone who is dealing with a mental breakdown. I’m sure his family is going through some times dealing with this and cannot understand how they are permitting this facade to continue.
    I also feel that President Trump senses the embarrassment that’s about to take place in any debate and will handle it with dignity and compassion as well. Joe Biden’s condition is obvious and to parade him in front of a TV audience will be painful to watch.

  9. Patricia July 7, 2020

    This was never about Biden for President. They all say it is about beating Trump. Obama will be on the ballot Mark my words.
    1. No smooth transition 2. Spy on opponent’s 3. Lie to opponents 4. Set up Flynn and others 5. Fake dissuade 6. Cover tracks 7. Buy off judges & jurors 8. Buy off media to lie 9. Go after Trump family 10. Hide evidence of corruption 11. Keep spy’s in office 12. Get Hollywood to bash President Trump 13. Ukraine call lie about 14. No whistle blower for impeachment 15. No mueller collusion 16. No abuse of power 17. Ruin economy and jobs 18. Inflict virus on America 19. Bring in paid BLM and Antifa ASAP after GF death 20. Divide our country 21. Tear down statues 22. Destroy communities 22. Release prisoners for chaos 23. Get people to loot their own communities 24. Defund or abolish police so blacks kill blacks 25. Get privileged people to start BLM movement again 26. Anyone who doesn’t go along with democrats then destroy them and their companies 27. Try and start a war with China and Americans 28. Get everyone to not run ads or social platforms for Trump 29. Sabatoge Trump rally in Tulsa with aid of to tiktok and building owner and workers 30. Keep everyone home so can get plan in place to ruin America 31. Destroy democrats states we can control them 32. Kill seniors to curb population 33. Have Fauci and others they pay to lie 34. Stall on virus bills to make republicans look bad 35. Have house democrats stay home to help organize riots 36. Attempt several times a coup on Trump 37. Get military brass to bash Trump 38. Rig vote by mail so beat Trump 39. Add 600.00 to unemployment so people won’t go back to work 40. Burn down everything so whites will obey like blacks (easiest to control) 41. Rig the polls to make Trump look bad 42. Virus phase 1 of socialism to see who obeys democrats 43. Keep America occupied while we stop investigations on us 44. Keep Biden in basement while Obama and Clinton run show 45. Use virus to keep people from Trump rallies 46. Blame Trump for everything democrats actually did 47. Stall documents from being released till after take over 48. Hide Obama birth records 49. Hide government documents on email server then hide again 50. Don’t allow anyone in democrats files in their foundations 51. Put Trump supporters down and call names and scare them 52. Get AOC and Ilan to get rid of cops 53. Mandate face masks to prepare Muslin carb 54. Get rid of all citizens guns so paid thugs can be law 55. Allow China to give us money in return for our things and schools 56. Turn America racist on each other 57. Make Americans fear for their lives 58. Make white people give everything they have to blacks 59. Take away all white peoples money in banks 60. Prepare people for socialism and insert chips 61. prepare communes for Americans who disobey 62. Make abortion easy to control population 63. Get blacks to kill each other and blame cops 64. Prepare Obama to be king 65. Make all republicans pay for putting Trump in office not Hillary. Democrats have attempted everything and yet people still ignore all the things that have happened for a reason.
    A. President Trump = Freedom
    B. Biden = Socialism

  10. Anonymous July 7, 2020

    A and B absolutely correct.

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