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Minnesota gov. asks Trump for federal disaster declaration

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) is asking President Donald Trump for a federal disaster declaration for his state due to extensive destruction in the unrest that followed the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day.

“We need to come together to ensure Minnesotans who were victims of this destruction have access to critical infrastructure they need so they can go to the grocery store, pick up their medication, and live their lives,” Walz said. “Together, we will rebuild. We’re asking our federal partners to step up and help our communities recover.”

The governor’s office estimates the damage to be more than $500 million, impacting 1,500 businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Fires set by protesters led to a majority of the damage. Businesses and vehicles were engulfed in flames and one of the police department’s buildings was torched and abandoned.

The state believes it can recover up to $15 million from the federal government in damages to public infrastructure alone.

“We are committed to helping our communities rebuild, but we can’t do this on our own,” said Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan. “While state, tribal, and local budgets are stretched thin by COVID-19, we need everyone to step up, including the federal government, to restore safety and critical infrastructure to our communities.”

The massive protests started a nationwide call for police reform after Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. Walz eventually fully activated the Minnesota National Guard for the first time since World War II to restore order after the protests turned violent.

President Trump and others have been critical of Democrat leadership in Minnesota during the riots.

“If I didn’t demand that National Guard Troops go into Minneapolis after watching how poorly the Liberal Democrat government was handling things, you wouldn’t even have a Minneapolis now. Once they were deployed, in force, all looting, burning and crime stopped DEAD,” Trump tweeted.

Minnesota citizens have been taking to Twitter to ask the president not to grant the governor’s request.

“Now @GovTimWalz wants $$ he wrote the President a letter begging. As a Minnesotan, do not send him $, he doesn’t deserve it. It wasn’t a federal disaster. It was an embarrassment to our state to have such an incompetent Gov &Mayor @Jacob_Frey. President Trump plz investigate them,” tweeted one Minnesotan.

It would be unusual for a president to not grant a request for a federal disaster declaration but nothing is normal in 2020.

Meanwhile, the four police officers involved in Floyd’s death have been fired from the Minneapolis Police Department and all criminally charged.

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  1. Woodie Thompson July 7, 2020

    A lot of that damage could have been prevented if a little effort had taken place I cludi g asking g for assistance then not after the fact !

  2. Nayla July 7, 2020

    Mr Trump please Please PLEASE do not send him any money, his fault

  3. Doc Holiday July 7, 2020

    If Trump ‘takes a knee to this request, there must be ‘strings attached’, strings of steel cable. He can concur, but he must embarrass both the governor and mayor. Their failure to govern, their incompetence, their lack of concern for their own citizens should not be a burden placed and shared by the citizens of every other state.

  4. Conch July 7, 2020

    Give him a loan- to be paid back in 5 years.

  5. PAB July 7, 2020

    THEY DON”T DESERVE A DIME OF TAXPAYERS MONEY!!! Incompetent knee bending Butt kissing LIBERAL RATS.

  6. theone July 7, 2020

    Don’t send the crooked dems a dime !!

  7. David July 7, 2020

    I say not, no but HELL NO to the request for a federal bailout because of stupidity .Gov Waltz stood in the corner and let his state dissolved into a pile of burning rubble and now he begs for money from the FEDS to finance state reconstruction. Where were you when all this was happening.I don’t remember you standing up for your citizens and their businesses when the rioters were summarily torched the city and ravaged the statues President Trump offered the national Guard to help support you immediately and you declined. Why? Because you are a liberal idiot, as is your mayor, that didn’t want help of any sort from a conservative leader, Trump.
    I say, “live with your own mistake and stupidity and find another job” !!!
    You are a poor representative for you state.

  8. Donna Scranton July 7, 2020

    FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!!! Use the money you took from police!

  9. MAGA4EVER July 7, 2020

    “Governor” Walz can SUCK IT . . . This is ALL HIS FAULT !

  10. Anonymous July 7, 2020

    Aren’t these the people who told the police to stand down, and aren’t these the same people who wanted to abolish the police? The leadership in that state and town are the ones who allowed this to happen, they should get no funds. I feel very sorry for the innocent people, maybe they will vote the idiots out next time. What these idiot politicians allowed to happen is a disgrace and total incompetence. Maybe it is time for Minnesota to flip to Red, look at all the Blue cities and what a mess they are. Just maybe it is time to try something new!!

  11. Marcella goodin July 7, 2020

    Go tell Democrat Governor Tim Walz to go F himself. Do NOT send any taxpayer money to his state. Also tell the Democratic Ilhan Omar, 5th District send her money to the state. Compliments of herself and her brother she married. NO TAXPAYER MONEY!

  12. Gman July 7, 2020

    Hell no the governor and mayor let them do it. They can pay for it and hopefully will be voted out of office.

  13. Cheryl July 7, 2020

    Absolutely no money to Minnesota. They should have known better.

  14. Richard Nevarez July 7, 2020

    President Trump, do not send money. Mayor and Governor have to be accountable for their actions. I should rephrase.
    They both have to be accountable for their non actions for hurting, in many different ways the citizens of Minneapolis.

  15. Pat July 7, 2020

    Do not give aid (taxpayers) hard earned money to Minnesota. That sat on their behinds, watched and encouraged those evil destroyers of property and buildings tear down their cities. Thieves and looters robbed and destroyed businesses. Protesters ruined every place and person they encountered. WE should not and will not pay for the lack of real leadership and lack of security and safety for its citizens, Minneapolis/Minnesota should use their funds to rebuild
    rid of the trash on the streets.

  16. Patricia Callanan July 7, 2020

    I was so sickened to see both the Mayor and Govenor just turn a deaf ear to all the incorrigible destruction being done and not caring for its citizens of the state to endure such horrendous treatment for 3 weeks? Allowing these monster mobs to rob,loot, and destroy businesses, while they did nothing? NOW they want federal money to destroy what they alone allowed to happen. Both the Mayor and Govenor need to be fired immediately and put a more aggressive person to lead and not give in to terrorists.

  17. M L Pinkerton July 7, 2020



  18. Anonymous July 7, 2020

    Here is an imbecile who a lot of residents call him “no balls walz” asking for aid when he refuses to allow the police to turn back the rioters who were looting, burning down businesses and injuring people and policeman! What a laugh. I live in Mn and I would not give him a dime. He is nothing other than a far left liberal trying to game the system to look good for his “masters” that dictate his every move.

  19. Rob July 7, 2020

    He attended the funeral of George Floyd, kissing his coffin, as his city/state was wrecked by antifa. He should have done something about it instead of acting like the little wimp that he is. Fix your own mess. You made it!

  20. don July 7, 2020

    Not a dime until:
    (1) the lunacy of defund police ends, all lives matter or nun do, get it!
    (2)public apology from those in leadership for lack of intellectual abilitiy to lead in time of crisis, all could have been avoided
    (3)no need to reinvent the wheel, laws are put in place to protect people, utilize
    (4)apology to the great men and women in blue
    May God bless our President, and may He bless America!??

  21. Innocent bystander July 8, 2020

    Trump offered help when the problem started and that idiot told him to go away we don’t need your kind of help. We can handle everything our selves. Well now is the time for him to Show Me and the rest of the world how by doing it him self. He refused help when it was offered and now cries like a whiny 2yr old when he brakes his own toys and can’t play with them anymore. Time for him to pay for the destruction out of his own pocket maybe then he’ll show some respect for the community that worked so hard to have the American dream. All the destruction was done under his watchfull Authority not Trump’s

  22. doggydog July 8, 2020

    I am a resident of Minnesota and i say no federal money for Minneapolis or St Paul. Waltz and the mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis let this whole thing get out of control and did nothing but let the mobs destroy the cities. If you ask me they have a hell of a lot of nerve.

  23. Kristi Ecklund July 8, 2020

    As a native of MN I say let the Democrats that have run the state for decades clean up & pay for their own mess. If Trump were to help the dems would still find something to slander him over. They create their own financial hell & the citizens that voted for him can suck it up. The Republicans in MN can stand firm against such manipulation of this President. Sorry to all my family & friends in MN but we all choose who we vote for.

  24. Harold Levi July 8, 2020

    Absolutely NO Federal Disaster Declaration!!! The Disaster was elected into office and can be elected out of office. I lived in Minnesota for a few years and realized it was the U.S.s concession to Marxisim.

  25. Roger July 8, 2020

    They let them tear up the THE State let them fix it. Democraps refused help in this summer of love. Take your security guard funds and start there. NO FEDERAL MONEY FOR YOUR INCOMPETENT BEHAVIOR.

  26. Chris Horner July 8, 2020

    Hmmmmm…..if any one of us put a sign in our yard saying ‘take what you want, burn the place down, we won’t call the police’ – what do you think would happen to us if we tried to file an insurance claim?

    That’s EXACTLY what should happen to these politicians who ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED the destruction and now want the rest of us to pay for it.

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