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Colorado city: One year in jail or $2,600 fine for violating mask order

A Colorado city has passed an ordinance requiring anyone over the age of five years old to wear a face mask outside the home, with a maximum penalty of $2,600 or a year in jail.

“This week, Englewood City Council voted to direct the city manager to issue an emergency order mandating mask-wearing for all residents inside businesses, government offices and public transit. It goes into effect tomorrow,” says Denver 7 News.

The city of Englewood, CO passed the order under provisions from the county health department ordering masks; however, it’s unclear by what mechanism the city can enforce the order.

Colorado’s Gov. Jared Polis (D) has refused to issue a statewide mask mandate and instead has allowed county health agencies to implement measures that they feel appropriate for their respective areas.

“Requiring face coverings is intended to preserve the health and well-being of Englewood citizens, as well as to stem the spread of the virus and prevent the economic harms to the City’s business community associated with more extreme measures to control the spread of COVID-19, such as State mandated business shut-down orders,” says a statement by the city, according to Local 9 News.

The number of diagnosed COVID-19 cases has gone up recently in Colorado, but statewide, the number remains under 500 cases per day. According to the state’s own website, the percentage of tests giving a positive result is four percent or less. By contrast, Florida is reporting an over-16 percent positive COVID test rate currently.  

Masks seem to be the latest solution for governments struggling to figure how to combat the virus — short of shutting down the economy. The death rate from coronavirus is still very low, indicating that measures to protect the most vulnerable are more effective than they had been previously.

The city’s own tweet about the order feature universally hostile comments from the public, calling the order “unlawful” and a “joke.”

One user, Jeannie Prather, says: “That’s 100% illegal and no one should abide by this overreach of government control.”

The issue of masks has become a lighting-rod for political opinion attracting the left and repelling the right.

The problem, says one expert, is that scientists are trying to project certainty on a very uncertain virus and the public is “so remarkably informed” about the issues today.

“It’s actually not helpful for scientists to hide behind a curtain of certainty. There is uncertainty about masks. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be wearing them,” says David Kriebel, ScD, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.

It’s even less helpful when governments use the certainty scientists project to make public policy that puts people in jail.

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  1. theone July 9, 2020

    If masks work —why do we shut down businesses ?? ——If masks don’t work –why do we have to wear them ?? IT IS EITHER — OR !!!!

  2. Uncle Albert July 9, 2020

    May be we should all start wearing Richard Nixon masks?

  3. Deborah July 9, 2020

    But burning down building and killing people gives you tickets to a ball gme? WTH?

  4. JamesinNM July 9, 2020

    Police officers are sworn to uphold the Constitution. A police officer told me he would not cite someone for not wearing a mask because he would be violating their 4th Amendment rights.

  5. Bruce July 9, 2020

    You can not enforce an illegal law. And there is no law permitting people to be punished for an illegal law!

  6. Tim Kuehl July 9, 2020

    I am sure thankful I saw it coming and had the good sense to get out of Californarado 30 yeas ago before I witnessed first hand what Californians would do to Colorado and everywhere else they infest.

  7. Tim Kuehl July 9, 2020

    If I were forced I would wear one with a truthful message, “I Can’t Breathe” and under that, “With This Ineffective Mask On.” You just know I would then be physically attacked by some brotha or worthless leftist.

  8. Maralee Kilts July 9, 2020

    Unfortunately, you are probably right. They have become downright hateful!

  9. Robert July 9, 2020

    I wouldn’t wear a phuking mask. I would get some like minded people together an physically remove the governor or mayor or whomever supported this unconstitutional BS. PS, I still shake hands, I don’t wear a mask and I work everyday. I am considered high risk for the virus but I have no issues. You are being lied to. This is no worse than the flu. It is all politically driven.

  10. Sandi Berumen July 9, 2020

    Masks are extremely dangerous to the wearer, causing them to inhale a large degree of their own carbon dioxide, thereby lowering their blood oxygen levels and damaging their brain and other organs. Further they build up bacteria that will then be spread to everyone. Masks are not the answer, this is not a true pandemic, more people die in auto accidents each year, where is the hew and cry for that??! This is a political ploy

  11. Jim July 9, 2020

    THIS is why We must get all demoncrates out of all political offices. They put other people in offices that hate America , like health officials.
    Silent majority is not going to be silent any more.

  12. Me July 10, 2020

    Mask are being used along with the fear porn from the media as a walking reminder to be afraid. And fearful people are easy to control.

  13. Frosty July 10, 2020

    Robert, Like you I will not wear a mask just because some idiot political hack says so. I still shake hands and go about my business and am building a strong immune system. Why don’t doctors get sick all the time? Simply because they are around sick people and their immune system strengthens to defeat these bugs. By sanitizing everything around you, you are destroying your immune system and become more likely to catch some bug. Wearing a mask can reduce your oxygen intake and reduce your immune system even further. I elect to stay healthy and let my immune system do its job. BTW I am 76 years old, so fit the political model of the person most likely to get Covid.

  14. Frosty July 10, 2020

    BINGO!!! You ask the right question. Put that question before your City Council idiots and watch them start stuttering.

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