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Police retirements speed New York City’s demise

After several months of turmoil and demonstrations, and an uptick in violence citywide, New York City’s police department (NYPD) has seen a surge of retirement applications by police officers that one official called “troubling.”

“From June 29 to July 6, filings soared 411% from the same period a year earlier, according to [Sgt. Mary Frances] O’Donnell, a spokesperson for the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information,” says CNN.

“The upsurge comes as calls have mounted to defund police departments and as protests against police actions continue since the Memorial Day death of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis.”

However, some insiders who have worked with NYPD are not surprised.

“The NYPD have been the gold standard for police forces in the nation. I’ve worked with them on counterterrorism issues since 85 & they have been amazing. A combination of @BilldeBlasio’s Marxism, incompetence & racism has utterly destroyed them,” tweeted former intel officer, Tony Shaffer.

Professor Maria Haberfeld, a professor of police science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, says that the combination of stress, physical and verbal assaults, and the city’s permissive attitudes towards criminals will lead to even more retirements.

“It’s better to retire than endure this disrespect,” said Haberfeld.

“I’m sure that the numbers will continue to grow larger because we see continued violence, verbal and physical violence against the profession,” she told investigators at 7 On Your Side.

The local NBC news affiliate says that close to 400 officers were injured in two weeks of rioting over the George Floyd death in Minnesota, protests that the media described as “mostly peaceful.”

“Most of the hurt cops have been bloodied amid clashes with protesters but avoided more serious injuries. Given the fact that Molotov cocktails were thrown at both empty and occupied police vehicles early in the protests, and that a number of NYPD SUVs were torched by other means, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said it was a matter of luck that no cops were hurt worse or died,” reports 4 New York.

Still, the station says that the Civilian Complaint Review Board reported 633 complaints against officers during the period and that the “state attorney general is also expediting an independent investigation into the most violent encounters,” eager to punish cops.

The rush to harshly judge cops who are on the front line combating crime is forcing police to look for other options says one union official.

“These retirement and resignation numbers are one answer to the question on every police officer’s mind: how are we supposed to do our job in this environment?” asked Patrick Lynch, President of the Police Benevolent Association.

“City Hall and Albany have completely dismantled our justice system. They have passed a law that makes it virtually impossible to safely place a resisting person under arrest. And now that crime is out of control, they want to blame us for that, too,” Lynch added.

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  1. Alan July 9, 2020

    Vote the dims in then out goes the law enforcement.
    It does appear the NY’s elected politicians have one agenda in mind

    That is; destroy America from within.

  2. Tony Winters July 9, 2020

    Dear New York Police Officers: You had better get your retirement paperwork in quick, once the defunding goes into effect I have no doubt that the Pension Fund will take a big hit, but that’s just my conspiracy theory.

  3. Mar July 9, 2020

    Thank you to all the officers on the NYPD for your service. God bless you all while on the force or in retirement.

  4. Mike W July 9, 2020

    I know a lot of cops. In every case when they are getting close to retirement they are nervous as hell. Like a Veteran who has been in combat – the closer you get to your go home date you are scared s***less you will be hit or killed in the waning hours of your deployment. IF an opportunity comes to get out earlier I’m sure they will all jump on it. Mike W

  5. Allan July 9, 2020

    Liberals/marxists/socialists destroy everything they touch. While I feel sad for some of the New Yorkers…..the fact is you keep electing/re-electing the same idiots year after year. Please stay there and clean up your mess by electing real freedom loving Americans. Try it, you’ll like the results.

  6. Katman July 9, 2020

    NAZI, anti-white racist, anti-Semitic, MOSLEM LOVER, $atanist WARREN WILHELM is a blight on NYC, a pox on the world & is truly EVIL.
    WW has violated his Oath to defend, preserve the Constitutions therefore is unconstitutional, a LIAR, a QUISLING, a TRAITOR & both
    Lady Liberty & Lady justice DEMAND his immediate DEATH. WW is a predator. Feed his corpse to G-d’s predators. Either G-d’s predators by land or in the water will leave NOTHING BEHIND. While add it – add AOC, black skank whore Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Barack Obama to the menu as G-d’s predators deserve more than a snack. Each $atanist has willfully, knowingly violated their Oath of Office, undermined this Judeo-Christian nation. NO MERCY, NO RESPECT. kNOw mORe.

  7. George Osborne July 9, 2020

    “City Hall and Albany have completely dismantled our justice system. They have passed a law that makes it virtually impossible to safely place a resisting person under arrest. And now that crime is out of control, they want to blame us for that, too,”

    Pretty much says it all.

  8. Chris Waters July 9, 2020

    To my Brothers and Sisters in Blue. It is absolutely disgusting what the Mayor and Governor has done to you and the law abiding citizens. They will get their just rewards when the liberal criminals turn against them. And turn they will. This has nothing to do with injustice and everything to do with gaining control and enslaving the population of a free Country. Not going to happen.

  9. Nedra Olson July 9, 2020

    I learned that 20% of New Yorkers voted in the mayoral election and DeBlazio was elected by 70%. Wake up New Yorkers get off your butts and vote this him out. Kinda hard to complain if you didn’t vote. Disgusting what is happening to this city and the police who have sworn to protect it.

  10. JC July 9, 2020

    De Blasio better do one of two things…one ..retire or resign two..hire a helluva lot more cops cause NYC will become a hellhole quick and all those dumb asses that wanted to defund police will be in a world of crap. And that includes you to, AOC!

  11. Ratso Rizzo July 9, 2020

    I live in the suburbs outside of NY..I will never set foot in Manhattan again until that pos asswipe mayor is removed.The governor is no better..he sits up in Albany like a little tyrant with his nose so high in the air he can’t smell his own shit.The inner city folks are their bread and butter..stupid and ignorant..they keep voting in these buffoons as well as the rancid troll AOC(another occult commie).Ny has become a hellhole..I advise anyone from Europe,or other parts of the country to stay away..your life would be at risk.I wish I could move my family out of here..but currently it’s not feasible.We are at the point that only God can fix the mess our city and nation are in.Whats next?Civil war?I already know who should be hunted down first.

  12. Johnny Rotten Apple July 9, 2020

    The NYC is such a great police force..extremely professional..they do not deserve what is being done to them.Personally..they should all collectively walk off the job and give Shitblasio and his minions what they want..no police..no protection..walk off and don’t come back until he resigns..is assasinated..arrested for violating his oaths as well as for corruption..wheres the million your wife stole diblasio?Another thing..your not Italian..your real name is Marty Wiihem or something like that..you were disowned by your family..no wonder.Get out you big turd..you obviously have no shame..NYPD..the best of the best..I would applaud you if you walk out and leave this so called mayor to his own demise.I guess leaving enmasse retirement is almost as good..Thank you NYPD for your great service.

  13. Debra Anne Boulier July 9, 2020

    Well put

  14. Blade July 9, 2020

    Hope all the cops walk off! Let the gruber Dem criminals burn the city to the ground with DaBizo and Coma in it! ?

  15. Old Fur Trapper July 9, 2020

    I would strongly recommend any NYPD officer eligible for retirement now to get out! Take your retirement now and don’t look back! Preserve what you have earned for you and your families now! There is too much danger now that with the continuing lawlessness and head hunting by De ASSIO that you will wind up critically injured or sued or jailed! It’s not worth it!

  16. Paul July 9, 2020

    Living in north Jersey, I was a frequent visitor to NyC for dining, museums, cultural events, etc. I will not be going back anytime soon. The police can’t protect me and anti 2nd amendment laws won’t allow me to protect myself. All you have to do to become a victim is to get caught at the wrong light at the wrong time by the wrong people. As if covid wasn’t bad enough for the hospitality business, the lawlessness put the final nail in the coffin.

  17. Dr. Roger L. Meyer July 10, 2020

    Isn’t it already a hellhole?

  18. John July 10, 2020

    Allan..I’m a NY’er..unfortunately it’s not as easy as it sounds..it’s a “blue state”for a reason..it’s flooded with immigrants and illegals and minorities who automatically vote dumbocrat..they ostracize their own who go against the party..the dems come out making all sorts of promises while painting republicans as racists etc during election year once they get back in..they disappear and screw their constitents who put them in..so they deserve what they get..unfortunately..theres not enough of us conservatives to have a say.Even the little tyrant Cuomo openly said conservatives have no place in NY.It’s actually quite evil here..like living under a black cloud.Unless the republicans/conservatives can sway the minorities and others into voting differently things will stay the same..like I said..alot of minorities fear being labeled a sellout or uncle Tome so they just stay the course on a sinking ship.What we need is prayer.I hope one day that I’ll be able to move my family the hell out of here.My brother is in Tennessee..when I visited him for the first time I felt like I was in a different country.NY is under a black cloud..it’s almost equivalent to living in a socialist or communist land.I advise anyone not to visit..it’s truly not worth it..under this pos of a mayor the city has become crime ridden filthy and disgusting..I live just outside of Manhattan..I’m supposed to go for post cancer checkups in NYC..I cancel them and refuse to go.I won’t set foot in Manhattan until it turns around..and that does’nt look like it will happen for a very long time.Cuomo and the fake DiBlasio(not even his real name)need to be removed..as soon as possible..NY’ers are just too stupid or weak to do it.

  19. Lenore July 10, 2020

    What is happening to NYC & the NYPD is disgraceful and dangerous. The criminal element has been emboldened leaving no quality of life. Liberalism is not the answer, it is a curse!!!!

  20. Sher F Cappa July 10, 2020

    I used to want to visit NY because I live way out in the country in Washington state. Now we are considering moving somewhere else because of Seattle etc – I cant imagine what the rational people of NY must be feeling and going through. Prayer is all we have – and a pistol on my hip.

  21. Frederick I Feuerstein July 10, 2020

    This is the obvious result of a plan by the socialist/democrats to dismantle a free USA one piece at a time. Their goal is to create anarchy, and havoc. Civil war if possible, blame it on Trump, and declare Martial Law. Come in , disarm the public by force, and the proclaim themselves the saviors of the American people, while stripping the of their rights for their own good. Backed up by a Gov’t police force, made up of corrupt collaborators, and thugs. Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and Mao’s China all started the same way. READ YOUR HISTORY BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS!!!

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