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Man allegedly ran over Marine veteran and former police officer for being white

Jake Dima on July 10, 2020

A Wisconsin man who was allegedly “targeting a white person” used a pickup truck to purposefully ram and kill a motorcyclist, deputies said in a Thursday press conference.

Daniel Navarro was suspected of using his father’s 2004 Dodge pickup to swerve into oncoming traffic and kill a motorcyclist July 3. The victim was later identified as 55-year-old Phillip Thiessen, a Marine veteran and retired law enforcement officer. Navarro told officials that he intentionally struck Thiessen head-on because he was white, Fond du Lac deputies said in a press conference, according to Fox News.

Thiessen spent his law enforcement career fighting crimes against children and was known to volunteer at a local food pantry, Fox reported. The former public servant died in the street after his bike went airborne and rescue personnel weren’t able to resuscitate him.

A memorial has been placed on #Winnebago Dr for retired officer #PhillipThiessen who died after authorities say his motorcycle was intentionally hit by a pickup truck on July 3rd. pic.twitter.com/S7WvZtVbHh

— Christine Flores (@CFlorestv) July 9, 2020

Navarro is facing both first degree murder and hate crime charges for the incident. He alleges his white co-workers “poisoned” him “because he is Mexican,” according to a criminal complaint obtained by Fox 6.

The suspected killer “picked a motorcycle because he wanted the person to die” and “white people drive motorcycles,” he told deputies the day of the crash, the local outlet reported.

Prosecutors also said Navarro mentioned President Donald Trump and told them, “if Trump and white people are going to create a world like we are living in, then he has no choice and people are going to have to die,” according to Fox 6.

The Fond du Lac Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation at the time of publishing.

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  1. Avatar
    Mike Wilson July 11, 2020

    Sad we have racists like this still. I hope he gets the maximum sentence with no parole of gets sentenced to death. It seems filliting in this case.

  2. Avatar
    Billv July 11, 2020

    These rotten human being used lies to escape a murder charge. This is what the left does, drives hate into the minds of there poor souls! He should never be allowed out of Prison.

  3. Avatar
    Oldclimber July 11, 2020

    The best we as an ordered society can do is to make sure that he is included in his statement of ” … going to have to die”.

  4. Avatar
    Louisa Swanson July 11, 2020

    I hope if he doesn;t get the death penalty he gets life in prison.
    And FYI, jackass, Biden is white too!

  5. Avatar
    Susan C Wright July 11, 2020

    White, black, Asian, east Indian, AMerican Indian and on and on. We were all put on earth by God who told us to love one another. Why is murdering a fellow human now justified by the murderers?

  6. Avatar
    Daniel Cortez July 11, 2020

    Now we all know that’s a hate. I really hope he get’s his juctice and swings from the end of a r*pe. How could he tell that the person wasn’t a light skin latino, black or asian. I hope he doesn’t try the excuse that he was under influence of drugs or alcohol.

  7. Avatar
    JJ July 11, 2020

    If anyone deserves the death penalty its this moron. However they will plead his case that he is a poor Mexican who was confused and influenced by so-call White Privilege. So he decided to ram his truck directly into the motorcyclist. BS, Hang this low-life in the morning. Forget appeals etc, he admitted to the crime, GUILTY!! Sentence is the needle.

  8. Avatar
    Demonangel July 11, 2020

    So it begins. Lock and load people. Just sayin’.

  9. Avatar
    Michael Groves July 11, 2020

    I hope he vet’s released by some snot nose sissy Liberal Judge and is put back in the streets. Where by the way he’ll just disappear, and be fed into a wood chipper somewhere. That would be beautyful. Until we start dealing with these a$$ holes this way, these act’s will continue. Stick him in a room with some extremely angry pit bulls. Let them take care of him. Cut his penis off first, and let him hold it while he’s being attacked.

  10. Avatar
    JJ July 11, 2020

    It costs too much to keep this scrum in prison for decade’s. Let him be Bruno’s girlfriend for a year and then terminate the Mexican KILLER. He clearly knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish. Killing this Veteran and retired Lawenforcement man was probably the only thing this kid successful accomplished. Put that on his headstone – Cop Killer.

  11. Avatar
    Laura Wagner July 11, 2020

    My bet is he will get off completely by claiming “Temporary Insanity.” Some liberal judge will accept his word on it and put the crazed young man back on the street to do it again.

  12. Avatar
    Gideon Rockwell July 11, 2020

    This punk deserves the death penalty. Let’s see how much he values his life, since he has so little regard for the lives of other.

  13. Avatar
    John July 11, 2020

    Bring back hangings in the public square.

  14. Avatar
    Omega 2 July 11, 2020


  15. Avatar
    Keith C. Haas July 11, 2020

    This is the fruit that is bearing from the Left , Democrats, and News media as they proceed to try to destroy Trump , and our nation as well.

  16. Avatar
    John Heaton July 11, 2020

    Life behind bars is like a vacation for him. He’ll probably know half the other “ dreamers “ in prison. It’s like old home week in prison for them. I did a stretch so I’m not just parroting a phrase. Just imagine if it were a white guy that was driving the truck and hit a minority? Then said the crap he said. There goes the cities again , up in flames! We need to be swift with justice. Death!!

  17. Avatar
    Toxic July 11, 2020

    Import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world. Swiftly execute this trash.

  18. Avatar
    tymtrvlr July 11, 2020

    No, just bring back hangings. Make cnn, msnbc, nbc, cbs, abc broadcast it live, on free TV.

  19. Avatar
    tymtrvlr July 11, 2020

    Premeditated first degree murder. Get a rope! Make an example of him.

  20. Avatar
    Kathe Gilbert July 11, 2020

    The devil is having a hay day now with all the hate and destruction, the ignoring and disobeying of Laws at its highest. Churches who are mistaken in their messages to its members, mayors and governors who ignore their Oaths of Office. States who are enabling bad acts from those groups who are known to be domestic terrorists. It is all so senseless, all this hate and destruction as it accomplishes nothing.

  21. Avatar
    Vicki July 11, 2020

    They always blame the whites. It will never change regardless of what these other races achieve from all this. That’s why it’s time the whites starts fighting back.

  22. Avatar
    JC July 11, 2020

    This SOB needs the death penalty.

  23. Avatar
    Larry July 11, 2020

    Lock this SOB up under the prison

  24. Avatar
    AmericanPatriot July 12, 2020


  25. Avatar
    Johnny Ray Skelton July 12, 2020

    This animal needs to receive the death penalty. No appeal, mo ed to the head of the list on death row.

  26. Avatar
    Don July 26, 2020

    AND what is the left doing to stop this criminality???? Supporting it.

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