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Texas A&M joins long list of colleges spreading anti-Trump hate hoaxes

Last month, according to an account by the conservative group Campus Reform, Texas A&M senior Isaih Martin called university police to claim he had been the victim of racist bullying. He reportedly found on his car handwritten notes that proclaimed “All lives matter” and “You don’t belong here.” The third piece of correspondence featured the N-word. 

Martin dutifully shared a picture of the notes on social media. He then said the incident “was just kind of hurtful” because he deserved to be at the school and was working hard to earn his degree.

The school responded accordingly.  

“Acts of racism are irreconcilable with the values we uphold here at Texas A&M University,” school President Michael Young said in a statement. “Those who promote hate, discrimination and disrespect are not welcomed at this institution. We are tired of bigoted members of our community marring the experiences of students of color.

“Anyone who believes that hate is acceptable is not wanted at Texas A&M.” Young added. 

Well, things are not always as they seem.

As Campus Reform noted, campus police determined that “based on surveillance video footage, Martin likely placed the notes on his car himself. Footage taken from nearby cameras shows that passers-by may have come close to Martin’s car, but were only near the vehicle for a few seconds.” 

Police observed Martin holding two different “white specks” as he moved around his car. “No one besides Martin had sufficient time to place the notes on his car, the police concluded,” Campus Reform pointed out.

Police ended the case, prosecutors said no crime was committed by anyone, and Martin denied leaving the notes, but also made his Twitter account private and said he was no longer pursuing the case.

It’s hard to keep up, but just a few samples since Trump has been president.

Signs declaring “blacks only” and “whites only” were posted outside restroom entrances at the University at Buffalo. A Black student later confessed to planting them.

At St. Olaf College in Minnesota, a Black student admitted to leaving notes on her car similar to those reportedly left by Martin.

Perhaps the best known were the alleged racist slurs left outside the door of a black cadet at the Air Force Academy, which prompted a passionate anti-racism speech by the commandant that went viral and had liberals swooning. The cadet confessed to writing the graffiti himself and later transferred.

Racial slurs left on a car belonging to a black student at Kansas State University were the work of the student himself.

The day after Trump beat Hillary Clinton was a particularly fertile time for such occurrences.

As the City Journal recounted last year, on that day:

“Three black students at Oberlin College claimed they were racially profiled by the supposedly racist owners of a nearby bakery, who had accused them of shoplifting. The college cut ties to the shop and members of its administration led a boycott. Later a jury awarded the bakery owners $44 million in damages in a defamation lawsuit they had filed against the college after the students had in fact admitted to stealing.”

At Bowling Green State University a Black student claimed white Trump supporters pelted her with rocks. Police determined she made it up.

A University of Minnesota student asserted police detained her after she was brawling with a racist man who attacked her. Campus and local police said they never came in contact with her. 

At the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, a Muslim student maintained she had been attacked and robbed by Trumpsters, who reportedly ripped off her hijab. That, too, was concocted. 

Do we really have to wonder any more whether U.S. colleges are places for indoctrination instead of education?

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  1. Demonangel July 13, 2020

    It’s not just the schools, as we have seen more and more. Brawley, Smollett and NASCAR’s Bubba, liars all. But they wanted and got their fifteen minutes. People like these will always be found out but in the meantime the toll the lies take are high. Punishments should be meted out for false reports and accusations of this kind. Jail time, community service and fines comes to mind. Until they are held accountable, this WILL continue. Just sayin’.

  2. tymtrvlr July 14, 2020

    Man, is texas going blue this election cycle or what? Pathetic!

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